Summary- Harry knew that if he wanted to truly live for himself that he would need to escape from the life he was currently living. If said life could even be considered living in the first place. But could he really escape? Could he really get away from everything that was chaining him down? Especially when it was the only thing he ever really knew? Was there really a way he could get away from it all? And if there was would he be able to bring himself to take it? Xover

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Prolog- where it starts.

Harry was hiding, and at the moment, he really wasn't ashamed to admit that he was hiding from everyone either. Nor did he have any plans of letting anyone know just where he was hiding for that matter. Why would he?

Because, after days and days of being hounded about everything under the sun, be it being question about what he was going to do with the money he now owned, to who he was going to date now that the war was finally over, to even when he was going to go back to school.

All of which Harry answered with an if, or another vague answer similar to that. Making sure not to give anyone anything concrete, like everyone seemed to have wanted from him. As Harry wasn't too sure about the answer to those questions himself.

Still after spending days like this, Harry had long since gotten sick of it. Seeing as it was even worse now than it had been when he was younger; even worse than when he had first visited the wizarding world.

Seeing at least then he had Hagrid to pull him away from the worst of it. Not to mention there hadn't been nearly so many different demands from him than, as they had all be excited about the fact he was in public for the first time in years back then.

However, that wasn't the case now, and after none stop bombardment that just didn't seem to end, Harry was finally able to find a moment of peace; at least for a bit. He was finally able to sit in the shadows, bask in the sheer silent around him and just relax without having to worry about being overwhelmed by multiple question from all sides.

Like he would be if anyone found out just where he currently was. It was just finally a sense of peace where he could, for the first time in a long time, think about what he wanted to do; think about how he wanted to answer those question for that matter.

Even if Harry was only getting said moment of peace, because of the fact that no one could actually find him at the moment. So, they simply weren't able to bother him because of chance; more than an actual desire to leave him alone like Harry had wished it was.

But honestly, given the choice between what he had now, and what it could be Harry took what he could get. Even if it did make him wish the moment he had would last as long as possible. Even, at the same time as he wished this, Harry knew that said moment wouldn't last that much longer; despite what he wanted.

In fact, Harry knew that the only reason he hadn't been found, by one of the many people searching for him at the moment, was because as of yet, no one had thought to look up in the very top corner of the attic for him.

Let alone thought to look in the beams that were supporting the roof the attic; hidden by some of the cloths the Black family had placed up to make it look more sophisticated then it was. And yes, Harry had gone that far to hide from them all.

Hell, for that matter they hadn't even thought to even check the attic to see if he had been hiding in there. Harry wasn't even sure if anyone knew this house had an attic to being with. Not to mention, Harry had managed to bribe the twins to ran havoc downstairs so everyone would be too busy escaping the twin's pranks to think of looking for him for a while. Or at least Harry hoped that was still the case.

As if they were, that was something Harry knew would be able to prolog the sense of peace he was experiences; just a little longer then it originally would have been. Hopefully long enough that the building headache he had had for the last couple of days would be able to finally disappear.

Or at least it be able to disappear for a while before anyone found him and gave him yet another budding headache that is. Something that even with the use of potions, which usually left Harry feeling vaguely nauseous after taking them, didn't seem to really help. As the headaches in question just came back that much quicker afterwards, stronger than ever in most cases.

Though, considering it had gotten rather quite downstairs, and Harry was sure the twins had just left, in an attempt to escape their mother's screaming, told him that his hopes may not come true. Something that made Harry get the sinking feeling in his gut that told him the others would looking for him in a more detailed search soon.

Meaning that they would be most like be finding him a lot sooner than he would have liked; especially as they had magic to help look for him. Even if Harry had used a little more magic to make that task a little harder than it normally would have been.

Something that could only go so far when he was hiding in the same house, they were all looking for him at. Having been unable to actual get out the house as everyone seemed to be near any exits, he had in said house; boxing him in it much to his horror.

Not to mention considering there really were only so many places you could hide in this building before you ran out of place to actual hid in. Which considering just how many times he had tried to hide Harry was sure he had done so. It was one of the reasons he knew there was actually an attic in this house, unlike what he had previously believed.

Sadly, this thought was proven true, and so was Harry old hypothesis of not being able to get more than a minute's peace at a time. When a voice, Harry was seriously starting to both dread and hate, started screeching up at him; demandingly.

Making Harry wonder when the person in question had become so annoying or harpy like. As well as wondering if perhaps she had always been like that and Harry was only noticing it now. If the second part was true Harry couldn't help but wonder just how blind his younger self had been; or possible deaf on that note.

"Harry, Harry…HARRY JAMES POTTER! GET DOWN HERE RIGHT THIS INSTANT! How could you be so irresponsible?! Do you realize just how many people are looking for you right now?! Honestly, I believed better of you! I believed you had actually grown up a little bit and had finally decided to act your age! I mean you are no longer a kid and can't continue to act like one every single time you don't get your way!"

Hearing this, Harry couldn't help it when his eye started twitching. He had never been allowed to be a kid, and she dared said he had. Worse yet, that he currently was acting like one when all he wanted was a small sense of peace.

But at the same time, not wanting to lose the little bit of tranquility he still had, Harry continued listening to what the Banshee currently shrieking at the top of her lungs was saying; the twitch in his eye steadily getting worse the more that was said.

"Sometimes, you are just going to have to just grin and bear it. Not throw a little fit every single time things do not go your way! You are going to have to act like an adult Harry! Which means you HAVE to put other's feelings before you own for once Harry! Tell me just what you were thinking in the first place when you came up here Harry! Because while those CHILDISH tantrums may of seem sort of cute when you were younger and under so much stress, they aren't any longer! Harry…. Harry, HARRY ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!?"

But by this time, it seemed Harry had finally had enough of her ranting and had decided to tune her out completely. Or at least that is what it seemed like what he was doing to her, and everyone else who was watching the confrontation. All of which were feeling as if they were watching an oncoming collision, yet up able to look away at the same time.

Hermione, seeing that it looked like she was being ignored, began to take in a deep breath, preparing for another one of her rants. That is until Harry jumped down from his hiding place, an icy mask in place, and all but hissed out at the person who had been talking. His eyes showing just how angry he was, as they all but glowed with a fiery rage, despite the icy look on his face as he spoke.

"Listen and listen well Granger, I thought of you as a friend. A FRIEND! Nothing more and nothing less. Especially not someone who is in charge of me; despite what you seem to think. But, right now, I am not even sure about that. Not when you consider how you have been treating me lately. Not with everything that you've said to or about me lately." At this Harry gave Hermione a look that froze her in place, with her mouth open in protest, before continuing on.

"But as a FRIEND, a piss poor one at that, you have no right to lecture me as if you were my mom. I'll be the first to tell you, you're not, that's for sure!"

Here Harry took a deep breath as if calming himself down, so he didn't say something more callous. Before continuing, cutting Hermione off just before she could say anything else; like she looked like she was about to do.

"So, I don't see why you are acting like you have some great say in everything I do. I am not sorry to tell you this, but you don't; and you never will. Especially since in my opinion you were completely and utterly wrong about everything you just said. DON'T INTERRUPT ME! I let you say your piece, despite how much you were bad mouthing me, so you are going to sit the hell down and listen to mine WITHOUT interrupting me!" This last bit was said with a small burst of, what most would assume was accidental, magic that forced Hermione to sit down and slammed her mouth shut.

"Now, where was I…Ah now I remember. Like I said you've got no right whatsoever to lecture me when you are wrong on just about everything you are lecturing about. And trust me on this Hermione you were wrong on about nearly everything you just screamed at me."

At this Harry gave a parody of a smile that made those watching two conflicted between the feeling of needing to shutter and the almost instinctive need to take a step back from the obviously ticked off, powerful, wizard in front of them. Who was still tearing into the sneering unrepentant looking girl in front of him.

"But first, before I tell you why you were wrong, I've got to say you really know how to hurt someone with your words…and here I thought I was your friend. Guess we feel the same about each other in the end huh?"

This was said with a bitter smile on Harry's face. Before it turned to a slightly more gleeful one as he took in Hermione rapidly reddening face. Guess correctly she really didn't like what he was saying; too bad he had a lot more to say. And just like he had to when it came to her rants, she was now going to listen to him.

"Now as for how you were wrong, which I am sure you are dying to know. Well did it ever cross you mind that, despite what you think about me brooding…. oh, wait now, that wasn't what you said was it, no you mention I was throwing a tantrum right? Well anyway, did you ever think that I left so I could get a minute of peace? Not to throw a tantrum? A moment which is something everyone seems determent to not let me have? NO! That couldn't be it. No, that isn't what I wanted…. but wait just one minute…oh gasp it was. Though if you want, I can find another way to make everyone agree to leave me alone…. though I doubt you'll like how I convenes them to do that Hermione."

Here Harry seemed to be done. So, Hermione, face red with fury, opened her mouth ready to tear into Harry. Only to be interrupted by Harry once again as he began to speak yet again; this time his tone blistering with his fury burning hotter and hotter with each word he spoke.

"As for everything else you said Ganger, I have to say that I honestly thought better of you and that maybe Snape and the others were right about you from the beginning. It makes me really wish I had listened to them back then when they first told me about you… Oh, that looks says I better tell just what they said, well then I better go, and do just that should I."

This last bit was said with such biting sarcasm Hermione actually stopped glare and flinched back from Harry. A flinch Harry took no notice of as he continued to speak; his tone taking a slightly cruel edge as he did so.

"They told me that both you and Ron were just using me for you own ambitions. That you saw me as someone you could easily control and someone who would bend easily to your every whim. I didn't believe them then. Hell, I nearly cursed them black and blue for what they had said. Despite the fact I was of friendly terms with Snape and already partially in love with Draco. But after hearing your earlier speech I have to say that it is only are years of friendship, fake or not, that is keeping me from telling…no cursing you the hell out of my life. However, if you say, just one more, negative thing about me right now you can consider our friendship, and the protection it offers you, over!"

Here Harry stopped talking and took a deep breath in a failed attempted to calm himself down. Before looking directly in Hermione's eyes, his voice going to an almost whispered tone that sounded like it was forced to be calm more than anything else.

"Though, for right now I'd suggest you leave the room and don't come back for a while. Seeing as both our tempers are at their highest point and we really don't want to do something either of us may or may not regret later; or at least I am pretty sure I don't."

Sadly, it seemed that Hermione was too angry to listen to Harry's warning; even if it was for her own good the warning was given in the first place. Or perhaps she really didn't care about anything Harry said, because instead of leaving, as Harry had suggested, she marched up to Harry and slapped him as hard as she could. Before she started screaming at him in a voice hitting notes that would have shattered glass if it hadn't all been spelled to be unbreakable.

" I don't know who the hell you think you are Potter! But I can tell you one thing for certain and that is I am sick and tired of the way you have behaving. Something I am sure I am not the only one in that regard. Seeing as since the war had ended you've been nothing but a spoiled brat! Acting as if the world has both wronged you in some way but at the same time owes you something. You are such a self-entitled child. Who thinks that if he ignores everyone that he will get everything he wants handed to him on silver platter. Well news flash the world doesn't revolve around you." H

ere Hermione, ignoring the look on Harry's face, the feeling of his magic building up in the air and the fact she was getting looks of horror from some of the others in the group continued on, going for what she felt was the killing shot as she did so.

"So, stop acting as if you were the only one who lost someone they loved! Sure, Sirius died, so did Remus, Tonks, and Draco you twice damn boyfriend. SO, WHAT! Who gives a damn?! Other people have also lost someone they cared about, and you acting the way you currently are is a shame to their names! Hell, I bet they are ashamed of the way you are acting and- "

Hermione was cut off from her ranting as Harry finally completely one hundred percent lost his temper. Causing his magic to get out of his usually tight control. Control which he had trained his ass off to get and now because he lost it caused his magic began to lash out at the things around him. Destroying all the things around him; even the items that had long since been charmed to be unbreakable.

This caused Hermione to scream in fear and to look around with panic clear on her face as the things around her began to explode. Some exploding so close to her that she began to get multiple small cuts from said exploded pieces all over her face, arms, and legs.

Though Harry took no mind of this, or of anything else, as he looked at the now trembling girl in front of him. His eyes shining a bright killing curse green with a terrible rage burning in them as he did so.

Hell, he didn't even notice as his magic had pushed everyone else in the room to back of said room and pinned them to the walls to stop them from interfering with what was going on.

"No more. No more Ganger. Not now, not ever again! You wanted to ignore my warning and still say all that shit, then deal with consequences it caused. Don't talk to me, don't look at me. In fact, don't even think about me. From this point on you are nothing to me. Nothing at all…"

Clearly holding himself back and fighting against his real wants Harry pulled his magic back in him. As he did this Harry glared down at the teary eyed and trembling Hermione before biting out.

"You know what that's why I'm not going to do anything to you right now because lashing out at you would make you something to me and I don't want to do that. But rest assured Ganger I will make you regret what you just said, and I will make you feel like what you are to me by the time I am done with you. I will make you feel like nothing, that is a promise."

This said Harry pushed his was passed the now petrified Hermione as he walked out of the attic. His robe flaring behind him in such a way, and his face blank enough to make even Snape feel a bit jealousy; as well as a ting of admiration.

Once Harry got to the bottom of the stairs he continued to walk to the door. Ignoring the people around him, and the ones coming down the stairs, shouting out his name. Trying to get his attention, trying to get Harry to stop.

But Harry did his best to ignore all of this. Knowing if he didn't, he would lash out at them, either with his magic or physically, if he did give any attention to them; something Harry really didn't want to do wat the moment.

Sadly, someone didn't get this memo or even take notice of the aura that Harry was give off, as they grab his arm and spin him around so that he was facing them. Already angry from what just happened earlier, and barley hanging on to his control of his magic, Harry didn't even bother trying to be nice as he all but spat out at the person holding his arm.

"Look here Weasley, I am I no fucking mood. I know what you are going to say, and I don't give a bloody fuck about any of it right now. Now let me go and allow me to leave WITHOUT any of you following me or I swear to Merlin you will regret it. Do You Understand Me!" This completely uncharacteristic action from Harry, as well as the tone he had just spoken in, seemed to stun everyone in the room.

Seeing this, Harry quickly jerked his arm out of the hold it was in and stormed out of the house. Vowing to find some way to get away from his fame and away from the wizarding world as a whole. Because that would be the only way he would be able to finally be free from it all. It would be the only way he could break the chains the Wizarding world had put him in.

But first before he did that, he was going to make the wizarding world regret putting the chains on him in the first place; starting first with his so-called best friends. Who had been the first ones to basically slip the noose around his neck to start with.