Summary- Harry knew that if he wanted to truly live for himself that he would need to escape from the life he was currently living. If said life could even be considered living in the first place. But could he really escape? Could he really get away from everything that was chaining him down? Especially when it was the only thing he ever really knew? Was there really a way he could get away from it all? And if there was would he be able to bring himself to take it? Xover

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Chapter four

Harry Potter or Haruka Nero as he was now being called. A name that was created to honor not only his mother and father as well. As the name in question meant spring flower, as his father had been born in spring while his mother's family names were always plant related. Harry felt this gave a little bit of both his parents into his new name.

On the other hand, the last name was more for Sirius, as it quite literally meant Black in Italian. While at the same time the name altogether was both similar, as well as different enough that it really wouldn't be related back to Harry Potter, but Harry could still now to answer to it.

Something that was only further helped by the fact that Harry had been trained to answer to his new name by the Goblins since he had first gotten it. Which had happened a little after he had finished the cleansing ritual.

Knowing this and hoping that this new name meant the new start he wanted Haruka took a deep breath as he finally got of the plan he had been on. Honestly taking the first step off of England for the first time, and onto a country he had never been in before; one he felt no one would think to look for him either.

He was currently heading towards the Peverell family manor in Namimori, Japan. A place he had chosen at random among the houses he owned; if only to make it that more difficulty to track him down.

Something that Haruka felt would only be that much more difficult as very few people knew he was descendant from the Peverell family in the first place. Hell, not many people knew that the Peverell family was even real outside the storybook tales that they were read as children.

Stretching sightly and making sure he had all of his luggage was with him. Even if said luggage was all shrunken down and placed in what was considered a carry on with a powerful noticmenot charm on it during the whole plane ride. Making the only thing Haruka was holding on to being little more than a back bag.

Still, holding this bag to his chest, Haruka decide to make his way to his new home, starting first with calling a cab to get himself there as fast as possible without using his magic. As he knew that doing it another way would call attention to himself that at the moment he couldn't avoid having. At least not until he was completely settled down and all the Goblins paperwork went through; which should be finished some time the next day.

Though even as he did this, Haruka found himself grateful for the fact that during that three years in the time chamber the Goblins had forced him to learn several different languages. Something the goblins themselves seemed to be masters at, as there wasn't a single language Haruka could think of that they didn't know; besides Parsletounge that is. And even than they seemed to be making headway in it Via having Haruka translate things.

However why Haruka was so happy that he had managed to learn the languages he did, even if it had been under some protest at the time, was because he was able to cheerfully, and clearly tell the cab driver just where he wanted to go. Something he would have never been able to do before the time chamber in question.

Even if, at the same time, Haruka was only able to get so many different languages done as fast as he had been able to during those three years by cheating to hell and back. Via potions and different types of magic to help ensure he did learn said languages to begin with.

Something that often left Haruka on the ground in agony. Because the headache he gained from forcing himself to learn the language as fast as possible; as nothing was truly cost free even with the help of magic.

Though in the end he had manage to learn Japanese, as that was where he was planning on heading. Italian, as that could help explain his last name, or at least that was what the Goblin had explained to him before all but forcing him into learning that language as well; along with several others.

Next would have been Latin, as that was the key language in magic, and as such Haruka had needed to learn it. And then because he had been on a roll, and had the additional potions and spells already prepared, Haruka had also learned Spanish, Russian, German, and finally French.

With the last one being something Haruka already had the basics in as he had learned it from Fleur. Something he had done after he had gotten tired of Hermione always sighing or looking down her nose at him when he had asked her to explain something Fleur had said.

And something Fleur had been only to happy to teach him as she loved to hear her own native languages from someone besides herself, Bill, and Hermione. The last of who Fleur had informed Haruka was rather condescending about her knowledge of said language.

All and all with all the languages he had learned, at least in Haruka's mind, he felt like that if he had to learn another language anytime soon it would be all too soon. Though when he was bord out of his mind and trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his future he figured worse come to worse he could try and get a job in translating or something similar to that. He certain had the knowledge to do so now, as well as the ability to easily gain more of said knowledge if he had to.

Though he also felt that would be a last resort, as the main reason Haruka had learned all those languages, forced or otherwise, was to help with his background and to further put Haruka Nero from Harry Potter.

As Harry Potter supposedly didn't know any language but English, and perhaps Parsltounge. But that was dark language and Harry Potter would never use such a dark langue anyway. So obviously he only would know good old English; and yes Haruka been sarcastic as even when he thought this.

But still he knew that other would never expect him learn so many different languages let alone as quickly as he had. As most people seem to think that when he had been Harry, he didn't have the intelligence or drive to learn do many different languages.

At least not in the supposed short period of time Harry Potter had been missing. As despite how it felt to Haruka, mainly due to all the time he had spent in the time chamber, Harry had only been missing for about a month or so at most.

The cab he was in pulling to a slow stop brought Haruka from his thoughts on languages, and the difference knowing said language could make, to see that he was at the location he had asked to be taken to. That he was now at what was going to be his new home, the home of Haruka Nero. Or at least until he decided to move on; if he ever did decide to that. But for now, he was at the Peverell Manor.

Seeing this, Haruka licked his lips slightly in nervousness before both thanking and paying the cab driving. Once he did this Haruka quickly got out of the cab and shut the door behind him. Making sure he had a firm grip on his bag as he did so.

Taking no notice as the cab he had been in took off; heading back out to the main roads. After all the only thing really on Haruka's mind right now was that it was time to see just what his family home was like and just what work he would need to do.

However so far, the manor in question didn't look bad, at least not from the outside it didn't. As while not looking like a typical manor would look like back in Britain what with it not looking like the large looming building Haruka was used to. Nor did it look anything like a castle of any sort. It still did look like what Haruka felt was a genuinely nice home.

As it was a very nice three-story home, that looked to be made up of mainly brick and had a chimney that seemed to come from the middle of the house. It had Ivy growing up the walls and all and all looked similar to one of those homes you'd see on a post card of some sort. With a nice large stone fence around the yard to boot.

A yard that, despite being left alone for what must have been a good number of years, was in perfect care with several fruiting trees in the back; as well as what looked like a fully functional small green house. Reminding Haruka of the fact that the goblin had reassured him that the house in question was one that had been put in automatic care by the goblins. Meaning that it would be kept in top care no matter the fact that no one lived there.

More so then ever when Haruka had decided that he wanted to live there. As the goblins had made sure the place in question was up to their standards. Making Haruka grateful for both the house elves that had worked on it as well as the goblin that had made sure that it had happened at the same time.

Even if he was slightly stunned at how fast they had gotten to work. Even if the house in question did have a monthly up care since it had been left to him; ensuring that it wouldn't fall to waste in the first place.

At the same time Haruka seeing the outside could only hope that the inside was just as good. Even if, intelligently, he knew that the house elves would have been able to do more on the inside then they had been able to do on the outside, making it most likely being in even better shape. Even if that was only because no one would be able to see them on the inside so they could use their own magic to ensure it was in the best shape.

Still he was curious as to how his new house looked like on the inside none the less. So, letting this curiosity lead him Haruka headed to the gate, and after seeing that there were several of the neighbors nearby watching him decided to make his way quickly inside.

As he wasn't too sure he like some of the looks he was getting. As a few of them reminded him of how Molly would sometimes look at him; especially if her daughter was anywhere nearby. Something about those loose always raised the hair on the back of Haruka's neck and made his instincts pick up and growl.

Haruka once he was inside his new home, and had the door shut behind him, took a look at his new house; at his new home. Knowing that this place was truly his, and no one else's and because of that he could decorate it the way he wanted it; to his own style and no one else. That no matter what in the end this place was HIS and it would reflect that in the end.

Not only that, but because he was the only on there no one else could complain or attempt to change it into what they wanted instead. Like they had nearly every other place he had been in; without even asking him most of the time.

Despite the fact that Haruka had owned those places and had protested against the changes that had been made. Like in Grimmauld place had been when Molly had overrun anyone else suggestions. Going as far as throwing out several things despite what both Sirius and Haruka had to say at those matters.

Knowing this, and knowing he was finally getting the freedom of choice that he had long since longed for, Haruka couldn't help but smile as he took in everything about his home. Just soaking it all in and knowing it was all his; walking and checking out everything to see it all.

It was by doing this that Haruka was able to see that his home was actually three floored like it had looked like outside, and was most certainly magically inclined; at least in a subtle way. As the top floor was a solid attic that had been transformed in three different rooms. All of which were all larger on the inside then they looked on the outside.

These three rooms were a vented potion room that Haruka quickly unpacked some of his supple to stock up said potion room. As he had grown used to making his own potions during his training, and had found out that without having someone breathing over his shoulder, or even throwing random ingredients inside said potions, he actually enjoyed making said potions.

With the second room being a training room, which Haruka was immensely grateful for and had also took care to unpack some of the supplies he had in his bag. This time all geared to training in some way.

Including the magical adjusting dummies, he had gotten from the goblins with express demands that he continued his training. Something in Haruka had had at first thought the goblins had set up the room but at the same time even as he thought this another instinct told him that, that wasn't the case. This room had been there the whole time and the only thing the Goblins had done was update it some.

While the last room on the top floor looked to be a crafting room of some sort. Though the makes of the wall confused Haruka slightly as they seemed to absorb his magic when he pushed out. But at the same time Haruka got the feeling that that wasn't exactly what the walls in question was meant to absorb and something inside him seem to almost pulse in agreement with that feeling. But as he wasn't completely sure about it Haruka had to write the room in question off until he could explore it more and get the answers he wanted.

As for the other two floors well, the first floor was what Haruka felt more common for the normal multiple floored homes. As it held the Kitchen, a living room, a Library, what Haruka figured was mudroom of sort along with a bathroom; which while smaller did have a shower in it. All and all it looked rather mundane Haruka was sure that he could let guest in to see this without worrying so much about them realizing he had magic.

On the other had the second floor was a bit more similar to the top floor as there was obviously something more magical about it. As this floor was where to room were and certain was much too large and had one too many rooms to ever be seen as completely normal.

When it came to the rooms in question there seemed to be fourteen rooms altogether; all larger than then the largest bedroom he had seen in Dursley's residence. Not to mention, oddly enough, there seemed to be two master bedrooms. With each one of them equal in size to each other; and on opposite sides of the floor.

On the farthest right side of the second floor was the first Master bedroom. The one Haruka, after some debate between several different rooms, decided to claim for his own. Though he had been rather torn about taking another room before he had decided that particular room; if only because it was a bit larger.

This room almost looked like it opened up to the skies and had a balcony that ended right by one of the fruit trees. It was a very lovely room that seemed to be made up of light orange and cream colors. It was warm, it was opening and to Haruka it felt like a picture of what his freedom could be like.

At the same time, the colors on the wall weren't what Haruka would have chosen at first but seemed to grow on him the longer he looked at the room. Though that was probably helped by the fact this room not only held a balcony but also had a large circular bed that felt like a soft cloud when he laid on it, and had the dressers underneath the bed; along with a walk in closet.

In all honest, it felt like a dream room to him. More so then ever as Haruka knew if he wanted to, he could always redecorate it to how he really wanted it to be. Which most likely would be some darker colors in the room; maybe even a little bit of darker paint on the walls.

The next rooms he explored where the six that seemed closest to the room he had chosen. All of which Haruka got the feeling that these six rooms in question were connected to that room he had decided to call his own in some way.

These room seemed to be color coordinate in a way, and while not highly decorate with any person's particular sense of style they did each have a large bed and two dressers in it. Making Haruka get the feeling besides the color on the walls the rooms had largely been left alone so who ever took the room could decorate them the way they wished to. At the same time, each room did have smaller difference between them, well besides whatever color the room may be.

The color of these rooms, and the difference in them were. Well the first was the Yellow room, which seemed more space filled and held a medical cabinet in it. Which Haruka see this added some the medical supplies he had in said cabinet; wondering if he should move it into his room as he did so. Before leaving the room in question after seeing that it was largely empty besides what he had already seen in it.

The second room was a light blue color and gave Haruka a sense of peace in it; though that maybe because the small portion of glass roof the room had. Making him wonder if when it rained the sound of the rain would echo around the room in question in a peaceful tranquil melody.

The third room was a purple room that had a large almost from the roof to floor window that made the room seem larger and more open then it was. Not to mention the view outside the was rather lovely as it let whoever had this room a view of the large garden outside the room.

Making Haruka wonder if he should work on that garden to make the view even more breathtaking then it currently was. Perhaps add some flowers, or maybe a garden for some additional fruits or vegetables.

The fourth room was a green room and it seem to lack anything metal in it, or anything plastic for that matter as well. In fact, the whole room seemed more nature geared than anything else. Though oddly enough there were more smaller windows in the room than any of the other rooms in the house.

The fifth room was a bright red color and Haruko noticed there seemed to be more spells on this room than several of the others all geared to make things harder to burn or break than all the other rooms; well besides the purple one he had been earlier.

Making Haruka wonder if the person who had been responsible for this room, or even the purple for that matter, thought a hurricane or something would make its way through the rooms in question.

The sixth and final room was a light violet room that seemed to have several mythical paintings in it. That to Haruka seemed to make his own imagination all but explode as he looked at them.

Then there were the rooms that was on the far-left side of the second floor was where the second Master bedroom was located. Which was the room Haruka got the feeling the remaining six bedrooms were connected to.

These rooms Haruka noticed wasn't actually colored in specific color like the other rooms had been but had nature themed walls on them instead. The largest room, and the second master bedroom, seemed to have a theme that remind Haruka of the very planet earth.

This room seemed to be mainly done in earthly colors and had a similar large circular bed the first bedroom did though this one seemed to have large beams that connected to the ceiling and shaped similar to trees. Right up to the having something similar to the shading the branches would give the trees. Which toped with curtains that seemed to block out the majority of the sunlight made the room in question a lot darker than the other rooms; yet still soothing at the same time.

The room next to this seemed to be a more swamp theme to the room than anything else. This room Haruka noticed had pictures of swamp animals along the walls and also seemed to have beer or wine rack in the corner as well. Making him wonder why it was there of all places.

The second seem to be what Haruka felt like a volcano themed room. Which was a rather bright room. If haunting in it's beauty and this room seemed to have a large floor length lave lamp on each side of the bed not to mention black out curtains to make the light of the lamps just that more obvious.

With the third room connect to the second master bedroom was a forest themed room which seemed to have trees both painted all over the room along with actual plants in the room as well. Most of which seemed to be hanging basket making Haruka wondering just how the plants had been taken care of for so long as he doubted to Goblins had decorated the rooms in question. Before remembering the family house elves, he had been told were keeping the house in question in order over the years.

Besides that room, there was a Mountain themed room, and this room had a small glass roof similar to that of the blue room had. In fact, besides the mountain theme painted on these walls this room seemed to almost be a copy of that room.

The second to last room was a desert room themed that didn't look like it had ever been used before. But at the same time somehow came off as comforting with all the different shades of brown and the large open window that let the sun outside beam doing into the room in question.

Then there was the last themed room, but certainly not the least, being a glacier themed room, which held oddly enough reminded Haruka of the purple room on the other side. If only colder themed and oddly enough seeming to have a more delicate icy touch to its design as there seemed to actually be snow like designs carved into the sides of the bed and along the door.

Haruka after taking notice of all these rooms and remaining curious over both the design as well as how the rooms seemed to be connected in some way. Decided that for now he would just make himself at home in the room he had decided to take.

After all he did need to unpack all his things, and if it came down to it, he could always ask the house elves at a later date just why the rooms were like the way there were. But first he really wanted something to eat, as he hadn't eaten anything else all day and he was rather hunger.

That in mind Haruka placed his bag down in his room and went downstairs. Where he made himself a rather simple meal that he didn't have to really unpack anything he had to make and went into the dinning so he could eat it.

And perhaps at the same time think of just what he was going to do next. As he knew that he was going to have to do somethings like sign up for the nearby school. As it would be odd if someone his age wasn't is school, and Haruka really didn't want to stand out more than he already was; as he had moved here rather suddenly. So that really meant he had more planning to do.

Or at least that is what Haruka was going to do, but just as he sat down to enjoy his meal, he heard a loud echoing banging sound outside; similar to that of Apparition but not quite. Causing him to jump to the near by window to see just what it was.

What he saw when he did this left Haruka rather wide eyed and wondering just what sort of town he had made his new home. As right out his window running down the street was a teenage boy, perhaps a little younger than him. Running at top speeds in nothing but his underwear.

Weirder yet, he seemed to have a bright orange flame on his head and was shouting about finishing Reborn's training with his dying will. Which oddly seemed to echo something deep within Haruka in a way that Haruka really couldn't quite explain.