Chapter 5: …Look Away From You

"…and so, based from the passage, can anybody infer as to why the Vietnam war, or the Second Indochina war, was so different from all the other wars that were waged by America?"

A raven-haired woman raised a dainty hand, answering before the teacher even called on her, "It is because it created a counterculture movement in America, sir." The teacher stood there, looking rather impressed.

"Very good, Higurashi! Everyone, you're homework, due in two days is to write a 10,000 word paper on the counterculture movement." There were groans heard in the classroom.

"There goes my yacht ride tonight…"

Everyone laughed.

Kagome only rolled her eyes. She knew that the boy was probably serious. The teacher sighed, "Class dismissed."

Grabbing up her belongings, Kagome headed up to the third music room. Knocking on the door politely, she straightened out her appearance before letting herself in.

Tamaki was immediately in front of her, saying words she was not listening to, as she walked straight past him. The eccentric boy seemed to shatter. "My dearest cousin! How could you run past me? All I wanted was to give you a warm welcome to your second day at school!"

She waved away his silliness, "Yeah, yeah… so, what do I do today?"

Quickly adjusting his glasses, Kyouya smiled at her, "Well, today you will be helping host, since the girls all took quite well to you yesterday."

She flicked the non-existent dirt from her fingernail. "Hm. Fine."

"Good. They should be coming in any minute now."

Kagome tried not to roll her eyes. All she had to do was act cool… After all, it always worked for her ani-ue…

And sure enough, not but a minute later, the club's first two customers walked through the door. "Konnichiwa, hime-sama…" Tamaki smiled sweetly at the women, "How can we be of service?"

Girl one blushed and giggled like a madwoman, "Well… we wanted to visit with Kagome-san…" The girls began to giggle at each other giddily.

Tamaki grinned, "Why of course, let me just get him for you… Kagome-chan?"

She yawned, stretching as she walked over to her cousin, "Hm?" Hearing the annoying giggle of the girls in front of her, her eyebrows rose slightly. "Do you want me to take them to someone?"

The innocent look on her face was just too much for her overly sensitive cousin. He simply couldn't take it anymore! She was just so cute! He 'glomped' her as she'd often done with her ani-ue, "AH! 'Gome-chan! You are just too cute to resist! Oh, dearest cousin, how I lo-" She cut him off with a frightening glare.

The girls squealed, "Oh… Kagome-chan is so scary!"

Kagome resisted rolling her eyes. "We can go over to the couch by Haruhi, I guess…" She murmured.

Eagerly they followed, forgetting about Tamaki, leaving him feeling quite lonely. Slipping over to his corner, he never even bothered to turn his head, "Mother?"

Kyouya sighed, "Yes, Father?"

"You need to take her out soon… I can't stand her not liking me!"

"Me going out with her won't necessary change any of her views of you…"

Tamaki's eyes went downcast, "Well, I can hope that it will…"

Kyouya shook his head at his friend. Yes, yes he could hope… but only Tamaki would be able to make Kagome like Tamaki. Not Kyouya or Haruhi or anyone else, only Tamaki. But Kyouya knew that his friend, though not as dense as he seemed, was too caught up with other things, such as Haruhi, to figure it out.

As Kyouya's eyes glanced at the other side of the room, he could see Kagome struggling to figure out how to entertain the girls that were fawning over her. He tried not to laugh, the brief thought that a girl should know how to entertain one of their own gender crossing his mind.

He couldn't take his eyes away from her. His wrist and hand moved reflexively, taking notes about everything he saw, but at that moment all he saw was Kagome, Kagome, Kagome…

Finally, he forced himself to look down at his clipboard to see what he had jotted down. It was only one word – lovely.

And for the first time, when he looked back at her, their eyes met, and she gave him a quick, real smile. It was there for net even a second, but he saw it, and it made his whole body go up in flames… and his eyes were glued to her form again.

He didn't look away for the rest of the day.