So I noticed that fanfiction needs more Ronald/William Dr. Pepper so this is what I came up with!

The office of 234 was brightly lit. The smell of the paint marker filled the blonde reaper's nose. He pushed his ridiculous glasses that sat on his nose, a board expression on his boyish face. He didn't realize he was doodling on his small wooden desk until there was a loud knock on his door. He gasped and blinked rapidly. He looked around to make sure nothing was out of place. He quickly put up the few pictures of him and William in one of the drawers in his desk. He closed it gently, not wanting to crack the picture frames.

The door opened and the uninvited vixen red head barged in. The blonde sighed. The red head had no respect for anyone's personal space, especially their supervisor –and the blonde's secret lover.

"Ronald, will you do my paperwork? Please!" the red head asked.

Ronald snorted and leaned back in his semi-comfortable chair. He didn't expect much from this vixen, though his body, especially his pants showed that the red head was downright male. "Nope. I still have my own to do. It's not gonna kill you to do your own paperwork every once in a while, Grell."

"Tch. Why should I have to?" Grell demanded.

"You're not special. Go away"

Grell started to leave, but he noticed the dark black paint on his desk. "Oh ho. What's that?" He pointed at Ronald's desk.

Ronald tilted his chin up slightly before looking at his work of art/destruction, depended on how you look at it. He ran his fingers of the now dry paint, taking in every detailed. Once he figured it out, a blush tainted his fair colored cheeks pink. He instantly started scratching the paint of with his long feminine nails. He silently thanked himself for cutting his nails this morning. His blushed darkened as he heard his love's voice in the doorway.

"Sutcliff, where is the paperwork that is three weeks late?"

"Um, on my desk somewhere?" he said nervously.

William sighed heavily. "I want it on my desk, finished or not, by eight thirty. No later than that."

"But that's in thirty minutes!" the red head complained.

"I don't care. Go!" He roughly shoved the whining red head half way down the hall, exactly in front of his office.

He was about walk away when the scratching of Ronald's nails caught his attention. He groaned softly. He told him to cut his nails this morning! It isn't right for a male to go around with long nails. He didn't like it at all. He found nubs extremely helpful on his part. His thoughts got the best of him and pulled him in to a flashback.

(A/N: *bright light appears and is in black 'n white time*)

Ronald threw a vase at William, but he missed. A snarl escaped William's lips as he darted out of the way of the vase flying towards him. He caught the angry blonde in a choke hold. He fought his way out of the hold and backed away a few steps. He launched himself towards the older reaper, his long, uncut nails slashing across his face. William howled and fell to his knees. Blood fell from his face. He looked up at Ronald, instinctive tears falling, and his eyes full of hurt, watched as the mouth he always kissed so passionately curl up in another snarl.

"I may be small, but if you don't want me to treat you like shit, show me some Goddamn respect!" He reached down and grabbed his elder by the arm and yanked him to his feet. He shoved him roughly into a nearby wall.

William gasped as he hit the wall. He was pumped up with adrenaline, and half of his body begged to remove his attacker. But the other half screamed for more. He wanted the angry blonde, bet he could not have him. Yet. A soft whimper escaped his lips. Ronald suddenly crushed their mouths together…

(Another A/N: *a bright light appears and your back in the present!)

William shook his head, walking to Ronald's side. "Why are you destroying your desk, Knoxy?" He looked over the blonde's shoulder. "Did you draw on your desk? Isn't that a bit childish?"

"I didn't realize I was doing it until Sutcliff knocked on my door," he muttered.

William chuckled softly, leaning down to kiss the youth's neck, before disappearing. Ronald touched his neck, a soft smile pulling at his lips, and began his paperwork that was a day late.

William found that his infatuation with Ronald made him more productive and a little less of a cold hearted man. He was still very strict with all reports handed into him, but he gave every Shinigami-with the exception of Grell; oh how things will never change for him- an extra day for it to be turned in, completed. He leaned back in his chair as his door opened and Ronald came in with an armful of paperwork. William's brows furrowed.

"All that can't be yours," William noted.

Ronald sat the stack of paperwork on William's desk, and shook his head, "No, that's all of Grell's. Mine is still sitting on my desk."

"Why bring his? He's not special."

A blushed crept up to taint his cheeks again; William leaned forward, resting his elbows on the desk. "Come here~" Ronald tilted his head at the simple order. Hmm…What was this man up to? His eyes narrowed slightly as took a short step that put him beside his elder. "Sit." William patted his left thigh. Ronald sat, instantly wrapping an arm around his neck. William rubbed the youth's leg like he always did before told or explained something to him.

"Don't do Sutcliff's work for him. It slows you down from getting your work down, and I need you as productive as possible. You're one of my top three best workers... Don't give me that look," he scolded.


"Yes. You, Alan, and Eric."

"Eric thanks to Alan."

"Hmm. Remind me to thank Alan."

A teasing smile formed on Ronald's sweet lips. "Don't forget to thank Alan, and give him a raise."

William quirked an eyebrow. "A raise?"

"Yeah. He's always complaining that he doesn't have enough books to read, and he usually spends his paycheck cleaning up Eric's messes in London."


Ronald nodded; William shook his head and sighed. "Back to what I was saying. You're one of my top three best workers. The more you do your own work, the more productive this place will be, and the more work getting done means less overtime for me and more time for us. Makes sense?"

"Yes, sir," the blonde said out of habit.

William chuckled, and patted the youth's butt a few time, ushering him out. "Bring me your work if it's done."

Ronald smiled and quickly kissed William. "Yes, sir." He sauntered out of the office to retrieve and return his work.