Hi guys!

First of all, thank you so much for all the wonderful, gorgeous reviews you have given this story! I really appreciate the feedback, and you guys have helped me so much!

Unfortunately, a lot of things in this story just don't add up, and the more I read over it, the more mistakes I find. So I've decided to put this story on TEMPORARY hiatus so I can fix all the mistakes without feeling guilty for not updating. I know putting this on hiatus is awful of me, but just feel like I need to take a break and get my act together XD

For those of you who are reading my other stories, I am also putting A Confession and The Edge of the Sword on hiatus, but I will be continuing Loving Delilah, Her First Year, and GRYFFINDOR!

Again, thanks so much for all the support you guys have given me, I have really, truly appreciated it! :)