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"Don't grab her roughly like that!"

"She's my daughter, I'll grab her any way I want to!"

"She's my daughter, too, Liam! Don't you dare lay a finger on her!"

There was pain.

"I said, do not touch her! I'm calling the police, Liam!"

"NO! I won't let you!"

The ringing sound of a gunshot filled the air.

Then there was silence, blessed silence. But she began to feel the tight hands of dread closing around her neck when her mother did not get up again.

"There, now we don't ever have to be apart, do we, Saffy? Your daddy loves you, and we'll be together forever."


Saffron shot up out of bed, gasping, feeling the cold moisture of sweat on her brow and tears running down her face. She began to cry in earnest, great, choking sobs that wracked her whole body and made it hard for her to breathe.

The nightmare was one she'd had for the past ten years.

Ever since the night her mother had died.

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