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Lily watched as 'Christopher' left the room and instantly knew he was leaving her. She got up, left the room, and ran to the person she thought of as a brother. When she got to the common room she ran staight for James, her brother figure. While she cried into his chest, he rubbed circles in her back.

James was shoched, but knew what had happened, since he did over here Christopher talking to someone about leaving, Hogwarts and all. He let her cry into his chest until he felt it was time to let her know that Christopher only left because of the war back in his home. "Lily, I hope you know he only left to protect you. He knew that if he staied he'd only hurt you. Lily, baby sister, he knew you had family that would worry about you, that includes me."

"Why did it have to be him, though? I hate the thought of him being out there fighting that war, even if it is his home. I would follow him to the ends of the earth, even if it means a certain death." she said as she looked up at him sadly. James then knew she truly loved that man, even if he left her to save his people.

About a month later, James asked if Lily would take his last name, to be truly his sister. She of course told him she would and hugged him. Not two week after she took his last name she found out she was pregnant. When she was 5 months along she went into early labor and 4 hours later, at 2:34 AM July 31, 1980, a little girl was born. Her was Harmony Julia Potter. October 31, 1981 James and Lily died of the Killing Curse. Harmony was left to the Dursley's whims.

Throughout almost 7 years of Harmony's life, she was bullied, beat, underfed, and stuffed in a cupboard. She looked aroud her cupboard with one last painful look, and then...


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