A/N: This is the back-story of Donna Dragonflame, the Pyromancer from The Destiny of Fire's Song.

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Donna smiled as she danced, listening to the music of the wind and the rain. The dark clouds brewed in the sky, the thunder roared, the lightening scarred the darkness, and the raindrops pounded down, creating a different sound on the roofs, the sidewalk, the road, everything. It pinged off the gutters and cars, taptaptapped on the roads and sidewalks, and clicked against the rooftops, windows, and shutters. The noise would cause most adults to groan and complain about the mess their pets/children would get into in the mud, about their poor, flooded gardens, and about their already rusting car. The children would moan that their sports game was canceled, they couldn't go outside, and they had to read or do their homework. The dogs would howl at the noise, and the cats would hide under the sofas. Not Donna. She loved the rain. Rain gave things life. It sang with a voice of its own. It refreshed the world, wiped the slate clean, cleansed the air. Rain was beautiful. She tried to sing along, but her happy, cheerful voice was drowned out by the singing of the rain. Her wide brown eyes were closed with pleasure, her short, chestnut colored hair plastered to her forehead and neck. She laughed, throwing her arms out and spinning as fast as she could. She quickly got dizzy and fell, still laughing. When the world had stopped spinning, she jumped to her feet and resumed her dancing. She twirled, skipped, jumped, laughed, dancing in absolute happiness. The neighbors scoffed, the other children laughed, but Donna ignored them all. There was just her and the rain's song.

"Donna! Come in before you get sick," Selina Dragonflame called, trying to be heard over the noise. She flinched as she stared out at her daughter, who was drenched to the bone and still out there, laughing and dancing.

"I won't get sick, Mom! The rain's my friend! It won't hurt me," the ten year old girl called back, smiling brightly. She never stopped her joyful dance.

"Fine. Five minutes, and then I want you inside! Do you hear me?" But Donna was already gone, lost once more in the world of the rain.


Donna was on her way home from pre-magic school when her day was ruined. As usual, she was singing to herself, smiling and skipping home, being careful not to step on the cracks or on any bugs she saw. The girl looked across the road. There was an enormous red butterfly sitting on the fence, and she waved to it.

"Look who it is! It's the Cuckoo Bird," someone laughed. Donna turned, her happy smiling changing into a small frown. It was the three boys in her pre-magic class: Henry, Jake, and Bryce. Bryce was the one that had called her Cuckoo Bird. Henry and Jake laughed, pointing to her. "So, Cuckoo Bird, who were you waving to," Bryce asked her, smirking.

"My name's Donna, and I was waving to the butterfly over there," she said softly.

"What butterfly? There's no butterfly." Donna turned and pointed across the street, where the butterfly had sat.

"It's right . . . there?" It was gone.

"She's lying again. Figures, doesn't it?"


"No kidding." Bryce turned back to Donna and grinned wider. His eyes laughed at her, taunted her, dared her to respond.

"I'm-I'm not lying. There was a butterfly. It was right there, just a second ago," she protested as they walked forwards, backing her up to the street. The boys began their mocking, singsong chant:

"Liar, liar, pants on fire!" Tears bubbled at the corners of Donna's eyes, and she sniffed quietly.

"Leave me alone," she muttered, rubbing furiously at her eyes. She didn't notice Trevor, the fourth boy, sneak up behind her. In his hand was a lit match, which he held up to her pant leg. Once the light blue fabric had lit, he waved the match back and forth, turned, and ran across the street. Donna turned to stare at him, having heard his footsteps that time.

"Hahahahaha! Donna's got her pants on fire, Donna's got her pants on fire," the boys laughed, pointing at her.

"No, they're no- EEEEK!" She had noticed the flames, and they had started to creep up her leg, sizzling against her skin. She dropped to the ground, bawling and screaming bloody murder. The three boys ran past her, still laughing. Bryce stopped before he passed her.

"By the way, here's the butterfly," he whispered in her ear, dropping something on the ground. It was a squished, bright red butterfly. Donna sobbed harder, slapping at the flames. They didn't go out.

"MOMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She howled, hitting the fire harder. Selina sprinted out of the house and across the street, followed closely by Greg Dragonflame, Donna's father.

"Donna!" Greg, a Pyromancer, pulled his wand out of his back pocket and killed the flames instantly, and then Selina rolled up Donna's pant leg a little and healed the burn.

"What happened?" her father asked angrily.

"The four boys-lit me on fire *sob* again," Donna cried, pulling her knees close to her chest. The tears were flowing freely now, and her face was stained with them.

"Greg, can't you do anything about them?" Selina tutted worriedly. "Someday, those boys are seriously going to hurt Donna! She's only ten; she can't possibly defend herself against four boys!"

"I'll talk to their parents; maybe that will do some good. Oh, and write a note for Donna to stay out of school tomorrow; I want to make sure her burns are healed." Selina nodded, frowning at the burn on Donna's leg. Greg turned and crossed the street, heading for the house six doors down: Jake's house. Selina turned her attention back to Donna.

"Don't cry, Donna. Think about it: next year, you'll be going to Ravenwood, and as far as I've heard, you're one of the only ones who is. You'll never have to see those boys again."

"But I still have to wait a whole year, " Donna wailed. "Can't I go sooner?"

"Well . . . " Her mother looked uncertain.


"I'll discuss it with your father and see what he thinks. I don't see why you can't go a year early; you're very smart for your age."

"Thanks, Mom," Donna sniffed.

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