Chapter 1: Knife through the Darkness

(Heavy Rain and Norman Jayden © Quantic Dream

Assassins Creed © Ubisoft)

Date: August 14, 1998

Local time: 2:18 A.M.

Location: 21 Club, New York City

Weather: Heavy Rain, 30 MPH Winds

For the average American, the twenty first birthday is a time of celebration as the person in question has finally crossed the last check mark in the path to adult hood. That said person can now do anything they like as long as it remains in the legal parameters of the law, including going out for a drink.

Norman Jayden went to a bar for his twenty first birthday, but not to get a drink. He was there to investigate the death of Aubrey Jacobs.

Our story begins on August 14, 1998, at a well known bar in New York City. It was early in the morning, the sun no where close to rising yet. The city that never slept did so this night, a monsoon having knocked out the power for several miles in the area, the bar being dead center of the dark zone. None of this stopped newly minted F.B.I. Agent Norman Jayden, who's first mission was to investigate the death of Abstergo CEO's main assistant, Audrey Jacobs. With the appointment of the new Director eight years ago, cases such as these would have largely gone ignored.

But when Abstergo industries got something, they got it, meaning Norman Jayden had to be dragged out of bed by his phone at four in the morning and make the forty minute drive to the bar through wind and rain. Perhaps his hatred of the cold and rain would stem from this day, the bad memories that would come from it forever tainting the already dark climate. Or perhaps he just didn't like the cold. Whatever the reason was it did cause him to be a bit sour as he got out of his car and walk over the the scene of the crime, walking first to the police man stationed there.

"Should I say good evening or good morning officer?" Norman asked, startling the officer from his nap as he shot off the wall he was leaning against. At first the agent had decided he was not going to let a lack of sleep ruin his attitude. Apparently a sleeping on the job officer was all that was required to finish the job though.

"Who's th- oh! It's you, the FBI guy. I was beginning to wonder when you would show up."

"In your dreams perhaps. Please tell me you actually studied the corpse on my way here."

"I was supposed to do that?" The officer questioned, causing Norman to hiss air as he held back a stream of curse words. Norman remembered that only new officers stayed up that early in the morning in Greenwich Village.

"Abstergo and Cifer aren't going to be happy about this... yet neither am I. Isn't the only point of having police helping FBI agents is for them to get us our coffee? Sure would make my job ten times easier to have them out of my way right now." Norman thought as he walked towards the covered body that rested on the footstep of the bar. At this point he was already drenched, forgetting to bring a umbrella due to the early hour in which he was forced to wake up at. The officer followed like a dog following his master, yet only managed to take about eight steps before he slipped forward.

Norman purposely let him fall, still pist about the lack of coffee.

"Dude! What the f-"

"Please shut up unless you have something relevant to say." Norman moaned as he got onto a knee, ruining his black pant leg in a mixture of dirt, water, and blood. It clung to him like a metal spoon to a overly large magnet. Yet this he ignored as he threw the white tarp off the corpse, the covering blowing away down the street in the wind.

"One stab wound to the neck, near instant death... it wasn't a mugging since her purse and personal belongs are still here, meaning that the murderer probably had it out for her. Probably a vengeful environmentalist who is pist about a rain forest getting torn down by Abstergo. Any witnesses?" Norman explained aloud to the recovering officer. The young man paused rubbing his nose for several seconds to reply.

"No witnesses since this area has been mostly emptied out, but the corpse was found by a bartender who was checking the store to see if it had been ransacked while the power is out. He's waiting inside with a portable lamp right now. His car is the white jeep across the street."

"Thats... good officer. You did more then I expected." Norman replied, surprised. The officer in question shook his head.

"I didn't do it. Officer McCarthy who was the first to arrive on the scene and made the call to you found that out and told me about it before he left."

"Well... points for being honest then I guess... shall we go see Mr...?" Norman responded, extending the last word of the sentence for several seconds. The purpose was obvious, Norman asking what was the name of the bartender. The point was missed by the oblivious man.

"Mr. who?"

"The name of the freaking bartender!" Norman yelled, his voice bouncing around the street. The officer finally got what the man meant.

"Oh! His name is Adam Miles."

Normally polite, the now utterly annoyed Mr. Jayden simply walked past the man and entered the club. True to the officers word, the bartender was inside wiping down a table, the only thing illuminating the room was a gas lamp that sat on the counter, further immersing Norman into the old fashioned restaurant. He would have liked to ponder about that if he wasn't to busy studying the man.

"Five feet ten inches, age between twenty seven and thirty two, military buzz cut, brown eyes, heavy scarring large Grey hooded sweatshirt, Grey sweat pants... a lot can be noted.

The heavy scarring however indicates probable military history, but the fact that he's working in a bar and lacks the usual mass soldiers have leads me to believe that he worked as a mercenary for a PMC unit and had a falling out since he's still in his prime

The sneer on his face coupled with him cleaning a already spotless glass with him tapping his foot indicates either a short temper or a lack of patience. Due to a combat history, I would guess the former... or it could just be that the officer pist him off.

Track pants and a heavy baggy sweatshirt is the perfect outfit for one who wants to hide several weapons yet have free leg movement. At the same time, it could be he threw them on since they were the easiest thing to put on... but his story is leading me to believe otherwise. Let's see if I can make him crack."

"Good evening Mr. Miles. I hoped I haven't kept you away long from your family." Norman greeted as he moved to the table that Adam sat at. The latter was shocked at what Norman said.

"What! How did you know I was m-"

"Wedding ring sir. Your wedding ring gave it away." Norman yawned, taking a seat across from the man. Even though darkness covered the room, the ring shone from the reflected light like the moon in the night sky above them. The explanation at least calmed the bartender down.

"Oh... I forgot about that. But to answer your question your idiot cop has kept me here for two hours now... waiting for you no less."

Norman shrugged. "Sorry about that, but I generally don't wake up this early... nor do you since your just as tired as I. Could you tell me why did you come here this early in the morning?" The FBI agent asked. The other man shrugged, copying Norman movement for movement now.

"Like I told your buddy out there, my boss wanted me to check the place to see if it has been robbed during the power outage. Is something wrong with that?" He mocked, setting the glass he was cleaning down and picking up another. Jayden in return stood up, stretched his arms out before moving behind his chair and resting his hands on it.

"No, nothing is wrong with the fact that you checked the restaurant. What is wrong is the fact that you came between one and two in the morning to do it. A normal person who was actually told to check something usually waits until the day to do it, not when everyone should be asleep. Now could you really tell me why you came here?"

Adam was shocked for several seconds, mumbling various things as Norman simply remained standing. The FBI agent had the feeling that Adam had killed the woman outside, he just needed a confession from him. If the agent kept up his current success, then he would find out quickly if the man really did do the deed.

"I'm not lying! I was sent to check the restaurant by my boss... I was just up this early and wanted to get it out of the way." Adam finally managed to say, regaining his composure.

"I suppose that's understandable... to a jury. But since you continue to BS me let's move onto to something else. Have you ever met the woman outside before in your life?"

Adam shook his head, quicker then Norman expected. The agent got the feeling that indicated the man was ready for that question.

" Audrey Jacobs? Never seen her before."

"Excellent. Time to gamble." Norman thought as he starred into Adam's eyes for several seconds as he thought about if it was really worth risking a gamble. It didn't take long for him to decide it was.

"Bull crap. The officer never told you her name. How could you know her name if you've never seen her before?"

Adam broke the glass he was holding, glass stabbing his hand as his hand squeezed into a fist. The shock on his face was all Norman needed.

"I uh... um... I... I overheard the officer say her name!" He tried to explain, his eyes darting left and right. Norman thought to himself how easy this was, but knew that this wasn't necessarily over yet. He still had one more thing to do.

"Mr. Miles, you are under arrest for the murder of Audrey Jacobs. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?" Norman asked, grabbing a set of handcuffs and walking over to the man and waiting behind him, wanting for the man to say yes before he grabbed him.

Adam simply stared at the table for several seconds, a mixture of fury and confusion on his face. Then he grinned and flexed his hand.


"What was th-" Norman asked, answering his own question almost immediately. The silver blade that appeared from the bartenders sleeve shone like a star if his diamond ring was the moon, the blade stained red from the blood of the woman outside. The agent immediately jumped back as he drew his gun, the blade coming for his neck. If he was a second slower the blade would have pierced him and it would have been the end of Norman Jayden, but instead it only cut deep into his right cheek. The sound of the agents screams couldn't be heard as a gunshot rung out.

"You... you fool. She... was a Templar... but then... again... your probably already knew that since your living off of their money." The bullet had pierced Adam's lung, his death now assured. He managed to stay afoot to finish that sentence, but now he dropped to his knees. Norman screamed again as the blade cut more of his cheek as it pulled out from his flesh, but quickly managed to regain control as he rushed over to the dying man.

"Templar? What are you talking about?" Norman growled, kneeling beside the man as he cupped his bleeding cheek with his hand. The killer, the Assassin as you have probably figured out by now, simply smiled.

"Funny that you'll help us... in the long run. Go here... and your questions... will... be... An...sw...e-"

The man chocked a final time and dropped his head back, dead. His final action was to unfold his other hand, the one he was holding the glass earlier with. Now stained with blood, it was a strip of white stained red paper with a series of black numbers on it. Norman quickly grabbed it and stuffed it into his pocket just as the police officer outside stepped in.

"I heard a gun shot. Is ev- Holy S-"

"He killed Audrey Jacobs and tried to kill me but I managed to shoot him before he could. The murder weapon is the knife attached to his wrist. Can you get your superiors and clean this up for me? I need to get to a hospital."

The officer only nodded as Norman quickly ran out of the door. The FBI agent had hoped that he would finish this case quickly so he could get what he considered a 'real' assignment.

Unbeknown to him, his wish had come true. The murder of Audrey Jacobs may have been solved, but the case wasn't over yet. In fact, his story had just begun.

Authors note:

Not much to say about this chapter other then several things that you might have missed. The first is that in the story, Adam is (technically was since he's dead) Desmond's father. The latter will not make a appearance in this story since hes still about ten, eleven years old at the time of this story.

The other thing I wanted to point out was this is how Norman gets the scar on his cheek in my stories. Otherwise I have nothing else to say at this time. I might make this note longer at a later date, but probably not. With that done, read onto the next chapter or leave a comment/review!