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Donna yawned and stretched. Slowly, she opened her eyes, blinking in the sunlight.

"Good morning, Donna. How are you feeling today?" She turned her head and smiled cheerfully.

"I'm feeling really good today! How are you, Miss Cathie?"

"I'm quite well, thank you. Time for your medicine, and I need to switch your bandages." The young Theurgist handed her a small cup filled with purplish, grape flavored syrup, which Donna eyed in disgust.

"It tastes yucky, though!" She whined.

"Sorry. You have to drink it; otherwise you'll never get better." Donna grimaced as she poured the medicine into her mouth, shuddering at the taste. She immediately took the glass of water from her bedside and downed half of it. Miss Cathie carefully cut open the bandages on Donna's right leg, and then she peeled them off. The burn was still a bright, angry red, but it was starting to scab over. Cathie breathed a sigh of relief. Her superiors had been worried that the burn would never heal. Now all that was left was for her to walk …

"Good morning, Mommy and Daddy!" Donna called, waving to someone behind Cathie's back. The Theurgist turned.

"Oh! Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Dragonflame," she said, smiling cheerfully. "I'm just changing her bandages now; the burn is starting to scab, and it's healing up nicely. If all goes well, she will be out of the hospital in a week or two." Selina breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank the Titans … we were so worried!"

"I'm okay, Mommy!" Donna smiled.

"Cathie, what do the Theurgists think about her walking?" Greg murmured in her ear.

"Well, sir … I honestly don't know," she replied sheepishly, shrugging. "You'll have to ask my superiors. I believe Kelly Greenstar will be in soon, and maybe Brian Goldblossom. They'll be able to answer your question." He nodded, and then stepped a short distance away. Donna went on chattering about her dinner the night before, how disgusting the medicine tasted, the butterflies she'd seen dancing outside her window, the sun, the clouds, the flowers the Theurgists had brought her, the picture she'd just finished coloring, and on, and on, and on. She paused only when the door opened, and the Theurgists Kelly Greenstar and Brian Goldblossom stepped inside. They smiled and waved to Donna before pulling her parents aside.

"Mr. and Mrs. Dragonflame, there's a bit of bad news," Brian started.

"We've done some X-Rays and tests on Donna's leg, and we just got the results today. I'm afraid there's a very low chance that she'll ever walk again," Kelly finished, looking extremely apologetic. Selina gave a small gasp, pressing her hand to her mouth, and then she began to cry, covering her eyes with her hands.

"Are you sure? Is there any way, any possibility at all?" Greg asked urgently.

"It's possible, but it's extremely unlikely, sir. The tissue and muscles were badly damaged, and there might even be some deeper nerve damage that we haven't seen yet. If that's the case, it will be nearly impossible for her to walk. She could possibly use a crutch, or if you all agree, she could have her bad leg removed and get a prosthetic leg. Either way, she will never be quite the same."

"Hey, Mommy, Daddy, Miss Cathie, Mr. Goldblossom, Mrs. Greenstar! Look at me!" The cheery voice rang out behind them, and the five people turned. Standing up-no, walking in circles, holding her I.V., was Donna!

"Donna! You're … walking!" Selina gasped.

"Not possible! The tests proved it … she wasn't supposed to be able to stand for another few days, at the very least!" Brian Goldblossom exclaimed.

Cathie just smiled.

"Just because the tests say I won't walk, that doesn't mean I won't walk!" Donna laughed. Her parents smiled. Kelly nudged Brian with her elbow and nodded towards Donna.

"Look at how she's walking," she murmured in his ear. Brian looked. True, Donna was walking, but she had a heavy limp, and the girl was leaning heavily on her I.V.

"She'll need therapy to walk without a crutch," he whispered back, "… if she even gets that far."

"I have faith in her. She's been blessed by the Dragons themselves, that one," Kelly replied.


"Bye, Miss Cathie! Bye, Mrs. Greenstar and Mr. Goldblossom!" Donna called, waving to the Theurgists as she limped out of the hospital with her parents, leaning on her mother's arm. The three Theurgists waved back. One had his fingers crossed behind his back, praying for the safety and success of the little girl, unsure how long she would last with her limp. One believed tentatively that the Dragons, who seemed to favor her, would continue to help her. The third believed firmly that Donna would succeed, and that with her cheerful, friendly demeanor, she would go far in the world.

In a way, they were all right.

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