The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: # 17 Lick

Pen Name: evilnat
Pairing/Main Character(s):
Bella and Edward

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Edward Cullen was the most beautiful human being in the world. Unfortunately, he also happened to be the office man-whore. It was known throughout Masen Industries that Edward Cullen would screw almost anything female.

He'd strut around our maze of cubicles causing ninety percent of the female population to swoon in his wake (and probably a certain percentage of the male population).

Regrettably, I was also one of them.

I'd often said to my best friend, and cubicle neighbor, Angela, that I'd lick him up one side and down the other. He really was that lickable. But then I'd have to sanitize my tongue, seeing as he'd been with over half of our female co-workers that I was aware of.

And I almost always referred to him by his full name, Edward Cullen. That's how beautiful he was.

On any given day Edward Cullen could be seen strolling along the aisles between the cubicles, schmoozing with the ladies and causing many a damp panty as in his wake. He had that sex walk down pat; he'd swagger around almost as though he walked in slow motion and give a random potential a sexy wink as he went. I don't think he ever did any work, in fact, I didn't even know what his job actually was.

He was rarely seen in the company of the same person twice, and hardly ever with a male. I often wondered if he had any male friends. If I didn't know any better I'd say he was gay, but I knew there was more than one story to corroborate his sexual orientation. He was famous for his 10 inch cock and his ability to provide multiple orgasms. And if anyone doubted it, more than one willing female would step up and give a first-hand account of their time spent with him.

Unfortunately for me, I once had the opportunity to find out about his reputation first hand.

Although I knew he was a player and would never usually hook up with someone who had that sort of reputation, I fantasized about it on occasion; who wouldn't? I was aware that I was way out of his league, being a mousy, bookish, plain, type of girl; I wasn't exciting or outgoing or gorgeous like some of his usual office conquests. His regular type was that of the model persuasion, the Rosalie Hale's or the Tanya Denali's of the office. They were the tall, voluptuous, beautiful girls, who could get any man they wanted. Occasionally, one of us regular girls would be lucky enough to garner his attention, but it wasn't long before he returned to his usual pursuits.

One evening on a Friday night after a busy work week I was lucky enough to become Edward Cullen's choice, so to speak.

As Angela and I sat and drank, watching all the usual mayhem a work function ensues, Edward Cullen's eyes were scanning the room, prowling for his next prospective bedpost notch. The tarty personal assistants were flirting up a storm. The sleazy men (I swear there was one in every department) were sleazing it up big-time. It was a normal night for after work drinks with the Masen Industries staff.

Edward Cullen looked amazing, although he always did. I don't think there was any time I'd seen him looking even a little bit uncomfortable, let alone messy. He was wearing a Hugo Boss suit, it was dark blue. His black tie was loosened and the top two buttons of his white shirt were unbuttoned. He didn't look disheveled at all; in fact it made him look even more attractive if that were possible. His bronze hair was arranged flawlessly in a sexy disarray, and his perfect jaw had just a hint of growth on it. Yet another place on him I'd love to lick, I thought.

He was approached by at least twenty different women, some of which I had seen him with previously, and each one he turned down. Their body language displaying his rejection for all to see as they slunk away alone, shoulders slumped.

At the time I had practically jumped for joy when Edward Cullen approached me. He called me Isabella in his sexy deep gravelly voice and I knew I wouldn't be able to resist his advances.

He bought me drinks, sweet talked me and flirted shamelessly. I played right into his web like every other conquest I'd seen him encounter at an office function. In my head I had even begun to stop calling him Edward Cullen and just plain Edward. I knew what was happening but I was too far gone to stop the inevitable.

He asked me to leave with him and crazily I agreed knowing that if I ever wanted a chance that this would be it, or it could have been the alcohol talking, who knows. We took a cab uptown, getting out at a fancy looking building. He led me to the elevator and we made a quick trip up to the penthouse. It was obvious he had money just by the décor in the elevator; it was all shiny with lots of gold and mirrored walls.

The doors opened directly into his apartment, we walked through a foyer into a lounge room. Edward's apartment was the epitome of masculine, all modern with minimal furniture and hardly any personality.

As I took in my surroundings, he turned to me with a crooked smirk on his face while undoing his tie and then began unbuttoning his shirt. I had never done this before, but I knew what was expected of me, having agreed to come home with him, I just wasn't sure what to do next.

He stalked towards me and I took a step back hitting the mirrored doors of the elevator. Then he leaned in close, so close his cheek brushed against mine and then he spoke in a low voice,

"We both know why you came here tonight, but I'll give you an opportunity to leave right now if you don't want to do anything."

He turned and disappeared down a hallway while removing his shirt entirely and dropping it on the floor as he went.

I stared after him, frozen in place.

"So… Are you gonna stand there all night?" His deep voice echoed from down the hall snapping me out of my stupor.

I cleared my throat and took a deep breath squaring my shoulders. I can do this. I can do this. I chanted internally.

I quietly followed the trail of clothing down a long hall; the only noise in the apartment was the clicking of my shoes on the fancy marble flooring.

I passed his shirt and pants. Then some socks and finally a pair of black boxer briefs hung from the handle of an open door.

I pushed the door open further and stood in the doorway. Edward was reclining on a giant bed covered with black linen. He was stark naked, leaning back against the headboard with his arms behind his head. Smirking.

My eyes darted around the room, trying to look at anything but his nakedness. The rumors were definitely true. I didn't have a ruler with me and didn't take a really good look but his cock was at least 9 or 10 inches long for sure.

"Ready whenever you are." I looked up through my lashes at him; he was grinning and eying me like a piece of meat.

I gathered all my courage and took the few steps to the edge of the bed. Edward quickly sat up and moved towards me, he grasped the button on my pants and in one swift move had them unfastened and pooled around my ankles. He then grabbed the hem of my shirt and ripped it roughly over my head. I kicked off my shoes and the pants and climbed onto the bed next to him in my underwear.

Wasting no time, he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me to him, my body pressing tightly to his as we knelt on the bed together. He began to kiss and suck his way down my neck towards my breasts.

I gasped as he pulled the cup of my bra down and sucked on my nipple; his tongue circling and lapping at my hardened flesh. He deftly unclasped my bra and threw it on the floor then dove back in, showing the other nipple the same attention.

As he worked on my chest, he pushed me backwards onto the bed and hovered over me. His hips coming to rest between my legs as he blatantly rubbed his giant erection right into my center. The friction felt amazing and I couldn't help but move in time with him.

His hands crept down my ribs and over my sides to my panties where he looped his thumbs into the fabric and pulled them down as far as he could reach. He then expertly pulled them the rest of the way down with his feet and flicked them onto the floor with the rest of my clothes.

Edward grabbed my hands and held them in his own above my head. He sucked on my neck some more and then moved his cock and positioned it at my entrance.

He entered me in one quick thrust and began moving at a furious pace hitting me deep and hard and right where I was practically seeing stars. I moaned involuntarily at the pleasure he was bringing.

He removed his grasp on my hands and gripped my hips tight, pulling me up towards him with every thrust.

I knew it wasn't going to take long for me to come. It wasn't long before I was screaming loudly with each thrust.

He slowed down and swiveled his hips at the same time working me perfectly, my climax suddenly washing over me.

Not even giving me a chance to recover Edward flipped me over onto my front and pulled my pelvis back to him so that I was on my knees as he knelt behind me. He pushed back into me and continued his fast assault on my body; my legs were still shaking from the orgasm.

He leaned over me and brought his hand round to my clit and started rubbing in time with his hips. This time, I felt my whole body start to tingle before I fell over the edge with another powerful orgasm. My mouth dropped open in a silent scream as waves of ecstasy rolled through me.

Edward grunted a few more times then came hard thrusting deep inside me before collapsing sweaty and panting heavily over me.

He rolled onto the bed and collapsed onto his back. I lay next to him trying to catch my breath. Not once did he look at me or attempt to touch me.

After a few minutes Edward stood up next to the bed and turned around to face me.

"Thanks Babe, that was amazing." He gave me a crooked smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. He then made his way towards his bathroom, pausing at the door.

"Oh and on your way out, can you leave your friend Angelica's number? Thanks." And with that he walked into his bathroom and shut the door.

Stunned, I dressed very quickly, and made a hasty walk of shame home.

I was so angry with myself. I knew it was going to be romance and flowers but he called me Babe and didn't even get my friend's name right when he asked for her number to pursue her next.

I vowed never again to succumb to the likes of Edward Cullen. Ever again.

And so, as Edward Cullen prowled the cubicles of Masen Industries yet again, I scowled and turned away in disgust. Even when he stopped at my cubicle and gave me his signature crooked sex smirk.



I made it!

Special thanks to Kitty Vuitton for all her beta work! I appreciate the time and effort you put in!

Hope my prompts were enjoyable to read. I learnt a lot!

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