Summary: This story is far from epic. Boy loves girl; girl is oblivious. In the end will he get the girl?

This is the only A/N you will get...

I don't own Twilight; (this) SweetWard, belongs to me.

This is a little piece of fluff. All EPOV. The 'you' he is referring to is Bella, obviously.

It's pre-written. 30 chapters. Most under 100 words.

Here we go...


It Was Always You



I'm dancing with you right now.

Holding you in my arms.

Nothing could be sweeter.

Well, if I would have had the balls to ask you out, yeah, that would have been sweeter.

But I was too chicken shit to do it.

Now, here we are at Prom.

Congratulations class of '95!

Graduation is next weekend.

Then it's our last summer together.

Then we go our separate ways.

And I may lose you forever.