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Title: It's Always Been You (It Was Always You - future take)

Author Name: CullensTwiMistress

Rating: M

Pairing: Edward x Bella

Banner Made By: CullensTwiMistress

Disclaimer: SM owns all things Twilight. I own this story.

Summary: Fifteen years after we graduate high school, you drag me back for our reunion. It Was Always You - future take. BPOV, M for l&l, ExB.


I can see you there, standing at the bar.

You're ordering our drinks and ignoring the barmaid's attempts at flirting.

We've been together for fifteen years now but damn, you've never looked better. Heck, not even in high school, when I was too stupid to think you'd be into me.

I'm glad I made the decision I did to go to Seattle. I remember being so mad at my father for making me go to school there instead of following my dreams to go clear across the country.

Seeing you that day in the courtyard at UW made everything worth it. I don't think we've been apart for more than a day ever since.

And looking at you while you're looking at me, I know you feel the same way.

You walk over to where I'm standing and hand me my drink. I can't help the smile that graces my features when you're near me. It's what you do to me.

Your eyes still hold that same sparkle it always has as you return my smile and hold on to my hand as we make our way around the reception hall.

Fifteen years since we've seen most of these people. I bet they're surprised to see us together.

I bet they'll be even more surprised to hear that we were college sweethearts that got married the week after graduation.

Our three kids are proof that we've been together for so long. I smile and shake my head at their reactions. It's priceless how none of them ever thought we'd end up together.

How so many of these women wanted you for themselves.

How a few of these men once thought they had me.

We've done good, you and I. Together. Always.

Mingling with them takes a lot out of me.

I have to remind myself that it's been fifteen years. But deep inside, I can feel that insecure teenager lingering, clawing at me, wanting to rear her ugly head.

Neither of us wanted to be here. I mean, high school reunions are for those who peeked in high school. Clearly, that wasn't us.

I'd rather be in our bed, in our home, tangled together as we always are.

But, at least this outing made the kids happy. They get to spend the night at your parent's house.

Carlisle and Esme were all excited about tonight. We don't do this kind of thing very often.

But you know why I'm so excited? It has something to do with a little red number I bought that you haven't seen yet.

I can't wait to model it for you. We might as well do something fun while we're here.

We've only been at this reception for an hour and I'm already restless.

You are too, I can tell.

Your hands are always on me in some way.

Either on my lower back or shoulders.

I love how possessive you are.

It hasn't always made this easy but, it's us.

You and me.

And, we've always made it work.

It's not like I'm any better. I made sure to keep my eye on you in high school didn't I?

I just wish they'd get a move on with their speeches; it would make sneaking off a lot easier.

Do you realize how good you look in that suit?

How much I want to take you by that tie and lead you upstairs?

I smirk when you give me that look like you know what I'm thinking and, as always, you probably do.

We're pretty in sync when it comes down to that. We've always been.

Have I told you how good you look? Maybe I should tell you again, I mean, my panties are a mess already. That is proof enough, right?

You really don't realize what kind of effect you have on me.

Oh and if that skank doesn't take her hands off of you, I'm gonna cut a bitch.

Doesn't she see me standing right next to you?

Fuck, my name tag even says "Isabella Swan-Cullen".

You tighten your grip on my arm, drawing me closer and kissing my temple. You're marking your territory. I can't stop smiling as I see her face fall.

Again, it's like you just know. I've always wondered, can you read minds?

Probably not since you keep forgetting to empty the trash at home.

But tonight's not about that, it's about us.

And we're about to blow this Popsicle stand 'cause those speeches are done, the meal is over and you're handing me our room keycard with a crooked smirk on your lips.

There's the cocky man I love.

"Take me upstairs, baby."

With my hand in yours, we take the elevator; a nervous giggle erupting out of me as we reach our floor.

You're so forthcoming. I love it.

You usually let me take the lead in the bedroom. I don't mind but I do enjoy the occasional times where you're like this.

I look up into your eyes and see that sparkle you always seem to have when you're like this. You're all playful which is awesome because I have plans for us tonight, baby.

I hope you'll like what I have in mind.

It took me two shopping trips to find the appropriate outfit.

Good thing my hair is still long and wavy like it was back in high school.

Only difference is that my body looks better. Not that it ever bothered you.

If anything, you're the perfect husband when it comes to helping out with my body image issues.

But these past few years, playing the Wii with the kids kinda helped that extra twenty pounds melt right off and honestly, the lingerie I bought for tonight will knock your socks off. Lord knows it was almost too much for me to even look at myself in the mirror.

It made me giggle uncontrollably.

The sales lady thought I was nuts.

"Wait here while I freshen up," I kiss your cheek and sneak off to the bathroom.

I slip on the red, lacy matching thong and bra.

Then, I put on a Catholic school uniform. Well, not quite. The black and white pleated skirt hits right below my ass and the crisp white shirt is about two sizes too small, left unbuttoned and knotted under my tits.

I slip on my black heels and voila, it's kind of cliché, but it's hot and I know it's one of your fantasies.

I fluff-up my hair a bit and open the bathroom door.

You're sitting on the edge of the bed, fingering the noose of your tie.

Your head snaps up at the noise and your eyes zero in on my appearance.

I smirk, the look on your face is priceless.

I know you like what you see.

Your tongue peeks out as you lick your lips, reminding me of what magic it hold when you go down on me.

I squirm under your gaze, shifting my hips, seeking friction as those memories resurface.

I take a step forward and stand before you.

You reach for me, your hands leave a trail of heat up the back of my thighs, under my skirt, before landing on my ass which you squeeze lightly.

You look up and me from under those long, dark eyelashes and smirk before pulling me roughly so that I'm standing between your parted thighs.

You then drop a kiss at my navel and swirl that magical tongue there.

The wet, heated trail left from your mouth on my skin makes me tingly all the way down to my toes.

I don't know how you're still able to do that to me after so many years but, I pray every day that we're like this until we die.

You slowly grasp the sides of the scrap of material masquerading around as underwear and slide it down my thighs as you keep your eyes locked on mine.

Once I've stepped out of them, you put them in your pant pocket. "These are mine," you say with a smirk.

This makes me giggle, it's probably one of the hottest things you've ever done.

You know I'm yours, no matter what. You can have all my underwear if you want.

You reach up, untie the knot holding my blouse together and stand in front of me.

You kiss my collarbones as you let the garment fall to the ground behind me.

My nipples are strained against the lacy red cups of the bra, begging for you to touch them.

I know you will, you love them.

You've always had a fascination with my tits.

It's one of those things about you that makes me laugh.

You can't help it, well, until you saw me breastfeed the kids. That sort of messed you up for a bit but, then it turned you on even more that I could nourish our children with them. Typical man.

I smile and let you lead as you caress my bare shoulders and kiss the tops of my breasts.

You reach around me and unclasp my bra and let it fall to the ground.

I feel myself getting wetter as I hear you groan when you palm my naked breasts.

God, your fingers and mouth on my nipples feel so, so good.

I can never get enough of you playing my body this way.

I reach for your shirt and undo the buttons. I need to see you too.

We're in our thirties and you still look amazing.

When you're finally shirtless, I let my fingers explore the planes of your skin and sinew of your muscles as the flex under my touch.

Your body reacts to me too, the bulge straining in the front of your dress pants is quite impressive, I know this.

I know how it feels in my hands; my mouth; moving inside me.

I love it all.

I want it so much.

As you're busy marking my body with your wet kisses and deft fingers, I reach for you and palm your length, squeezing lightly and running my hand against it.

You groan, there's never this much foreplay when we're at home.

We usually climb into bed, exhausted and have effective but still fantastic sex; each getting the release we so desperately need. Our bond, over the years, has only grown stronger.

But tonight...tonight is about having fun and seeking pleasure in each other without the rush of real life getting in the way.

This may be hard for us since we're barely naked and I'm already, so ready to have you inside me.

And I can sense that you're holding yourself back.

I don't want that. I need you just as much.

I look up and meet your hooded, pleading eyes.

I know, I feel it too.

"Please, Edward." I kiss that spot on your chest, over your heart and then nip at your nipples.

You groan, bringing a hand to cup my face before your lips descend on to mine.

Our kiss is passionate and deep; our tongues mingling and tasting instantly without hesitation.

Your hands are everywhere over my body.

Your fingers find me wet and wanting; needing you.

I'm slick as your fingers tease my entrance and circle my clit.

I moan and buck against your hand, seeking; wanting more.

I'm at the cusp of my first orgasm when you stop and smirk at me before pulling me onto the bed.

I'm still wearing the skirt but you step out of your boxers and lay beside me.

Our mouths find each other again, as do our hands.

I cradle you between my thighs and guide your length to my entrance as your hands and mouth tease my sensitive flesh.

As always, you don't disappoint.

You swirl your hips as you slide in and out of me.

I moan and pant as I meet every thrust.

Your pubic bone rubs against my clit and, as I find my release, you follow suit.

We fall asleep, tangled with each other and the hotel room sheets.

You have a good laugh at my expense the next morning as we wake up and I'm still wearing the skirt.

You tell me to be careful with it, you want to see it on me more often.

I wiggle my eyebrows and straddle your naked waist.

We take our time, exploring each other some more before returning to our lives.

The kids don't want to leave your parents when we pick them up.

We promise them that we will do this again.

And I plan on keeping that promise.

I have a nurse's uniform I know you'll enjoy.

Oh, and I also got you something to try on.

Our lives couldn't be any better.

And I couldn't imagine any of it without you.