WitFit Oct 31

Word Prompt: Spooky

Dialogue Flex: "Trick or treat?" he asked.

Using the provided snippet of dialogue, explore what comes to mind, be it a scene, a thought, or something else.

I don't own Twilight.

Knock knock knock knock knock

I don't know why he knocks, he has a key and I've begged him to use it. I want him to just walk in. I want him to find me in bed.

Sometimes it's weeks between his visits and I'm aching by the time I see him. It's been weeks this time. I was starting to worry.

I open the door and he's leaning on the door jamb, eyes half-open, maybe a little drunker than usual, but upright.

He's knocked on the right door at least.

"Schrick or sheet?" he slurs. Goddamn, I hope he didn't drive. Of course, he wouldn't, he doesn't. But he's worse than I thought.

"C'mere baby," I croon to him. He comes to me because he feels safe here. He slumps forward and I stagger under his weight. "Almost there, stay on your feet soldier. C'mon... let's get you to bed." Looks like I'll be aching for a little while longer. At least until morning. Usually, no matter how drunk he is the night before, he wakes up like an animal. I can wait. He's so worth it.

He's like a dead weight across my shoulders and I stumble hard against the wall. I cry out as he slips away, I can't, I can't do it, I can't catch him, he's too heavy and he slides out of my arms and falls into my apartment.

I push the door closed and look at him. My poor baby. Why does he do this to himself?

He's in a heap on the floor, his hair a cheerful, ironic mess. He's awfully still.

Oh God. Is he breathing?

I drop down and kneel beside him. I grab his shoulder.

"Edward! Edward? Open your eyes!" I shake him, I panic. Should I call 911? "Edward!" He groans and rolls on to his back. I'm so relieved I could cry. He can't do this to me anymore. I can't stand it anymore.

I reach forward to push the hair back from his face. Jesus, he's cold. I cuddle into his neck, try to share my warmth with him. I kiss him below his ear, I hate seeing him like this. I see a white line, dots, a scar? I've never noticed that scar before. His hand grabs my wrist, lightening quick, he flips me to my back in a motion so fast I feel like I'm still rolling.

He's on top of me and my body reacts the way it always does but my mind is screaming. He looks at me with blood red, sober eyes. I want to scream but I can't.

"I'm not Edward. Not anymore."

He smiles and I whimper.


I'm cackling right now. Lit'rally cackling. It's Halloween! I said "Fin" that's my favourite. Thank you Tink for encouraging me to do this. It's been life altering, for real. Thank you to those who have been reading along and reviewing. So much fun.