Part Three

When Kurt woke up the next morning, the first thing he noticed was that Puck was still in the bed. However, he was completely under Kurt. Grinning in amusement, Kurt carefully lifted himself up, glancing over to find that Colton was no longer in the bed. Glancing at the clock he saw that it was almost ten, late enough.

Calling on all his grace, Kurt carefully rolled off of Puck, and landed silently with his feet on the floor. Smiling at the success, he grabbed his underwear and slipped them back on. Unfortunately, his overnight bag was still in his locked car, having been too excited to remember before Colton's parents took the keys. But he'd be able to survive a few more hours, as long as no one said anything.

He found his pants and slipped those on and went looking for his shirt. It wasn't that hard to find, but he had to bite his lip to hold back his horrified cry at the site of its wrinkled material. Breathing deep to calm himself, he headed out of the room in search of Colton to ask for an iron and board.

Luckily, he ran into the boy, still damp from his shower with only a towel around his waist. Waking up on top of Puck was almost normal and Dave had been covered to his chest by the sheet. Seeing Colton like this, both of them bare-chested, one naked but for a towel, reminded Kurt of what exactly they had done the night before. As a result, he blushed, from his forehead to his chest.

"Good morning," he managed to get out, smiling as brightly as he could.

"Happy New Year!" said Colton, clearly more comfortable. "You're welcome to the shower. Just keep it short incase everyone wants one."

Kurt shook his head. "I have special products that I decided to leave at home, it can wait." He held up the wrinkled shirt in his hand, "Is there an iron and board that I can use?"

Colton chuckled, nodding. "My mom keeps it in the guest room." He led the way down the hall to a closed door. He was about to open it when he paused, turning to Kurt. "You don't have to be embarrassed, you know."

"What do you mean?" Kurt asked, despite the fact that he was still trying to will his blush away.

"It was just a one time thing. You still love Puck, I still love Dave, and they still love us. Just consider last night a fantasy fulfilled, and remember it fondly. It doesn't have to be awkward. Our friendship won't have to change or anything."

"And you won't want to sleep together every time the four of us hang out?" Kurt couldn't help but ask. It was his main worry that all of their double dates would end in foursomes.

"I may be a bit more flirty," grinned Colton, "But I know the limits. I doubt anything will happen between all of us again. Unless he all get together at a party with alcohol."

"Thank you," was all Kurt said, because he knew if he tried saying more he'd just embarrass himself further.

Colton nodded and turned back to the guest room. He barely had it open a foot before quickly closing it and facing Kurt again. "Maybe you should hold off on that," he said, obviously trying to hold back a smile.

Kurt frowned in confusion and glanced at the door. "Why?"

Colton shrugged. "Apparently some of my guests decided to actually use the guest room. They're still asleep and you might wake them up."

"They?" Kurt couldn't keep himself from perking up.

Colton just shrugged and stayed were he was.

Sighing, Kurt pried the blonde's hand off the doorknob and smiled. "I'll wait, but I'm peaking," he said before opening the door just enough to see the bed.

There wasn't much to see, the big comforter pulled up high on the body. Wait… didn't Colton say "them?" Looking a little harder, Kurt saw an unmistakable head of blonde hair with a dark skinned hand resting on it. Quietly closing the door, Kurt turned to Colton.

Holding a finger to his lips, Colton grabbed Kurt's wrist and pulled him further down the hall to his parents' bedroom. Per the one rule, it was empty so as soon as the door latched into place Kurt was hopping up and down with a quiet squeal.

"So I take it that was their first?" Colton asked, amused at Kurt's reaction.

"Oh my God, yes!" gasped Kurt. "Something was always holding her back. I guess she either got over it last night or was just drunk enough to relax. Gaga, I can't wait to talk to her."

"Why don't you go wash up a little in the bathroom or something?" said Colton. "I'm sure by then one of them will be up."

Nodding in agreement, Kurt left the room and walked to the bathroom. He used a clean washcloth to wash his face before wiping off his chest and stomach, getting the remnants of come that the dry towel had missed. As he walked out of the bathroom, he was lucky enough to run into Sam, fully dressed.

"Happy New Year, Sam," Kurt greeted him, trying to make himself sound as normal as possible.

Sam nodded, yawning a little. "Ditto, Kurt."

Kurt relaxed and let his smirk shine through. "Stay up late celebrating?" he asked, tilting his head towards the guest room door.

It had the desired effect when Sam turned completely red. "Um…"

"Is she awake?" asked Kurt, having mercy and stopping his teasing there.

Sam shook his head.

"Well," said Kurt, "Then I'll be quiet when I iron my shirt. The bathroom's all yours." With that, he walked past Sam and directly into the guest room without pausing.

He hadn't lied, he was sure to stay quiet as he ironed his shirt, but once he was finished and Mercedes still wasn't awake, he threw caution out the window. Luckily, Sam had made sure she was completely covered, so Kurt didn't worry about that. But he did worry about her sitting up if she was startled. So he found her clothes, tossed them to the bed, and proceeded to noisily stash the ironing board back in the closet, his back to her the entire time.

After a particularly loud clang, he heard a tired mumble. "What is it, Boo?"

Kurt smiled. "Good morning, Mercedes," he said, too cheerfully without his morning coffee.

He still didn't turn around and could hear the shocked squeak from Mercedes. "Kurt?"

"Is it safe to turn around, honey?" he asked.

"Um…" some clothes rustled, "Yeah, good enough."

Kurt turned smiling widely. "I am so excited for you, 'Cedes." Hopping onto the bed, Kurt chose to ignore the pants that were still laying there and was careful not to pull the covers away. "So… how was it?"

Mercedes finally relaxed a little, pulling her knees up to her chest. "Oh my God, it so freakin' magical, Kurt. He's so sweet. He kind of went back and forth between worshipping me and being afraid of hurting me, it was so cute."

Kurt smiled, he knew exactly what she meant. Leaning forward he gave her a quick hug before whispering in her ear. "Is he big?"

"Kurt!" Mercedes squealed, pushing him away and giggling.

"What? Contrary to rumors, I never actually checked him out last year. I was just admiring his abs. Now spill."

Mercedes shook her head. "You have a boyfriend, Kurt."

"And he'd be asking, too." Kurt thought about it for a minute. "He'd probably be asking for more details than I am, too."

"Fine," she sighed before shrugging. "It's not like I've seen a lot of guys, but I think he was big enough."

"Average then?"

"Kurt," Mercedes rolled her eyes. "I'm a virgin, small could be big enough."

"You mean you were a virgin."

"I mean, average is perfectly satisfying. I am wonderfully happy with what I got… and what he's got." She finally took in his appearance and raised an eyebrow. "And what about you? You look far to mussed to have spent the entire night sleeping."

Glancing down, Kurt frowned at his shirt. "I thought I got all the wrinkles."

"You mean you didn't hang it up last night?"

Kurt blushed. "It might have been dropped on the floor."

"Ooooh, boy, now it's your turn to spill. What did you and Puck get up to last night? Was it kinky?"

"Considering I woke up this morning with an extra guy in the bed, I'm pretty sure it was kinky."


Kurt was quick to cover Mercedes' mouth. "Keep it down, girl, not everyone needs to be told. They can figure it out themselves."

"You had a threesome? With who?" Mercedes hissed.

"It was a foursome… with Dave and Colton."

Mercedes' mouth hung open, then she swallowed. "That sounds hot."

"It was," giggled Kurt. "And I got to be in the middle."

"You will be telling me everything," said Mercedes, holding up a hand. "But I think I'd like to spend some time with my man. Where is he?"

"Probably in the shower. I'll get out of your hair so I won't embarrass him again when he comes back."


Kurt paused as he slipped off the bed. "Um, I'll tell you later."

Rolling her eyes, Mercedes shifted to lie back on the bed. "Fine. Maybe we should get together tomorrow night?"

"It's a date," said Kurt, closing the door behind him. As he headed back to Colton's room Sam came out of the bathroom. Holding in his giggle, he spoke quietly. "She's waiting for you."

Sam just blushed before quickly entering the guest room.

Finally releasing his giggles, Kurt walked into Colton's room to find the blonde lying on the floor with a book. Dave and Puck were still asleep, but Puck was nestled into Dave's chest.

"Have they shown any signs of waking up?" Kurt whispered.

Colton looked up at Kurt before glancing at the bed, chuckling in amusement. "I think Puck might have said something about a Mr. Mufkins."

Kurt bit his lip to hold in his laugh. "That's the name of his old teddy bear. He got it when he was five and it was bigger than him."

Nodding, Colton looked back to his book. "Then his snuggling up to Dave kinda makes sense. And I'm not sure about Puck, but TB sleeps late if I let him."

"Puck's the same," said Kurt. "Mind if I hijack your kitchen? I can make everyone breakfast."

"Need any help?" offered Colton.

"Oh no, you stay here and watch. Take in the entertainment of those boys waking up. And if Puck starts to freak or something just tell him I'm making waffles."

"Will do," chuckled Colton.

Kurt smiled, taking one last look at his boyfriend and left. As he came to the bottom of the stairs he was treated with the sight of Mike and Tina walking out of the bathroom. They were both fully dressed but they also both had wet hair.

"Really?" Kurt said, startling them. "Shower sex?"

Mike looked shocked that Kurt was so blunt, but Tina had gotten used to it. Funny how you're a bit more willing to share the details about your sex life when you actually have one.

"Well, Mercedes had the guest room," Tina said, "And even though we shared Mike's sleeping bag there was no way we would be doing anything with Finn and Rachel sleeping on the couch."

"Yeah, Finn would have gone all voyeuristic on us," Mike added, realizing Kurt was completely comfortable with this conversation.

Nodding in understanding Kurt led the way into the kitchen by way of the living room. Sure enough Rachel was cuddled into Finn much the same way Puck had been cuddled into Dave. Smiling in amusement, Kurt continued on.

"I'm making waffles and eggs," he said, waving to the table indicating for his friends to sit. "Either of you have preferences?"

"I'm good with waffles," said Mike.

"Eggs for me," added Tina.

Nodding, Kurt raided Colton's fridge for his wet ingredients and eggs. Luckily, it looked like Colton's mom had heard about his culinary hobbies because she had at least two dozen eggs, a gallon of skim milk, a gallon of two percent, and a gallon of whole. Really it was too much, but that was better than not enough.

As he started pulling out his ingredients, he asked, "So where did everyone else sleep?"

"Um, Artie had said that he saw some leather couches in what he figured was a study or something, so I think he stayed there," said Tina. "And I saw Sam talking to Santana before he disappeared somewhere."

"I think Brittany might have slept with Artie," added Mike. "She said she was going to go help him out of his chair or something and never came back."

Kurt grinned. "Well, he must be extremely tired then."

Mike chuckled. "I bet. I just wish I had thought of the study before he did."

Tina smacked his arm. "Would you get over the fact that we couldn't be horizontal?"

"I think vertical can be better if you get in the right position," said Kurt, not actually caring what was coming out of his mouth. It could sometimes be dangerous for him to talk while cooking because he tended to be so focused on his tasks that he ignored what he said. Sometimes it was good; sometimes it was bad, depending on the topic.

"Uh…" Mike couldn't wrap his head around what Kurt had just implied.

Kurt glanced over his shoulder when he realized the couple had fallen silent. Mike was clearly shocked while Tina just smirked, remembering what Kurt was actually talking about.

"Mike," he said, continuing his task, "Why don't you go watch the Rose parade or something? Rachel should sleep through anything not Broadway or Streisand, and Finn will sleep through anything not football."

"Good idea," said Mike, kissing Tina's cheek before disappearing from the kitchen.

Kurt worked silently for a while, Tina content to sit and watch his fluid movements through a kitchen that wasn't his. As he was starting the first batch of waffles Tina spoke, "So… same clothes?"

Kurt barely glanced at her. "Clean ones are locked in my trunk. But if you can be patient, tomorrow night you will here the story of why I had to iron it this morning."

"What's happening tomorrow night?" asked Tina.

"You, Kurt, and I will be swapping the sordid details of our new years celebrations and watching how Rachel squirms in shock and jealousy," said Mercedes, walking into the kitchen.

"Where's Sam?" asked Kurt, smirking.

Mercedes ducked her head. "Shower," she mumbled.

Kurt raised his eyebrows. "Again?"

"Woah, what?" asked Tina.

Mercedes shook her head. "Tomorrow night, like I said… sordid details."

Tina nodded. "I can't wait."

Just then there was a loud thud from upstairs followed by a pained, "Fuck!" Kurt couldn't help but smile… it sounded like Puck had woken up.

"Who's Mr. Mufkins?" asked Dave over the sound of Colton's giggling. Puck was sprawled on the floor, butt naked and completely red from head to toe.

Puck reached for a shoe and tossed it at Colton before looking for his pants. After a foursome with these guys he didn't really care about being naked. But after waking up on top of Dave, hugging him like he was his favorite childhood bear, and not seeing Kurt, he wasn't in the mood to flaunt around in his birthday suit.

"No one," mumbled Puck, standing and pulling on his pants. He didn't bother putting on his boxers, he'd want easy access when he went to Kurt for a bit of comfort later.

Colton finally got his giggling under control and Puck wished he hadn't. "He's an oversized teddy bear that Puck had when he was five," said Colton.

"I'm going to kill Kurt," Puck mumbled, looking around for his t-shirt.

Colton grinned. "And you'll both love it."

Dave stretched, shaking his head. "You do realize, Puck, that I will never live this down. And Colton, if you ever call me Mr. Mufkins, I will torture you."

"And you'll both love it," mumbled Puck. "Where's Kurt?"

"In the kitchen making breakfast," said Colton.

Nodding, Puck left, wanting to hold his boyfriend because Mr. Mufkins had been given to goodwill three years ago and he couldn't hold him. Then again, if he had to choose, Kurt would win, but Puck hadn't realized how much he missed that bear before he had that dream.

When Puck walked into the kitchen, Kurt could tell that he didn't know there were waffles. He actually looked a little upset. Kurt assumed he would have been strutting around after last night. Since the second batch of waffles was almost done, he took Mike's and handed them to his boyfriend.

"Good morning, Noah," he said, kissing his cheek.

"You are the best, Kurt," Puck said, sitting down.

Kurt could tell he was happier, but something was still bothering him. "Everything okay, Puck?"

The mohawked jock didn't answer him, but Kurt found himself pulled into his lap, caught in a strong hug. Smiling a little, Kurt hugged back. After a minute or so, he was released again and Puck seemed to be back to his brightest. Knowing he'd get a full explanation once they were alone, Kurt silently returned to his cooking, finishing up Tina's and Mercedes' eggs while the waffles cooked.

Another fifteen minutes later, breakfast as complete and Kurt walked into the living room to tell everyone. Rachel was awake, watching the Rose Parade with Mike, Sam, Colton, and Dave. Finn however was still asleep. Colton got up to help Kurt bring the food into the living room since the dining room was too small for all of them.

Once everyone that was awake was served, Kurt brought in a plate with two waffles slathered in butter and syrup. He waved it under Finn's nose a few times before the boy jerked awake.

"Awesome! Haffles!" he said, wide awake.

"Haffles?" asked Dave.

"Hummel Waffles," said Puck, half of his fourth waffle in his mouth. "Apparently it's his mom's recipe so Finn decided to make a name for them. Plus it bugs the hell out of Kurt."

"Because my dad swears that my mom got the recipe from some random magazine," said Kurt, "It's not like they're completely original."

"They probably are in Lima," pointed out Mike.

Kurt just shrugged, eating his own waffle.

They were almost finished eating when Artie rolled in. "Wha' 'sup, homies!" he said, surprisingly alert.

"You're awfully chipper," said Colton, raising his hand to return the high five.

"Dude, your leather couches in the study are freakin' comfortable," said Artie.

"And really easy to clean," said Brittany, appearing behind him. "It only took a minute for Santana to wipe it clean before we could sleep."

"What did I tell you about bed time stories, Britt?" said Santana, appearing next to the blonde.

"That they're for bed time and when we're in bed," said Brittany, as if repeating something told to her multiple times.

Santana nodded, kissing her cheek before looking at Kurt. "Where's the grub?"

"Kitchen," replied Kurt, somehow not surprised by the situation.

Santana pulled Brittany away and Artie smiled after them.

"I can't believe you got a threesome with Britt and Satana," said Puck, fist pumping Artie. "Do you have any idea how many guys fantasize about that?"

"All of them?" said Artie, then glanced over at Kurt and grinned. "Well, all the ones into girls. But it didn't sound like you cared all that much last night."

"What?" squeaked Kurt. It was one thing for everyone to see four guys walk out of the same room and comment to their own conclusions. It was another when they could be heard.

"The walls may be relatively sound proof, Kurt, but the floors aren't," said Artie. "I saw the four of you go upstairs, and if Mercedes had the guest room, then there's only one other place the four of you could have gone, and only one reason why there was so much squeaking."

"But my room's not above the study," said Colton. "The guest room is."

Santana came back then, handing Artie a plate of eggs and waffles before nodding at Sam. "You go stud."

Sam blushed, finding his empty plate very interesting.

"Oh my God," mumbled Mercedes.

"Wait," said Finn, feeling left out. "All the gays had a foursome…"

"Hey!" cried Puck.

"All the gays, plus Puck, had a foursome," corrected Finn, "Artie got a threesome, Sam and Mercedes finally slept together, Mike said Tina showered with him this morning…" Finn looked around at all his friends. "Are you guys telling me that you all got laid and all I got was-"

"A magical night with your girlfriend," interrupted Rachel. "Just because everyone else feels the need to share their private lives doesn't mean you have to."

Puck gave his best friend a comforting pat on the shoulder. "Soon, buddy, soon."

Rachel rolled her eyes before grabbing Finn's empty plate. "I'll help with the dishes. Anyone care to help, since Kurt did all the cooking?"

Mercedes and Tina both nodded, grabbing their boyfriends' plates and heading to the kitchen. Kurt decided to join them, sitting at the table while they chatted.

"So can we convene at your place, Rachel?" he asked. "We wanted to get together tomorrow night to swap details."

"We know you won't have anything to share," said Tina, "But your house is the best place for these kinds of parties."

"My house is fine," said Rachel, filling the dishwasher with the dirty plates. "But who said I wouldn't have anything to share?"

They all stared in shock.

"What?" Kurt was the first to voice his shock.

"Let's just say Finn's New Year's kiss wasn't on the lips, and lasted a quite bit longer than a few seconds." Rachel paused, thinking, "In fact, surprisingly long considering what the rumors say."

No one could say anything for at least five minutes. Had Rachel Berry broken her prudish code of conduct? Had Rachel Berry given her boyfriend a blowjob? Kurt forced himself to stop thinking about it. Yes, he was shocked. Yes, he kind of wanted to hear more. But Finn was his stepbrother. They had to eat dinner at the same table. There was no way he'd be able to look Finn in the eyes and not think about him and Rachel together.

Shuddering, Kurt looked at the table and forced himself to think of his own night. He remembered hearing something about whoever you're kissing at midnight on New Year's Eve will be who you'll spend the year with, or whatever happens in that moment will represent what your year will be like, or something like that. He refused to believe that Quinn would be alone, with only her mother as company the whole year, and that he'd be with anyone other than Puck. But he knew one thing for certain… this was going to be one hell of a year.