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~She rolls the window down...~

Kashino was pissed. And he felt no intnetion of hiding it. He stormed down the halls of St. Marie, drawing scared stares, whispers of 'It's Akuma-senpai'. He glares at the offenders, who scatter. He then resumes parting the crowd, like the Red Sea. Even the Heiress was steering clear of him, and his tension and fury roll off of him in thick waves.

"M-Ma-kun?" Andoh Sennosuke nervously addresses his long-time friend. "D-Dostano?"

The younger, blond, boy cuts his eyes in the confectioner's direction. "Nandemonai."

The four syllables are fraught with irritation. He then marches on to take his anger out on... on... He pauses. He deliberates for a moment, then turns abruptly, making people run out of his way again.

"You're scaring people..." Andoh points out.

Kashino doesn't hear this, regaining awareness of his surroundings, and his ill temper.

"Ja ne, Ma-kun." "Ja."

His answer is short, and the door slams shut behind him as he leaves.
'Ma-kun is scary...' Andoh muses as he heads back to his dorm. 'I wonder why he's so irritated, though.'

~And she talks over the sound...~

The chocolatier rowed himself out into the middle of the lake, then glared at his reflection. If he squinted, he could pretend that it was his mother that he glared at. Stupid parents. He'd never let them transfer him to a medical school. He wouldn't.

In a fit of anger, he smashes the oar down on his reflection. Soaking, he pulls the oars in to calm himself. Anger must not cloud his mind if he was to temper.

Just as if the sky feels his foul mood, it begins to dump rain onto his head. So he sits there for awhile, telling himself that the wetness on his face are not tears.

~Of all the cars that pass us by~

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Akuma-senpai: Demon upperclassman
Ma-kun: In the anime, Andoh often calls Kashino this name.
Dostano: What's wrong?
Nandemonai: Nothing

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