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Sabrina Jadeleaf fidgeted in her chair. She should have been eating her lunch, but it was far more interesting to watch her twin cousins pack for Ravenwood. Chris and Tyler Mythdream were both twelve, and they were about to head back to the school of magic after a fun summer vacation in Mooshu. The two Conjurers had told her everything about the school; they'd told her who the best-and worst- professors were, what Myth spells they'd learned, what they'd chosen for their secondary schools (Chris had chosen Storm, and Tyler, Balance) what the school looked like, who was in their classes, who they knew … Sabrina could see a clear picture in her mind of Ravenwood whenever she listened to her cousins' chatter.

"I can't wait until I'm old enough to go …" the ten-year-old muttered, crossing her arms and glaring at the carpet. It wasn't fair! She was smart enough to start school! In pre-magic school, she'd even skipped a grade; Sabrina would be starting sixth grade, and she would be the first person to attend both sixth grade and Ravenwood. Pre-magic school was boring, anyways! It was all just reading, writing, grammar, math and science, with a little geography in fourth and sixth grades. There wasn't anything interesting that she could do with numbers when she could be summoning trolls and minotaurs instead!

"You'll be able to go next year, Troll, and you'll love it." Chris gave her a wide grin as he pulled two books off the shelves in the next room.

"I'll be a Conjurer, just like you guys," Sabrina declared firmly. "Myth is the best school to be in."

"You got it," Tyler called. "We've trained you well, Troll." The twins laughed as they headed back upstairs.

Sabrina's Aunt Barbara turned around from the sink, wiping her wet hands on the apron she wore.

"Sabrina, are you done with your sandwich yet?"

"No," she replied reluctantly.

"Well, hurry up with that! You won't get any taller if you don't eat your food, and then you'll end up like me: short and puffy." She patted her rather large stomach fondly, chuckling as though she'd made a good joke.

Sabrina rolled her eyes in disgust, and gave the sandwich a disdainful look. The sandwich was below her; why should she have to eat something so disgusting when there were other foods, better foods, ones that were of her level? It wasn't like peanut butter and jelly (she despised strawberries) was going to make her a better Conjurer. If anything, it would just make her fat. Like Aunt Barbara, she thought meanly. Had she not been trying to choke down a sandwich with strawberry jelly, the ten-year-old might have regretted her thoughts. Not likely.


At last, it was Sabrina's turn to enter Ravenwood! She could barely contain her excitement as she hurried towards the Headmaster's Office, a small blue bag slung over her shoulder. Of course she'd be chosen to be a Conjurer; there was no doubt. She knew everything about the School of Myth. She knew every spell and how much damage it did. She knew the entire history, starting from when it was first invented in Mooshu, back in the time of the Moodha. The Headmaster would obviously be impressed with her knowledge; maybe he'd even let her skip a year.

She waited anxiously for her turn to enter the enormous building, fiddling with her hair and her bag strap as the time ticked by. When the white owl- Gamma? - came to bring her inside, he'd barely begun to speak when Sabrina was halfway up the steps to the Headmaster's office.

The elderly man was waiting patiently for her just inside the large, elegantly colored room.

"Greetings, Sabrina Jadeleaf. Are you prepared to enter this school of magic?" He asked her gently. She nodded immediately.

"Of course I'm ready! I'm one of the smartest girls in all of Mooshu!" She told him. Headmaster Ambrose sighed softly. He'd been dealing with students like her for years and years, and new students with attitudes like Sabrina's never failed to exhaust him.

"Then please, step forwards and open the book." He handed the eager girl a pen, and she immediately began scribbling her answers into the book. She took only two minutes to finish the test, and the words disappeared, leaving behind the name of her school.

"LIFE?" She shrieked, dropping the pen.

"Yes, my dear," Ambrose told her. "You are a Theurgist."

"But … but … I wanted to be in MYTH!" She yelled, glaring at him. "The book lied. It had to!"

"The book doesn't lie, young wizard. You may choose Myth as your secondary school, if you'd like."

"Fine," she huffed, folding her arms. "I won't like Life, though. I hate the School of Life." Sabrina started to stalk angrily out of the office, but the Headmaster called to her.

"Sabrina, would you kindly wait a moment? There is something I must tell you; something very important … it concerns Celestia, and the disappearance of your mother."

Sabrina stopped dead in her tracks and slowly turned to face him.

"My mother is dead," she growled, carefully enunciating each word. "She was killed by Morganthe the witch when she went to Celestia to stop her." The Headmaster shook his head slightly, giving her a strange sort of smile.

"Eight years ago, your mother went on a quest with three others-"

"Allie Sandstorm; the Sorceress, Mortis Starblade; the Necromancer and Torrence Swiftriver; the Diviner! I already know this story!"

"Ah, but clearly you have not head everything, my dear, if you still believe your mother to be dead." Sabrina was silent. "Marieta Jadeleaf did, as a matter of fact, go on the quest with Mortis, Torrence and Allie. They were our best wizards at the time; they were all Archmages, and they were at the tops of their classes. The four of them battled their way through Celestia and into the very inner sanctum of Morganthe's fortress there. They confronted her, but the witch managed to crush them with a single spell. Allie and Torrence were killed, as you are aware, and Mortis was left with a fatal curse, allowing Morganthe to find and kidnap him from wherever he was at any given time. Your mother, however …"

"She died- but she didn't die," Sabrina finished. He nodded.

"You are correct. From what Mortis saw, your mother fell dead with a spear through her heart. However, the spear was an illusion meant to fool him, as our intelligence has recently discovered. In truth, Marieta was put into a deep, deep sleep, and the moment Mortis was gone, Morganthe took your mother and disappeared. Therefore, when Mortis brought down the fortress in his anger, both women survived." The novice couldn't speak. The thought that her mother was alive was too great of a concept for her to understand, and she was overwhelmed by relief, joy- and rage towards the witch for taking away her mother.

"How do I get her back?"

"Oh, Sabrina! You are far too young and inexperienced to travel to Celestia; that world is filled with many dangers, all of which will kill you without hesitation. Only our strongest Grandmasters are allowed there; you will have to study hard for several years to reach that point."

"That's not what I asked! I asked how to get her back!" She yelled. The Headmaster seemed taken aback for a moment.

"Young wizard, Ravenwood's very strongest are currently working in Celestia, trying to discover where Morganthe has gone. The very moment anything is discovered, I will inform you- provided you swear an oath of secrecy, of course. This project is top secret, and it must not be discovered by the general public." Sabrina nodded impatiently.

"Okay, fine! I won't tell anyone! You swear that you'll tell me when the wizards find anything?" She insisted.

"Of course. If you work very hard, young Sabrina, you, too, may one day be sent to Celestia to help with the search. Here, you will need your novice robes." He waved his staff over her, transforming the girl's every day clothing into emerald green robes, boots, and a tall, pointed hat. "Now, you had better hurry along; Theurgy will be starting in a short time!"

Sabrina's face darkened at the thought of Life, but she nodded stiffly to the Headmaster.

"Thank you, sir," she grumbled, storming out of the office. Her mind was filled with questions, and her heart filled with emotions, but Sabrina Jadeleaf was determined to put everything in the back of her mind. She would focus on her studies, just like Headmaster Ambrose had instructed her. One day, she would find her mother- and kill the witch that held her captive.