The Magic Thief

FAQs with Sarah Prineas

Interview by Lena Garrett

Q: How did you come up with Conn's name Connwaer?

A: I make list of names or I'll play around with different sounds in my head. However, my son actually came up with the name Connwaer.

Q: Did you also make up the name "locus magicalicus" or is an actual term for a wizard's magic stone?

A: Actually it is a real term. I found it while internet surfing—which I like to do often.

Q: How did you pick the animal that Conn would turn into when Nevery changed him with the Embero spell?

A: At first I wanted to change him into a spider, but decided that that wouldn't fit with his personality. So I thought about his swift and silent nature and decided that a cat would fit him perfectly.

Q: Did you think that your book would get published?

A: No, that was a surprise. I showed it to a friend who made copies and gave them to her cousin that's a publisher. It was all very sudden.

Q: Why did you decide to make Rowan the Duchess's daughter?

A: I think that was an unnoticed detail. It might be relevant later but I can't give any sneak peaks.

Q: Why did you make Conn so different from other magicians in the story?

A: I didn't want Conn to be a normal magician because I wanted him to be special, to be something no one else was.

Q: A lot of the small details in this story—like Conn's lock picking and thieving abilities—have been, in there own way, significant. Was this planned?

A: I think the hardest part in a writer's job is making the details fit, and yes Conn's abilities were planned. They added to his character.

Q: Brumbee has been a friend to Conn and Nevery since the beginning of the story, is there anything lying ahead for him?

A: Not really, I wanted Conn to have a friend to help him and Brumbee seemed perfect for the job.

Q: Benet doesn't seem to like Conn in the beginning of the story, why?

A: Well Benet usually isn't a trusting person, but he warms up to Conn just fine after a while.

Q: When I found out that Underlord Crowe was Conn's uncle I was so shocked. What made you give them a family relation ship?

A: Well, I knew that they would have some sort of connection and Conn had to get his magic from somewhere. Underlords need to have at least some magical history, so it made perfect sense for the Underlord's sister—Conn's mother—to be there magical link.

Q: There are a lot of new concepts concerning magic in this story, how'd you think of them?

A: I was tired of the same old guidelines and ideas concerning magic and I didn't want them in my story. I also had a little help from that afore-mentioned website.

Q: Who would you say helped you the most with your book?

A: Well writing a book is never a one man show, it takes a lot of work. I think I would have to thank my husband John the most, and my children Maud and Theo. They were always there to give me tips on making my story better.

Reporter: Thank you so much for your time, Sarah.

Sarah: No problem.