She'd never really seen him cry before. At least not like this. Never like this.

Her insides sort of shriveled up. Was everything she'd hoped for gone? Was the baby dead? Any number of horrifying things played out in her head, of what kinds of things would make the Doctor cry like this.

Her feet felt like lead as she walked toward him. Did she even want to see?

She made it halfway across the distance when he quickly got up and crushed her in a tight hug.

His breathing was even.

Her voice didn't seem to want to work. Neither did her lungs, apparently.

But she hugged him back, and with his face pressed into her shoulder, she became conscious of his smile.

His smile?


He scooped her off the ground, like a little kid. Looking up at her, his eyes shone like it was Christmas. Better than Christmas.

"The TARDIS was wrong." His grin almost split his face in two.

Rose felt her heart and soul lift almost out of her body. "It's- yours?"

She didn't want to breathe, afraid it would blow this fragile thing over.

"Yes." The Doctor confirmed, carrying her over to the screen, as if she weighed no more than a banana.

Rose looked carefully at the images of the baby.

It was easy to see the two tiny hearts, beating out the rhythm that she heard so often in the Doctor's chest. 1234, 1234.

Irrefutable proof that she was carrying the Doctor's child.

Relief almost crushed her. She buried her face in his shoulder and started to cry. Happy tears of relief and joy fell down her face, soaking his jacket.

He couldn't stop smiling. And crying.

This was the most perfect moment in his life.

Except for the fact that he had been distancing himself from Rose and the baby over the past few weeks.

And that couldn't exactly be fixed very easily.


She lifted her head, smiling. "Yeah?"

"Are you angry with me, for not being with you the last few weeks?" He had to get it out in the open.

Her eyes widened. "No. Why would I be?"

He shrugged. "Now that you know the baby's mine. And I just left you alone."

"No, of course not." She frowned. "I didn't exactly have a very loving relationship with it either. But I was a little teeny bit worried that you were-" She cut herself off. "But you weren't. So it doesn't matter."


She shook her head. "It doesn't matter."

"Yes it does." He insisted. "Tell me!"

"." She said it all very fast.

His eyes widened. "What?"

"But you're not." She grabbed his arms. "It doesn't matter anymore."

Yes it did. It mattered a lot. He thought she knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would never leave her.

Well, she knew it, but there was always a speck of doubt- as there was in all things- that the Doctor would get tired of her humanness and drop her off back where he'd found her.

Because a human shopgirl was not someone who belonged with a gorgeous, amazing, smart, handsome, brilliant, unique alien.

But now, something real, something tangible, was tying them together besides the abstract thing called love.

"By the way." Rose nodded at the screen. "We can't just keep calling the baby an 'it'. Is it a boy or a girl?"

He hugged her close again. "Boy." She could hear the smile in his voice.

She couldn't help smiling right along with him.


Jimmy had gone forever. No trace of him remained anywhere near her. Save for memories from a darker time, a time when she hadn't known what she was capable of, Jimmy was gone.

All that mattered was the very moment she was in now, and the long happy future ahead.

With the man she loved.

Which was what was really worth smiling about.


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