~Chapter 2~

The next morning Draco woke up first. Quietly he went to the bathroom, hoping not to wake anyone up. The blond ran a small hand through his shoulder length blond hair and sighed. He did not want to think about what happen last night.

It's funny how he was dreaming his whole life to come to Hogwarts, and now once he's here hes been ignored and yelled at. By Harry Potter of all people, that made Draco angry and equally upset. His celebrity crush already hates him because of this Serious person what ever Weasley said last night.

After he was finished Draco stepped out of the bathroom and ignored all of the boys who were now waking up. "Morn'n" Neville Longbottom grumbled to him.

Draco tried to fight a smile but failed. The boy's dark brown hair was sticking up everywhere and he looked like he was fighting to collapse back into his bed again. "Bonjour" he repiled tugging up his pants.

Neville smiled and walked into the bathroom. So the only person that didn't like him was Harry Potter and his red head friend. Nice. Draco turned away and took his shirt off, quickly he put on an undershirt and a vest.

The blond didn't notice a green pair of eyes staring at him as he adjusted his red and gold striped tie. Slipping on his shoes Draco didn't look anywhere but the floor and left the dorm. Harry stared after him in wonder.

He couldn't help but feel bad for the lonely Malfoy. But he was a Malfoy! Son of a Death Eater, surely he knew that right? Something tugged in Harry and countered reason.

Well you did hear him last night and he seemed pretty clueless about everything you were accusing him off.

Well thats because it's true! He randomly comes to Hogwarts right after his dad gets in Azkaban. Very supicous.

Or maybe his mum got lonely and wanted her son to live with her?

Harry rubbed his face and shook his head. Without trying to think of Malfoy Harry got up and stumbled to the bathroom. Hermione sat in the commone room waiting for Ron and Harry.

When she heard footsteps she looked up and saw Draco walking down stairs slowly. Her heart lurched for the foriegn boy. Here he was in a different country and nobody wanted to talk to him. Harry nearly hexed him last night and the blond had no clue of anything.

Hermione got up and put on a wide grin. "Hello Draco"

"Bonjour" he said curtly.

She frowned and decided to push further, "Look I'm sorry for about Ron and Harry's actions yesterday" she said, "They were acting out of line and totally ridiculous"

Draco gave her a small smiled, "At least zome one agrees"

"Do you want to go to breakfast together?" The brunette girl asked hoping for a positive answer. Draco bit his lower lip then nodded, there was no harm in having a friend.

"Let's go" Together they walked out of the Gryffindor Tower chatting and getting to know eachother.

"So how do you like Hogwarts do far?" she asked once they sat down at the Gryffindor table.

"'Eets alright" he answere with a shrug. "I 'aven't really seen all of the castle yet"

"Oh maybe I ca-"

"Hey Mione"

"Why didn't you wait for us?" Draco didn't look up because he knew Weasley and Potter were there. The red head sat next to Draco across from Hermione and Harry sat next to Hermione. Just my luck Draco thought and started to pick at his breakfast.

"Because me and Draco got caught up with talking" she said proudly, "Isn't that right Draco?" The blond saw out the corner of his eyes Weasley stop pilling food on his plate, he felt the heavy gaze of Harry's green eyes.

"Oui" he managed to say.

"Oh, so your on first name basis now?" Ron asked with an edge in his voice. Draco put his fork down and looked at the red head. What a rude boy he thought.

"Oui, because she is not, how you say?"

"Ignorant" Hermione supplied.

"Oui, ignorant like you and Potter"


Draco turned to Harry, "Ignorant az in being so snap w'eeth (1) your decisions, and not knowing anyt'ing first, blinded by your own hatred. Gods, do you 'eeven learn at t'is school?" With that Draco got up and left the Great Hall.

Hermione shook her head with disgust at her friends. "Thanks guys" she said "Really"

Ron looked shocked at Hermione's tone, "Wah- He was the one who just flew out of here"

"Yeah because you guys were rude to him and you don't even know him"

Harry blushed and looked down. He wanted to stop talking about Malfoy but Hermione didn't let up. "Did you know he always wanted tot go to Hogwarts when he was a kid, just like you Ron. But he couldn't, he was so excited when he got here then you guys call him out on things his father did.

That you know he wasn't apart of and you made him feel like utter garbage" Hermione stopped to cool down then she looked at Harry with peircing brown eyes. "And Harry I'm most disappointed at you. You out of all of us should know about people judging you unfairly because of your last name"

Harry put his face in his hands, he felt like utter crap. Hermione was right of course, how could Harry be so blind? The messy haired teen sighed and looked up.

"But he's a snake Mione!"

"If he's such a snake then why is he in Gryffindor House, Ronald?" Ron blanched for a second then backed up his argument. He was completely ignoring his food now.

"Pettigrew was in Gryffindor House and look at him now" he pointed out.

"Don't" Harry stressed finally getting into the conversation. "-talk about him. And Ron 'Mione's right. Everytime somebody hears my name they think I'm this cocky super hero"

Hermione smiled. She just loved being right.

Draco walked into the Potions classroom. It was eerie and cold down here, not far away he saw his godfather sitting at his desk. Draco walked to him quietly.

"Bonjour Severus"

Snape looked up his black eyes landing on his French godson. "Draco, aren't you a little early for class?" Draco rolled his eyes and sat on the edge of Snapes desk.

"I wasn't 'ungry anymore" Draco lied smoothly, "and besides I wanted to visit you" he put on a small smile. Snape didn't look convinced in the least.

"Really" he deadpanned crossing his arms over his chest, "So how is the Gryffindor House?" the raven sneered. Draco looked down at his shoes and shrugged.

"Severus" the blond started, "Could you tell me about my father?"

"Why are you asking me? He's your father"

Draco sighed, "I know, I know. It's just I 'ad an interesting talk with one Harry Potter"

"Ah so you finally got to meet your hero" Snape said with a sneer.

"Oui and I saw 'iz true colors" said Draco, " 'e was so mean to me. All I said was my name and 'e started going on about how I'm doing zomething for 'my lord' whoever that is. And I t'ink Weasley said zomet'ing about being serious, zomething about serious"

Severus had an unreadilbe expression on his face. "And t'at's why I want you to tell me everyt'ing Sev, I feel like I'm missing somet'ing that everyone here knows"

The Potions Professor sighed. He knew he'd have to do this, ruin Draco's vision of his father. Tell him instead of going on bussiness trips for the Ministry he actually went to Death Eaters meetings.

"I'll tell you after class"

The bell rang and students started pilling in. Draco didn't move from his postion from the desk him and Snape were still looking at eachother when quieted down and started to notice. Snape caughed and stood up from his desk.

Draco got up and walked over to the desk. There was an open seat next to Hermione, when the girl smiled Draco smiled back and took a seat next to her. The blond tried to ignore all the stares he could feel on his back from when everyone saw him and Snapes staring contest.

He finally felt relief when Snape started speaking.

After class Draco remained at his seat and said by to Hermione. She was the only Gryffindor that really talked to him. He said hi and bye to Neville and Lavender. Maybe this school year wasn't going to be too bad.

Draco's thoughts were interuppted when Snape took a stool and sat across from him. "What I'm about you Draco will make you upset and you won't believe half of it"

"Please just tell me"

"Your father is a Death Eater, Draco"

"...A-as in..?" he trialed off.

"Yes as in a follower of the Dark Lord. He was around when during the First War. After it was over an the Dark Lord disappeared he went to the Ministry and claimed to be under the Imperius Curse"

Draco's mouth dropped.

"He got away free and some people still hated him for that. He came back here when your twelve and put a Diary of the Dark Lord into Ginevra Weasley's caudron, in the end of your second at Beauxbatons it had possessed her and almost killed her"

"A..a diary did all of t'at?"

"I'll explain later" Snape said quickly then began his story again. "Potter knew it and so did Dumbledore. Nothing happend to your father though, by then he has the Ministry eating out of the palm of his hand so they couldn't charge him. Then he attempted to kill Potter that same day"

"O-oh my god" Draco stuttered.

"During your fourth year at Beauxbatons he was at the graveyard when the Dark Lord came into power again. At the end of your fifth year of Beauxbatons he-"

"Got put 'een Azkaban" Draco breathed out cutting Snape off.

"It's rude to cut people off Draco"

"Désolé" (Sorry)

"Anyways" said Snape, "When the Dark Lord lured Potter into the Deptartment of Mystories your father and other Death Eaters where there fought"

"Harry waz alone?" Draco asked sounding distressed.

"No he was with Weasley, Granger, Longbottom, Ginevra, and Lovegood" The blond didn't know who Lovegood was so he stayed silent and waited for his Godfather to go on.

"Your father was on an important mission for the Dark Lord. Thats when the Order of The Pheinox came in and started fighting the Death Eaters"

"Order of the Pheonix?"

"Later. Your Aunt Bellatrix killed Sirius Black"

"Wait wait wait" Draco said with eyes brows knotted in confusion. "Mon Bellatrix de tante, that 'ees in Azkaban killed zomeone?" (My Aunt Bellatrix)

"I know it's hard to believe Drac-"

"'Eets iz impossible for me to believe!" Draco exclaimed, "My father did all of t'at? 'ow..I- I have to go"

Draco got up and walked briskly out of the Potions classroom. Ignoring all of the Slytherins he walked to the Gryffindor Tower. Once he said the password he walked inside the common room and went to his dorm.

How had he been so stupid? Why else would his parents want to ship him off to France? He couldn't believe his father was a Death Eater. It disgusted him, Draco put his face in his hands. No wonder Potter and his friends were acting so crazy.

Because his father tried to kill him! Why would he try to kill him when he knew Draco had a huge crush on the boy hero? Of course he didn'r care what Draco thought of Harry Potter.

So had it been a good thing that he went to France. Maybe his father was trying to protect him from the Dark Lord. Draco groaned and slipped under the red comforter in his bed. Hoping he could sleep away his problems.

"What was his problem?" Ron asked when Malfoy went to the boys dorm.

"Mind your business Ron" Hermione scolded him. harry secretly wanted to know what was wrong with the small blond too. But he held his tounge. "Harry?"

Harry looked to left and saw Ginny standing there looking nervous. "Yeah Gin"

"I just wanted to know when Quidditch practice started up" she said. Harry rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "I don't know yet Gin, I'll erm keep you posted"

She smiled and walked away. He turned back around at his friends, to find Ron looking at him with a red eyebrow raised. "Keep you posted?" he asked then started laughing along with Hermione.

Harry rolled his eyes, "Fuck off" he said and started laughing too. He remembered a time when he actually wanted to date Ginny but something was missing, he just couldn't.

And plus there was a War brimming, he couldn't date anyone and put them in danger. Dumbledore said he shouldn't get distracted this year. He can't date anyone anyways, he has to save wizarding world. Dating could wait..right?

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