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Chapter 2

Haru followed the Baron out onto the dance floor, where many other cats were dancing around with their prettily dressed partners.

"Why are you a cat?" he asked, his green eyes showed his vague worry for her. He had gone through all the trouble to help her escape that fate not too long ago. Maybe she needed rescuing again.

"I want to be. I feel much more at home like this," Haru replied, smiling. She twirled easily, keeping in pace with the Baron, who was doing the majority of the work.

"What? Why...?" he asked, staring down at her in complete disbelief. Haru blushed, staring down at the ground. She couldn't tell him the whole truth. Not yet, at least.

"I've always loved cats. I can't help but want to be one. It seems much easier, and I feel so at home," Haru answered slowly, picking her words carefully. She almost felt like she was on pins and needles with him, all because of her little secret. The Baron's eyes narrowed slightly as he pondered her simple answer.

"I don't believe it will be at all easier, but if that is what you truly wish... I can't stop you, can I?" he replied sullenly. Haru's eyes widened in surprise.

"Well, you could... but I would put up a fight in attempt to resist you," Haru sighed, feeling disheartened about her decision. She thought that the Baron would be happy with her, but that seemed to not be the case at all.

"Hmm... Well, since everything is in order, I think I'll leave now," he said, bringing Haru back toward Prince Lune and Yuki. Haru's eyes widened.

"You don't have to leave so soon!" she cried, not wanting him to leave with all her heart. This was the first time she'd seen him in a long time. Haru bit her lip lightly, but drew blood thanks to her new fangs. This surprised her when she tasted the horrible metal.

"Oh, you seem to have hurt yourself," the Baron notified her and pulled out a napkin to dab to blood off of her lower lip. Haru stared up at him, shock written across her face. She could feel her heart beginning to race and butterflies forming in her stomach.

"Th-Thank you..." she whispered in a soft, shaking voice. The Baron hid the white piece of cloth within his coat pocket and decided to stay only a while longer... for Haru.

Prince Lune and Yuki watched the two as they moved across the ballroom. Yuki sighed as she watched Haru, her dear friend.

"It's so obvious she likes him... I'm sure the Baron has realized it by now," Yuki whispered, obviously worried. Prince Lune placed his paw on Yuki's once more.

"I'm sure he hasn't... I can barely tell," he attempted to comfort his wife, but sadly, he was a terrible liar. Yuki stared up at him with worried blue eyes.

"Oh, Lune... I'm so worried about her," Yuki confessed, and it wasn't like Prince Lune couldn't tell though. He gave his wife a sympathetic look.

"I am too. It would be bad if she became depressed on us," he sighed, patting his wife's hand before standing, "Why don't we dance as well? It's better than pining away!" Yuki smiled and nodded, rising to her feet to follow the prince onto the dance floor. The music to the dance that the Baron and Haru had danced to when she first came to the Cat Kingdom began to play, surprising all of the dancers. It also caused Haru to smile in remembrance. That memory was very dear to her.

"Are you tired?" the Baron asked her suddenly, when her step faltered once. Haru looked up at him in surprise.

"No, not at all," she breathed and continued to follow his steps to the best of her ability. She had been almost in sync to his movements before. Yuki's eyes wandered away from Prince Lune and she began to watch Haru and the Baron. Prince Lune chuckled.

"You'll always worry about her... huh?"

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