Never again will I…

Chapter 1: …Change Schools

"What the CRAP! You can afford that much!" A shout shook the house causing all in it to cringe.

"Well, honey," a calmer voice began, "actually, we managed to get you a scholarship… I figured since… It's all over, you should go back to school… and, well, when you took the exams, it turns out that you qualified for a scholarship…"

The distressed girl rubbed her temples, taking in what the older woman had just announced. She was going to Ouran High… The event that she thought to be totally implausible had occurred.

"What the hell… Just as long as I don't have to wear those hideous girls uniform…"

Her mother gulped. "Well, actually, my musume, we couldn't afford the expense of the uniform… But your uncle has a son going there. And, well, I'm not sure if he knew of your gender… I took the liberty in packing you the male's uniform, as I'm sure you would not fancy wearing something as hideous as the women's uniform…"

He brother laughed. "Kagome just cut her hair too! She's totally gonna look like a DUDE!"

Kagome stuck her tongue out indignantly, "Bakatare, I have this female part called breasts. I swear sometimes you do these things just to annoy me!"

Her mother nervously coughed, "you may just have to keep those parts 'under wrap' so to speak… The uniform might not fit otherwise…" Kagome's eyes widened marginally.

"NO. WAY. I really will look like a dude!"

Mrs. Higurashi shrugged, sending her daughter an apologetic look.

"Kuso… Well, as long as no females ask me out, I'll be fine… I suppose…"

Kagome grabbed her suitcase by the door and saluted in a military fashion. "See you in two years!"

Her family watched, and her mother teared, wishing that her father had lived long enough to watch his grandchild go off like this to such a prestigious school.

When Kagome reached her new apartment after a long taxi ride she smiled. An elevator! She would no longer have to go up a seemingly endless amount of stairs.

As she walked into her apartment, she sighed. Her school was only a block away, but she was on the top floor of a twenty-one story apartment complex.

"Thank the gods for elevators… I wouldn't make it otherwise…"

She stretched out and began unpacking. It hadn't even been ten minutes, when a knock came on her door. She cocked her head slightly, wondering who it could be.

She undid the latches keeping the door locked and turned the knob hesitantly, before fully opening the door. She gasped. It was a boy… about her age too! But why was he cloaked on such a hot day?

"Sumimasen, may I help you?" She felt calmer, as the person let himself in silently. "I apologize for the mess, I'm unpacking at the moment and everything is in a big mess…"

"Hello miss, you may refer to me as Nekozawa. Would you mind if I closed the blinds…" Suddenly it hit Kagome; 'Nekozawa' was the name on the apartment! He was probably the manager's son or something… She was taken aback when the strange boy took out a sort of a cat-shaped hand puppet and preceded to glide over to her, "heh, heh, heh… now, dear woman… What I really came here for! I sensed that my parents had let a strong aura live in our apartment… So I came to check it out! What, may I ask, kind of power do you hold?"

Kagome looked him and decided since he knew already; she may as well toy with him. She grinned evilly, letting her powers consume her. When she opened her eyes, they were consumed with a bright light, "The worst kind of powers, I am afraid… I could easily condemn you past the seventh layer of hell…" She saw the boy bow low.

"My mistress! How long I have waited to meet someone of your stature! Such power flows through you! Please! Take me to be your disciple!"

Kagome absorbed her powers back into her body and giggled, "I was just joking silly! Although I could purify you if I wished… Anyway, I am known as Higurashi, Kagome, but please, just call me Kagome!"

Nekozawa looked up. "You are going to go to Ouran, are you not?" She nodded, "Then, you must join the Black Magic club… You'll fit right in…"

"Well, actually, I wasn't thinking of any clubs this year… Even though I will be a junior…"

Nekozawa slipped past the door, "Just think about it…"

Kagome nodded, knowing that he couldn't see her and turned back to her pile of boxes. She sighed. Maybe Ouran High wouldn't be too bad…