Previously: Throughout almost 7 years of Harmony's life, she was bullied, beat, underfed, and stuffed in a cupboard. She looked aroud her cupboard with one last painful look, and then...

Chapter 1

She took out a kitchen knife and stared at it for awhile. Once the clock stroked 12:00 she brought the knife above and slamed it down into her chest. Uncle once this is done you won't need me anymore. I hope I get to see you mummy, daddy. Goodbye... Is what she thought when she stopped breathing, not realizing that she started to glow a bright gold color.


Doctor was traveling, with Amy and Rory mind you, when suddenly the TARDIS got off track and landed in a small house that matched all the other houses around it. this house was 4 Praivet Drive, the house that contained one Harmony Julia Potter, that was currently changing into her TimeLord self.

"Where have you taken us to now? I'm going to look around for why the TARDIS took us here. Stay put Amy... I don't know whats out there yet." Doctor said as he left to look around. Looking around he spotted the gold light coming from the little cupboard and immeadatly opened the door to the cupboard and gave a shocked face.

He hurried to the child and picked her up. Why would a child on Earth be a TimeLord of all things that it could have been. he rushed to the TARDIS and went to put her to bed, to watch over her. Harmony, still out like a light, smiled in her sleep feeling safe near him, nuzzling Doctor's chest like she would her father's when she was a baby.

When the Doctor felt the nuzzling he was shocked. Did she think he was her father? He layed her down as she slept through her transformation. He walked to the control room and set the coorinates to the time vortex so the little one could get her TimeLord name. He turned around and saw ...


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