Get Up, Hey, Step Into!

Title: Get Up, Hey, Step Into!
Author: amelias_nature
Pairing(s);Character(s): Puck/Kurt, Dave/Colton(OMC); All other glee clubbers (minus Blaine, and Lauren)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Humor, Smut
Word Count: Part 1 – 2988, Part 2 – 4123, Part 3 – 3870
Warnings: Foursome
Spoilers: S2
Summary: Colton hosts the New Years Eve party for the glee club. The bottle is brought out, secrets are told, and fantasies fulfilled.

A/N: The long awaited Combined Epilogue of Freedom & Liberty. The title is a random lyric from the song "Freedom & Liberty" by Funeral Dress, and has almost no meaning to the story. And yes, I did search for "Freedom & Liberty" and found this song more bearable than the Rancid one. What follows now is too much plot followed by smutty goodness.
Also… the first part is supposed to contain drunk teens. And they are surprisingly coherent. I was too lazy to remind myself of their drunken personalities and it was really only there to use as an excuse for random scenes, plus they're not as drunk as that time in the show. So if it bothers you… just deal.

Part One

Kurt could not believe what he was hearing. It was déjà vu. It was a fucking nightmare! Those three words were coming out of Rachel Berry's rather drunk mouth. Spin. The. Bottle. This could not be happening again.

But as everyone seemed to cheer in agreement, Kurt looked around him. Wondering if it was such a bad idea.

They were at Colton's house for a New Years Eve party, his parents staying at the hotel where Mrs. Terrance's work was throwing its own party. In fact, being such freaking wonderful parents that didn't grow up in small town Lima, Ohio, they even helped Colton plan the party. Currently, a box of car keys was sitting in their trunk. If someone wanted to go home tonight, they'd have to call an adult, or take a cab.

Really, it made sense. They had met Puck a few times, and Colton was in college gathering certain techniques when it came to smuggling alcohol. They knew that there would probably be alcohol at a non-chaperoned party. Their only rules were no one outside of Glee, unless approved by Colton, and no driving. After they left Colton had added no sex in his parents' room. Everyone emphatically agreed to follow that rule.

So here they were, practically reenacting Rachel's party minus Blaine and Lauren, plus Dave and Colton. And it was turning out so much better, though not because of the change in guests. Nope, Kurt told himself it was better because he had allowed himself some alcohol. But he knew it was because he already had a boyfriend that loved him, and Kurt didn't need to impress anyone.

Letting out a sigh and smiling as Mercedes pulled him towards the gathering circle, Kurt decided to give Puck a chance to kiss a girl again. He was surprised however when Puck seemed to be pouting.

"Dudes, this game is lame," whined Puck.

Colton chuckled as he sat down a few people away. "Then let's make it interesting. If you don't want to kiss the person the bottle lands on, then you have to answer any question asked of you with complete truth."

Puck seemed to think about it for a second before shrugging. "Okay, cool."

Apparently everyone was waiting for his okay, because Finn grinned, chugging the last of his beer and placing it on the magazine already in the center of the circle. "Who's first?" he asked, sitting back.

"Rachel," said Colton, "She suggested it."

Smiling in agreement, Rachel leaned forward and spun. Of course it landed on Finn. Everyone groaned, but the couple grinned as Rachel crawled across the circle and kissed her boyfriend. As soon as they were back in place, Mercedes spun.

The bottle slowed and landed on Tina. The girls exchanged looks before bursting out into laughter. As they calmed down Mike asked, "Are you going to kiss or what?"

Mercedes raised an eyebrow at him but shrugged. "Fine. We shall show you a kiss, kinky boy."

"Hey," said Puck, "I am the kinkiest here."

"Sure you are," teased Colton, winking at Dave.

However, all conversation stopped as Mercedes grabbed Tina's face and gave her the best stage kiss she'd ever performed, making a loud smacking sound as she pulled away. They broke down into fits of laughter again as some of the guys insisted on either a real kiss or a question, but Kurt shouted over all of them.

"No one said the kisses had to be lip locks. So move, Cedes, so I can spin." She rolled out of the way, still giggling uncontrollably, and Kurt leaned forward to take his turn.

As the bottle came to rest on Colton, Kurt couldn't help his blush. He knew that his odds of landing on another gay guy had been increased since last time, but he still hadn't really expected it. Everyone was cheering him on, but he glanced at Puck who just smirked as if to say, "I dare you."

Taking that look as the challenge it was, Kurt returned it with a look that said, "Watch me," before crawling closer to Colton.

Colton grinned, sending Dave a reassuring smile before leaning in to kiss Kurt. He was going to hold back, though… at least a little. Kurt couldn't help but squeak as Colton gave him a wet, opened mouth kiss against his resolutely closed lips. As they pulled apart Colton winked before sitting back, acting as if they did it all the time.

As Kurt sat back in his spot, wiping his mouth on his sleeve, he looked to Puck. Puck sat, staring at Kurt with hot eyes.

"What?" Kurt breathed, turning even redder at hearing how breathless he sounded.

Puck took a deep breath. "That was way too sloppy to be that hot. But it was."

Everyone laughed at the look on Kurt's face, missing the meaningful look that Colton sent Dave's way.

Finally Kurt shoved at Tina a little and she quickly spun the bottle, still giggling. When it landed on Sam, they exchanged a quick, double cheek kiss before Quinn spun, landing on Brittany.

"No offense, Britt," said Quinn, "But I think I'm going to go with a question."

Britt shrugged, still smiling and playing with the top buttoned button of her shirt – which happened to be the fourth one down. After a moment she perked up a bit, apparently getting an idea. "Which do you think actually exists? The Lochness Monster or Unicorns?"

Quinn looked at her for a moment, trying to figure out how to answer in a way that allowed Brittany to stay happy. "Unicorns," she finally said, "Because where else would we get glitter from?"

That as apparently what Brittany wanted to hear because she clapped her hands and nodded. "Yep, and rainbows. That's what my daddy said."

"Rainbows come from gay people," pointed out Santana, smiling at her girlfriend.

"But Unicorns put them in the sky," said Brittany.

Everyone tried to hold back their laughs, all loving Brittany's innocent comments. And Santana just shook her head and spun, landing on Dave. She smirked and crooked her finger at him.

"Come here, big boy. I think you owe your ex-beard a goodbye kiss."

Dave frowned. "Santana, there was a reason I never kissed you."

"Yeah, well fuck that," bitched Santana, crawling in his direction. "I've always wanted to kiss a bear."

Dave opened his mouth to object, but was attacked by the fiery woman. She held him close by the back of the neck, and he just sighed, giving in and refusing to kiss back.

As she pulled away, she was licking her lips, confused. "Why the hell do you taste like watermelon jolly ranchers?"

Puck cracked up at that. "Oh my god! You actually used Kurt's chapstick?"

Dave paled a little. "You said it was yours."

Gasping for breath Puck shook his head. "Dude, I said it made our kisses even hotter, I never said it was mine."

"You pulled it out of your pocket."

"Because Kurt's jeans are too tight to put anything in those pockets." Puck was laughing so hard he was talking in between gasps and gut busting laughs.

Dave just glared, though everything else on his face showed his embarrassment. "I'll get you for that."

Colton chuckled at his boyfriend's expense, but was sure to hold back a bit more as he spun the bottle. It started to slow as it approached Dave, Colton perking up a bit, but it came to a rest between Mercedes and Rachel.

Sighing a little in disappointment, Colton smiled at the girls. "Ask away, ladies. One question each."

"What's your favorite musical?" Rachel blurted, as if she'd been sitting on the question since the beginning of the game.

"Sweeney Todd."

Rachel wrinkled her nose, but didn't judge. Apparently she'd managed to learn something from Finn in their on and off dating routine.

"What's your favorite sexual fantasy?" asked Mercedes.

"Mercedes!" cried Kurt, appalled by his best friend's behavior.

"What?" she said, "We tell each other stuff like this all the time."

"In private," squeaked Kurt.

Mercedes just rolled her eyes and looked at Colton expectantly.

Colton grinned, looking straight at Dave as he answered. "A threesome or a foursome."

Dave's eyes went round as Colton barely glanced between Puck and Kurt. No one caught it because they were all hooting and hollering.

"Britt and I would love to hook you up," came from Santana as everyone settled down.

"Sorry, Satan," said Dave, "No girls allowed in our bed."

"Oh, so it's 'our' bed now?" asked Puck, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Do you want it to be?" asked Colton, smirking at Puck's deer-caught-in-the-headlights look.

"We'll think about it, Colton," said Kurt, suddenly enjoying the turn of events. "Finn it's your turn."

Finn nodded and spun, causing another groan as it landed on Rachel.

Sam barely waited until Finn was sitting back again before spinning. The bottle landed on Mercedes and he blushed, but crawled closer anyways.

It became clear by Thanksgiving that the two had been dating since before Nationals the year before, but it had yet to go very far. Mercedes had confessed multiple times about loosing confidence at the last minute. She loved herself and her body just as much as Kurt, but in the face of sex, she would suddenly loose that, too worried about what Sam thought.

Apparently, Sam decided to use this chance to show her what he wanted. It didn't take long before Mercedes was on her back, Sam's hands on her hips. Kurt let it go on for about a minute before tugging at the blonde's shoulder.

"Okay, lover boy," he said, pushing Sam back to his spot. "Save it for later. I think she gets it."

Sam blushed but looked at Puck as the jock leaned forward to take his turn. It landed on Santana and she released an annoyed huff.

"Why do I get all the gay guys?" she complained.

"Hey," said Puck, "I'm bi, you know." He glanced over and saw Kurt's raised eyebrow before adding, "But apparently I'm totally whipped so I'm open for questions."

Santana smirked in approval. "Wonderful. Well, since you still consider yourself a sex shark, what is the kinkiest thing Kurt has ever done to you?"

"What?" cried Kurt, "You can't ask that. It has to be about Puck."

"Then what's the kinkiest thing he's done that you actually liked?" said Santana, pretending to care, but barely waiting for Kurt to finish before speaking again.

Puck thought about what he should say for a minute before deciding the truth wasn't all that bad. If anything it would make Kurt seem badass. "He's rimmed me a few times."

"PUCK!" Kurt's horrified shriek rang throughout the house. He tried to get up and run away but Mercedes and Tina held him down.

"Come on, babe," soothed Puck, "If anything it makes you seem even more badass than you already are."

Kurt took a deep breath and glanced around. When all he saw were smirks and other embarrassed faces he relaxed a little, glaring at Puck. "Well, if you ever want to do anything kinky again, you'll have to sign a privacy statement."

"Yeah right," Puck snorted, "Because I asked you to rim me." Everyone gasped at the sarcasm in his voice, amazed at what it meant.

"Oh, shut up," Kurt shot back. "Mike, spin."

Smirking, Mike did as he was told. When it landed on Tina, they decided to just make out. After a few minutes Artie managed to push Mike out of the way, leading the couple to just leave the circle. Once it was shrunk the necessary amount, Artie took his turn.

As it came to rest on Santana, both managed to look a little nervous. Until Brittany squealed and clapped her hands.

"Yeah! My two favorite people get to kiss!"

Her comment seemed to relax them enough that they exchanged a rather pornographic kiss, much to the enjoyment of Brittany. As others started to protest, Brittany decided to push the couple aside, making sure Santana was safely in Artie's lap before rolling him back a little.

"Okay, Artie, my turn," she giggled, spinning the bottle even as everyone moved to shrink the circle again.

When the bottle came to rest on Kurt the boy sighed. "What will it be, Brittany?" he asked.

"Oh! I've been wanting to kiss you again for a while, but Santana wouldn't let me."

"That's because he's gay and taken, Britt," Santana said before going back to kissing Artie.

"Wait," said Colton, putting up a hand, "Again?"

"Kurt decided to try and be straight for a week," explained Puck. "He likes to gloss over that whenever he tells the story of Glee."

"He wore flannel and a baseball cap," snorted Dave, shaking his head. "I think he and I have successfully proven that what you wear has no influence over who you want to fuck."

"Could you be any more crude?" sighed Kurt, moving closer to Brittany. "Well, since this is a game, and it's you, Brittany, I guess I could kiss you one last time."

Smiling, Brittany leaned in and wrapped her arms around Kurt's neck, immediately taking control of the kiss. Kurt relaxed, letting her take what she wanted and only kissing back just enough to reassure her. He couldn't help the squeak he let out when she pushed him back, straddling his hips and grinding down.

Dave took pity on him and started to gently pry Brittany off of the smaller boy. "Okay, Britt," he said, "I think that's good enough. You can't make him straight."

Brittany pulled back and smiled at Kurt's almost scared expression. "Don't worry Kurt, if you want to keep kissing we can leave the circle."

"No no!" Kurt replied, putting his hands up and backing away. "That's fine. It was a nice kiss. Definitely something to remember."

Satisfied, Brittany sat back and smiled at Dave.

Shaking his head in amusement, Dave spun the bottle. He prayed, in the back of his mind, that it would land on Colton, but even Rachel would be better then who it landed on. Of all the people it could have landed on, why did it have to be Kurt? What was the universe trying to tell him?

Kurt took a deep breath, watching Dave's reaction. "If there was one thing in your entire life that you could do over," Kurt started, voice quiet, "What would it be?"

Dave didn't answer. Instead he looked up, catching Kurt's gaze. Kurt knew what Dave wanted. But even now, Dave wasn't sure if he could take it.

"Now's your chance, babe," whispered Colton. "Take it."

Looking over in surprise, Dave found that his boyfriend's gaze wasn't on him, but on Kurt. Unsure of everyone's reactions, Dave studied everyone around him. Everyone who wasn't making out was confused, all looking between Kurt and Dave.

"Do it," Kurt whispered. He didn't move. He was willing to let this happen, but he wanted it to be Dave's choice.

Slowly, Dave leaned close, thankful when Mercedes moved back. "I'm sorry for that time," Dave whispered, hoping only Kurt could hear.

"I know," Kurt mumbled as their noses brushed. "Just kiss me, Hamhock."

Dave chuckled, but nodded. Finally he closed the distance between their lips.

Kurt hadn't really known what he was expecting. He'd never considered what kissing Dave would be like. But it didn't seem to matter, because he was pretty damn good. Not as good as Puck, but definitely better than the first time they'd kissed. Though, Kurt hadn't kissed back then, so it wasn't really a fair comparison. But Dave still took control, his gratefulness combining with his aggression and coming through as passion.

After what only felt like a couple seconds, and probably was, someone cleared their throat. Kurt knew that he should pull away, but he was tipsy… fuck it. He was drunk. He was drunk and this felt good, so why the hell should he have to stop?

As Dave started to pull away, Kurt took his chance to take control of the kiss. Moving his hands to Dave's chest he pushed just slightly and followed at the same time. The jock let out a whimper that was so similar to that locker room kiss that Kurt couldn't help but grin.

Even as Dave tried to pull away, Kurt kept moving with him, and before long the jock was on his back, Kurt straddling one of his legs. Neither was sure how long they were making out, but Kurt finally pulled away when someone tugged on his shirt.

Both were panting when they separated, Kurt blushing when he realized it had been Finn to pull him away. Dave stayed still, eyes closed as he tried to catch his breath. Biting his lip in embarrassment, Kurt looked around to get everyone reactions. All of the girls were looking on in shock while all of the guys were looking quite uncomfortable with such a display. The only exceptions were Tina, Mike, Santana, Brittany and Artie, who were all predisposed with each other, and then of course Puck and Colton, who both stared with heat in their eyes.

Guiltily, Kurt crawled over to Puck, giving him a shy smile. "Sorry, Noah," he mumbled, giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

"That was really hot," Puck groaned, still staring at Dave lying on the floor.

Kurt opened his mouth in shock, not knowing what to say, but Mercedes saved him.

"Quinn!" she practically yelled, "Wanna watch a movie or something before you go home?"

"Sure!" replied the blonde, a little too excited about it.

Kurt nodded. "Me too," he said, "I think I need to lay off the alcohol for the rest of the night."

"You're telling me," grumbled Finn.

Kurt just huffed and moved to join the girls after giving Puck another quick kiss on the cheek.