So this is a spin off to my story Bones and it starts after Kidd's meeting with Ameria and goes on from there. This is a Kidd story with a female OC, but I don't know if it will turn out to be a romance or not...romances are meant to have cute moments, but I don't think Kidd can pull off cute moments like Law can...and the only reason why I think Law can pull off cute moments and still be in character is because he has Bepo...

Edited: I really didn't like the first 10 chapters of this story, it feels rather forced to me, so I'm going back and changing them since it's summer time now and I have the time to do it. This really doesn't effect people who are new to reading this story nor does it change the storyline plot in anyway, but it's just a little heads up I suppose. Also, this does turn into a romance. :) So this is like over 2000 more words than my original chapter one, which means it should have been separated into two chapters. Can't go back and change it now so, please bear with me (No pun intended, and you'll see why next chapter) on the long-ness of this because it probably drags... Also if there are grammar mistakes, feel free to point them out to me. I always miss stuff.

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Chapter 1: The Heir meets the Devil.

The night was thick with smoke from fires burning brightly from the festival raging on with happiness from the villagers as they celebrated the anniversary of their small town. It was on a island surrounded by jagged rocks that were near impossible to navigate through, until the town's good-old founder discovered a way through. That allowed the town to mine the minerals hidden in the stone, which were actually minerals that the Marines needed in their explosives for battle. The town was careful with their fires though, making special containers that held the flames and caught the sparks so nothing would accidentally set their island into a dark orange blaze. So, the town was lit, keeping the streets bright for walking in the dead of night as the party continued on into the late hours of evening. Though, the alleyways had a shadow cast over them, keeping those within hidden from sight.

The darkness of both the night as shadows covered her wandering eyes following the towns folk that were living out the party to the best of their ability; drunk men stumbling around and women scurrying children along from the bad influences. But despite that, the villagers were all happy and carefree, feelings of worry and fear never entering their joyous minds as they walked in clumps down the street; smiles spreading from ear to ear and laughs hanging around them as a cloud. They just continued on their way through the festival, stopping to play a game that peeked one's interest or because a food stall was calling to their stomach's rumbling.

They didn't sense anything, especially the her presence in the shadows of an alleyway to the side, standing calm and relaxed as she stared out and watched.

A small gush of wind blew passed her ginger hair that curled out loosely from the side her hood, the orange tint absorbing the small amount of light that was allowed in the darkness of the shadows, making the ginger locks glow brightly for only a second. She shook her head lightly so the misplaced curls fell back into their proper places and then she brushed her fingers across her forehead to push her bangs out of her eyes. But then she grabbed a small lock of her hair and started to twist it between her forefinger and thumb, rolling it around as she examined it.

Her hair was an odd shade, she hadn't seen a color like it before, though she was sure it was out there somewhere on another's head beside her own. It was a precious trait past down from her great, great, great grandfather though, just like her metallic eyes, which was another rare trait to see. She cherished these traits and bore them proudly with much pride, but not because they labeled her different, rather because she got them from her ancestor.

Most people from her home island thought that she, of all people would hate this fact; the fact she was related to him since he caused so much harm, but she didn't. She knew the truth unlike most people did, and that is why she was on this mission. To bring down the devious being that caused her and her family grief and hardships for over a century.

She tossed the lock between her fingers away, letting the curl fall back into place as she let out a small growl at the fierce thoughts festering in deep scars that had tainted her family tree. If there was one thing she was going to do, it was bring that thing down and avenge her Ohdan so that he would be able to rest at peace after his death at the gallows long ago. That's why her master Calamity sent her on this mission: to find the missing gem. Calamity said it was the missing key to get the power needed to put the plan into motion, but sadly it was lost after the Council hid it away. They were cautious of the woman they used to look up to, and now, she was forced to send her top students to bring it back, but it was taking longer than anyone would have hoped.

Though, she was a summoner, also known as a warlock to those of the olden times, and she could use her magic to teleport herself from one island to the next, but she was a bit...picky with using her magic when she really didn't need to. But she would rather use her magic than be on a ship for months; that would just take forever to find the gem. Still, she had to do one or the other and magic usually won, but it would still take some time for the log post to set at each island. She had to wait and when the log was ready, she channeled her magic into the compass-watch after it's needle pointed in the new direction, and then she could teleport. She always landed on the docks, which was sometimes the worst place to be because it was crowded, and in truth, this time had caused her a bit of trouble.

'Apparently' she had landed feet first on the back of a captain of an 'apparently' powerful pirate crew. She could have cared less since this crew was nowhere in the papers, thus labeling them as unimportant. So, she simply walked away casually from the back of the moaning captain and his stunned wide-eyed crew without a glance back, like nothing even happened.

They weren't happy about that. How did she know this? Because they were on the other side of the alleyway and they faces said everything.

"There you are, you dirty wench." The pirate captain snarled through his clenched teeth, bitter anger twisting his face into a deadly sneer. "I have nasty sores from your fucking boots. You're lucky I have a...kind heart towards women and I didn't kill you right off the bat, but I think you still owe me an apology."

She turned her head slowly and glanced at them from over her shoulder to inspect what she was going to be up against. There were three of them: the captain in the middle rubbing his bruised back, a large gruff man to his right and a thin, lanky man to his left. She scoffed; they didn't look strong enough for her to break down by their appearance. She felt like she could handle this easily, even without her magic, but that didn't mean she wasn't out of the storm yet; she didn't know how tough they really were. She didn't let that show though, so she calmly moved away from the wall, faced the group and stared at them from behind the shadow of her hood.

The captain's anger was visibly boiling, and she even started to see him trembling, like he was insulted by her silence. "Not talkin' eh?" He bit out, closing his eyes for a split second as his hand gripped the hilt of the saber strapped to his belt, then his eyed snapped open wide. "Looks like I'm gonna have to make you apologize!" He sneered furiously, whipping out his blade.

Though, he wasn't the one that moved, it was the large muscular man next to him that started to charge, like the blade coming out was the secret signal ordering go. The large man let out a furious roar, and she was surprised that the villagers didn't notice the scream, maybe they were all to drunk with laughs to care.

She mentally braced herself, never staggering from her stance as she saw him barreling quickly towards her small form, whirling out an axe that had be strapped and hidden on his back. Her eyes flickered with slight worry over the weapon larger than herself, but that dissolved and she then let out a soft sigh at the man. He, his entire body, weapon and movements were defying all the laws of physics since his legs were short and stumpy compared to his upper body, the torso bursting with muscles. He should have fallen over flat on his face due to the disproportions, but that was what the large man's weakness was: he was wide, not tall, so in the end, his head was returned back to his captain feet and his body crumbled to the ground at hers.

The lanky man eyes narrowed angrily, full of hate at the sight of her spear and his crewmate's blood dripping from the large, sharp blade's edges. He didn't waste time in rushing at her quickly and pulling out knifes from his belt.

She noted quickly that the lanky man was much faster than his mate, but she could be just as fast when she needed to be and her spear moved forward, plunging into his flesh, red gushing from the wound. Then with a swift move upward, his frail, lifeless form when flying backwards into the street, finally causing the carefree people in the crowds to scream in fear at the bloody body that plummeted into the middle of the road from the sky.

The captain did not looked pleased, his jaw locked and his teeth grinding together as his grip tightened on his saber and then he moved, advancing to her with great speed that she almost didn't see it coming. Almost. He raised the blade high over his head, his mouth opened to let out a battle cry, but no words came out and all movements stopped when the heel of her boot make contact with his stomach, but he didn't fly back in the air from the impact like he should have because he was stuck to the dagger sticking out from the heel of her boot.

She grunted, twisting the hidden dagger further into his gut so that the wound would get larger, going from something minor to major with just a small turn of her heel. The captain rasped at the pain, dropping his saber to the ground with a metallic clatter that echoed off the walls of the alley and his hands went to her ankle, but she pushed forward and backwards roughly so the dagger came out of the captain's stomach. He stumbled back weakly, tripping to the ground as he clutched the large bleeding gash.

His breath started to get shallow, but he still had enough energy to say one more thing and he questioned: "Wh—who are you?" he looked up at her with wide eyes.

"I…" she started, placing her spear to her back again. "…am Roland Gabriella." she stared down at him with a cold and serious glare, but a sense of pride and honor seemed to swell in her eyes as she looked down at the bleeding man below her. "And I am Caden's Heir."

It was midnight, and his crew was lucky he didn't go to bed yet or else they would have seen hell rather than create it, but Kidd was actually in a good mood since he could hear screams before he even stepped foot on the docks; even before he even left the deck of his ship and just when he was coming out the door that lead to the hallway going to his quarters. He grinned devilish at the thought that people were already screaming at the sight of his ship and what was going to become of them if he was in a bad mood or was bored out of his mind. It was always a good thing to know that he had innocent little pests running into town to warn the others that the Kidd Pirates were docked and ready to cause chaos.

But no, the screaming wasn't because of him.

As he walked the streets of the town he saw that there was no one. There were signs that a festival was going on, but no villagers were crowding around stalls of trinkets and food. At first, he thought it was just because they all went screaming into their houses to hide, locking every door and window in an attempt to save themselves, but that wasn't it. When he got further into the quiet streets for the mining village, he heard a loud buzzing murmur of people in a panic state, which drew him closer. He thought they gathered to discuss his arrival, and he was going to tell them personally how...honored he felt, but that was when he saw that everyone was gathered into one spot because of a bloody, wide eyed-corpse in the middle of town square.

He scoffed at the petty sight, though he would admit there was a small amount of mild curiosity swarming in his gut, by it was easily over ruled by anger because he was pissed off when no one paid attention to him, the true reason to be scared, and not some moron who couldn't keep his gut in. He was about to cause a little...uproar of his own to grab the people's attention, but then something caught onto his sense of smell: blood. His head turned to the side, his eyes glancing in the direction of the smell; it was a scent he was very familiar with and it wasn't from the bloody body in town square, but rather from a narrow alleyway.

Shadows engulfed the area, making it prefect for a murderer to find its prey, especially with all the people out partying; a drunk could easily slip into the darkness for the waiting knife. Though, that murderer was going to have one hell of a wake up call if he tried to sink his blade into Kidd's throat. So, casually walking over to the side and away from the crowd with Killer right behind, Kidd strolled into the alley. The darkness acted as a veil, but the black hue couldn't hide the main massacre that the fear-stricken villagers failed to notice: a large headless body and a half dead, but soon to be dead, man, moaning and clutching at his stomach.

Kidd grinned at the sight; he thought this would be a boring little town he would leave in flames thanks to the...special little treat in the stone, but he might actually get something, that something being a new member to his crew, before he left it like that.

Kidd stepped forward, crouching down to grab the collar of the man's shirt and then stood up, questioning: "Who did this?"

The man let out a gasp for air that he was going to lose soon; it looked like he wasn't going to last much longer, but he was able to mutter one thing. "...Caden's Heir..." the man croaked out, then violently hacked up blood as he coughed and the iron liquid dribbled down the corners of his lips.

Kidd's sneering grin fell to a frown and his eyes narrowed into a scowl. "That's not helpful," and it wasn't; he needed a name, not a title.

The man started to wheeze, but managed to answer with a harsh cough. "...Roland..." he said. "Now me..."

Kidd's frowned turned back into a devilish grin. "I'm not known for doing random acts of kindness..." he mused mockingly. "But...I'll make an exception just this once."

The man forced a weak smile, closing his eyes, but then they shot back open when cold steel rushed into the skin of his neck and blood gushed passed the metal to stain it in red.

"Roland, huh..." Kidd said slowly in thought, throwing the body roughly, making it crash against a wall with a thud and then he flicked his dagger in the air to get rid of extra blood before he placed it back in its proper place in the strap across his chest. Then he turned to face Killer, who was standing beside him silently the whole time. "Let's look for this 'heir' named Roland. He might be of good use to us." Kidd gave his first-mate a sneering grin as he brushed passed the masked blonde to begin his search.

Killer just nodded his head and followed his captain's orders.

Kidd and Killer split up in the small town to cover more ground quicker since there was a festival going on, though it was put on hold to investigated the deaths of the three men. It didn't stop his captain, even though he would be the prim suspect, not that Kidd would care, Killer knew that for a fact. He just hoped that Kidd didn't do anything stupid that would set the island on fire since it was made up of explosive mineral. But...Killer did wonder how the town mined; very carefully probably, but that wasn't important right now; he was on a mission. Luckily, the town wasn't something big and complex, rather it was a simple city plan: four roads that crossed together to make a number sign, but an extra large one, the main one, that went to the center of town to the docks and Killer walked around the small alleyways that weren't on the map, looking for his target: Roland.

He didn't have a clue where this man would even be, or what he even looked like for that matter, but there was one thing that Killer had on his side: the smell of blood. The aura of death would surely give this Roland away in a flash, and what better place to look than a gruff-looking bar by the docks since that was where all the sailors went when they didn't want to take part in the party of the island.

The smell of rotten and stale fish invaded his nose, even through his mask. Not a pleasant smell, but it was nothing like the smell of death mixed with blood and burnt flesh, so it was an easy smell to over come. Killer scanned over the shacks lined up along the docks, seeing that more of them were closed save for one that still had burning yellow lights gleaming through the glass windows. As he got closer, he could hear drunk men laughing about something, what that was, he didn't care, he just continued to approach the building. But before he could even reach the door, a man flew out through the window, breaking glass that fell to the grimy ground with a piercing shatter.

"Don't make fun of my ears!" A woman screeched out loudly in a harsh voice, causing all the laughing to come to a screeching halt.

The man on the ground didn't even bother looking up at Killer before he was stumbling up onto his feet and darted away from the bar around a corner so he disappeared in an alleyway.

Curious, Killer was about to go inside, but stopped as a woman, and he thought was the one who had screamed, stepped out.

She was grumbling under her breath in a foreign langue, which was somewhat at surprise since he quite a few, but then she noticed him staring at her. "Who are you?" She asked harshly as she fixed the hood on her head.

"I don't have to answer that," Killer bluntly answered.

"Fine then, don't," she snapped back full of attitude, glaring at him sharply with narrow golden eyes and she was about to turn away, but Killer grabbed her by the arm.

"But I have a question for you," he told her simply; she gave him that weird aura of death, so maybe she knew about this 'heir'.

She scoffed, rolling her eyes. "Tell me who you are and maybe I will answer," she retorted with the same fiery tone in her voice and tried to move her arm away from his hand, but he kept his grip.

"Killer." He answered shortly; maybe his name would spark a memory of who he was since she was obviously oblivious to that fact.

Her brow rose in amusement. "That's a funny name."

"Doesn't matter," he snapped; was she that stupid not to know who he was? "Now my question."

"I never said I'd answer it. I said maybe," she informed him smugly.

"…" Killer was on his last nerve, which gave the woman an opening to rip her arm from his grip, only for him to lash his hand out again towards it and gripped it harder. "Sorry, but whether you want to answer or not, I still have a question."

"Fine, whatever," she huffed in annoyance, rolling her eyes. "Just ask. I'm in a hurry," she told him, pulling her arm away from him again for a third time, but Killer let her go willingly this time.

"Do you know a man named Roland?" He asked.

She blinked in confusion. "Roland…" she looked up, saying the name smoothly as it rolled off her tongue, like she had heard it before.

"He's known as Caden's Heir." Killer elaborated, but the next thing he knew the woman was laughing at him.

"Caden's heir isn't a guy!" She laughed out loudly, shaking her head to make her rich ginger curls swing back and forth with the movement.

Killer paused for a moment, slowly letting the information roll in his mind as the woman continued to laugh. "So you know her?" He corrected himself; would Kidd still want Roland to join even though he was a she? Maybe; in Killer's opinion, Kidd needed to have a woman around, he was less...testy when there was, depending on the girl of course.

"Of course I do, because I am her. I'm Roland Gabriella." She declared, a sense of pride swimming around her form as she smiled brightly.

Killer's response to that was flinging her over his shoulder and walking away to find his captain.

"Hey!" She seethed out in anger. "What's your problem? Put me down or else I'll literally send you to hell!"

"I've made hell, so anywhere you 'try' and 'send' me, will do nothing." Killer bluntly told her, though he was confused by the threat.

"You obviously don't know what I mean, do you?" She scoffed.

"No, and I really don't care," and Killer left it at the so that he could search for his captain's flaming set of hair, because that's always how to found Kidd.

Gabriella grumbled under her breath as she tapped her finger nails against the lean yet muscular back of her captor. She didn't bother struggling since she knew who she was up against, Massacre Machine Killer. Sure, she may have acted like she didn't know, but she also didn't know she was being looked for by the Kidd Pirate's; those three men possibly weren't apart of his crew, unless they were in an alliance or something then she was in trouble. By Mortalitas's Dark Name, she was in a pickle if she was being taken to the masked blonde's captain.


She moaned lightly, she was either in a world for hurt or she use her magic to get out of this problem, though she had to debate between fighting or teleporting. Fighting could cause a fire, and she didn't want the island to explode on her, but she still had four more days before her log post set so she could teleport to a new island. Maybe just a different spot on the island, yes, that would be a good idea.

"Mind explaining," the voice of the pirate captain mused, and Gabriella didn't need to look around to know that he probably had grin spread across his lips at the awkward situation she was in.

She always hated that smile on his face when she saw his bounty posters.

"This is Roland," Killer answered shortly.

"So he's a she's, eh? Can't believe a little girl like this could kill three guys like that without a scratch," Kidd almost sounded impressed, the key word being almost.

"It is hard to believe, she also kicked some guy three times her size out a window." Killer agreed with his captain.

A vein started to bulge on her forehead at the conversation going on, making her extremely irritated with how things were going. "You know I'm right here, so don't talk like I'm not," she stated coldly from Killer's shoulder, twisting her body to glance over at the red head.

Kidd looked just as stupid as he did in his bounty posters with that stupid coat, no matter how warm it looked or how nicely it framed his muscular chest, he still looked...stupid. Like his goggle; ewe. The pirate captain glanced at her, then his gaze went back to Killer, then he jerked his head upward a little, and Killer must have understood the order because he placed her back on the ground, though not so gently since she stumbled a bit from the quick and rough force, almost falling into Kidd's chest. Okay, she did kinda fall into the pirate captain, making him chuckle deeply.

She scurried away from him, turning around to send the smirking jack-ass a dark scowl. "You're all a bunch of brutes." She huffed in irritation, turning away from the red head to dust off her black robe, making the chains on her robes jingle lightly with the movement.

"Seems you're a violent one." Kidd stated, ignoring her comment. "And you are the one that killed all those men in the alley?" He asked.

"Maybe, maybe not." She avoided the question.

"I'll take that as a yes," he corrected, his smirk growing wider.

"Ceh." She scoffed, rolling her eyes and crossed her arms in annoyance.

"How about you join my crew," he offered bluntly. "I could always use violent people like you on my ship."

"Thanks but, no thanks." She declined the not-so tempting offer without hesitation, waving a hand to brush it aside and then she started to turn away on her heel. She wasn't in trouble with the pirate crew, so why both sticking around when it wasn't necessary.

"Sorry, but you don't have an option." Kidd countered slyly, and when she heard the odd sound of electric currents, she turned around to see dark purple sparks crackled from his hand and pulse against the bare skin of his arm.

Not good, not good, was the only thing swimming through her mind since she knew about the red head's devil fruit powers and Gabriella felt a small tug on the metal chains that hung from her clothing and soon she was being pulled through the air back to the pirate captain against her will. She let out a cry of rage when his hand gripped onto the chain that hung decoratively across her shoulders.

"You're coming with me, babe." He sneered with a grin, pulling her up off her feet to look her in the eyes.

She felt her brow twitch violently when he used such a pet name on her. "I think not!" She protested with a deadly glare, and she knew that now was the time to use her magic, and her hands started to glow a golden hue, followed by the sound of small zippers opening.

The look on Kidd's face was actually a baffled expression this time, like it held a sense of déjà vu, but she ignored it, watching the small red and green goblin demons crawl all round his arms and shoulders with sneering little smiles as they cackled away. Kidd's face then warped into something of disgust and he started to swat them away violently, and that meant he had to let go the chain on her back and she took that opportunity to flee from his presence, but she heard him say one thing before she was out of ear shot.

"Killer." He growled.

She knew what was coming, so she picked up her pace, but Killer was able to keep up with her easily. She tried to lose him multiple times by cutting corners and jumping over crates and carts in the alleyways, but he was quick to react by doing the sharp turn or jump as well.

She was getting irritated and flustered that she hadn't lost him yet, so she broke down and used her magic once more. The same golden glow started to radiate from her hands and the metallic color bounced off the narrow walls around them and a small rip torn through the air, revealing the glowing mix of colors in front of her. She jumped through it quickly, thinking she got away, but she didn't. She didn't except him to make it through, but he did since he landed on top of her, forcing her to the ground with him sitting on her back. And she let out another loud curse that only real devils could understand.

"Master!" A new voice rang out, but one more familiar to her, ironically enough. "Don't use such foul language!"

She sighed when she felt something, that something being her familiar, move under her robes, pushing and clawing at the fabric until she felt the small form push his way out, his tiny, scaly olive green head popping out into the open. He grunted while he tried to escape the pressure of two people on top of him, wiggling his body violently. Her familiar's hands then started to claw at the her cloak, trying to pull away from under all the weight, and with a finally huff, the winged goblin started to hover over them, stretching out his wings.

"What did she say?" Killer asked the goblin, mixed curiosity and amusement in his voice.

"You don't want to know." Her goblin familiar bluntly said. "And why are you sitting on Master's back?"

"Because she was running away." Killer answered slowly.

"That doesn't seem to be a good enough reason to sit on her." Her familiar stated in a mildly scolding way.

"That's because it isn't, Musket" she grunted, rubbing her forehead in slight irritation; Musket could be a real motor mouth at times to the wrong people, which was a bad thing most of the times

Killer easily ignored her since the thumps of thick soled shoes came from behind them followed by the non-too-happy voice of a certain red head.

"What the fuck are these?"

She fidgeted where she was pinned to the ground, feeling the vibrations as he got closer and closer, then she saw his black boots before her eyes and she looked up with a deep frown.

"What the fuck are these things?" Kidd repeated, scowling down at her as he waved his dagger in the air that had the small goblins shish-kabobed on it.

"You killed them…" Gabriella muttered sadly, looking at her dead minions with pity. The poor dears didn't have a chance, did they?

"What were they?" Kidd repeated for a third time, getting irritated that she wasn't answering his question.

"Minx demons." She answered simply, deciding that she was in no position to try and fight back since she was up against a wall, well a better term would be the ground since she was pinned to it by a pirate still, which brought her to asking: "Now mind getting off of me?"

"Going to run away again?" Kidd answered for his first mate.

"Depends on the situation." She shrugged her shoulders.

"I'll take that as a yes, so no." Kidd bluntly answered, flicking one of her small dead demon from his blade into the sea.

She frowned when his little red body plunked into the sea, disappearing from the surface. Then she turned back towards the pirate captain looming over her form. "Fine I won't run away, let's just try and be a bit more civilized." She sighed, huffing lightly in annoyance as she cradled her chin in the palm of her hand; there was no way a pirate like him could be civil.

"You really must not know who I am." Kidd looked at her with an amused grin while he flicked the last demon from his blade into the shallow ocean waters under the docks.

"Nope, I believe that I don't," she lied.

"I'm Eustass Kidd. Ring any bells?"

"Not really," she answered dully, trying to keep her expression bored looking rather than amused because the man actually believed her. It was rather funny.

"You're just full of surprises aren't you?" Kidd chuckled, shaking his head lightly. "You're a violent one, don't know me, and you're a mage to boot." He listed off, putting his dagger back in the strap across his chest then waved a hand.

Killer stood up from his relaxed sitting position on her back and stepped over to stand by the pirate captain, blocking the way down the docks just in case there was any funny business.

There was no funny busy on her end though, because she was in slight shock. "How do you know I'm a mage?" She questioned cautiously and slowly started to stand up.

"I had a run in with a mage a while back." Kidd said simply.

"A summoner like me?" She asked, starting to look at him curiously while rubbing the sores on her back.

"I don't know the type, nor do I care, but now I really want you to join my crew." He told her with a grin.

"What, so you can exploit my powers?" She said in a somewhat sarcastic tone and crossed her arms over her chest.


"Well, aren't you blunt."

"I can be at times, so what do you say, though you don't have a choice other than the hard way or the easy way."

Gabriella placed her hand to her chin in deep thought, the gears in head turning slowly as she thought about it.

"What are you doing?" Kidd asked her as he watched her made a serious looking face.

"I'm thinking, duh." She answered snappily, ignoring the look Kidd was giving her and she went back to thinking before she was so rudely interrupted.

As a mage, a summoner mage, she could easily travel around the Grand Line, but there were always times when she was out numbered. She didn't like showing off her magic too much since the Marines are always after mages from her homeland, and she really didn't need the Council finding out she left the island... Though that was of different matters. She was trained well enough to defend herself from small groups of people without using her magic as a cop out, like the three morons she fought earlier that evening, but there would be times when the small group grew bigger and stronger...

Being on a crew would be helping her out, even if she had to stay in a rinky-dink ship all the time and also slow her pace down, but there were three other students looking for the gem as well. They didn't have...certain things slowing them down like she did, so maybe going on the ship would be beneficially to her; she would be able to stay on the down low, but then again she wouldn't. She knew who he was, she read the newspapers papers about him, but lying was something that seemed to be the right thing to do since it looked like this man lived off ego and reputation. Fueling either, and in this case both, was something she didn't want to deal with, but moving along.

She levied her options of going with him or not seemed difficult to decided, since she was in a position where she had to join, but in the end the answer was clear. "Looks like its going to be the hard way," she couldn't let him get away with it that easily.

Musket, who had been a good quiet minion as he hovered next to her, started to pull at the fabric on her shoulders in fright. He didn't like the idea of traveling with this man, and antagonizing him didn't seem to be a good idea either, but Gabriella ignored her familiar's silent protest and kept her gaze locked onto Kidd's scowling one. It was clear he wouldn't let her go, since running away didn't work the first time, so she was going to make it difficult for him at least, probably by running again. It would be funny to watch the pirate captain chase after, though it would most likely be Killer again.

Though her plan didn't go accordingly.

Kidd let out an annoyed sigh and grabbed her by the scruff of her robe, dragging her across the docks.

"Hey! You're making this too easy!" She shouted, flaring her legs around and wiggled in his grip.

"Good to know that this was actually the easy way." Kidd grunted, and he continued to pull her along.

Gabriella grumbled darkly under her breath; maybe this was a bad decision on her part after all.

Kidd cursed under his breath as he stalked back to his ship, pulling his hull of fidgeting mage with him as she continued to flare her legs wildly. It was really starting to annoy the shit out of him, but he was able to calm down a bit once he got back on the familiar blood stained deck of his ship. Ah, home sweet home. He arched his back, letting his spine crack, and he heard the mage grumble something about it, but he ignored it and turned to Killer who was following quietly behind them. "You know what to do." Kidd grinned at his first mate while yanking the mage to stand firmly on her feet beside him.

Killer nodded silently and jumped over the railing of the ship, landing gracefully onto the dock below before darting off into town again.

Kidd watched as Killer dashed off with a sneering grin, but his joyous moment was interrupted.

"Your ship's deck looks disgusting." The mage commented, looking down at the stains, distaste twisting her shadowed features cast by the cowl pulled over her head.

"You'll get used to it." Kidd just shrugged his shoulders, indifferent in the matter and then he turned back to the island, but then a voice from behind entered his ears.


Kidd turned towards the familiar voice and and saw his second mate walking up to stand beside him. "What?" He questioned, eyeing the pale skinned man covered with red thorny tattoos.

"Who's that?" His second mate asked, pointing a finger at the mage.

"It's rude to point." The mage said bluntly with a serious tone in her voice, and the winged goblin began to pull at the fabric on her shoulders with a look of panic.

"This is Roland." Kidd ignored the mage, pushing her forward for the crew to see, some looking at her dully, others with interest, both kinds of interest, mostly having to do with sex, and Kidd was going to make sure that didn't happen. He didn't need something like that going on his ship; him being the exception to his own rule.

"It's actually Gabriella." She corrected.

"Whatever." Kidd waved it aside and turned his attention to the view of the town once more. It was almost time. "Get ready to set sail." Kidd ordered his crew, but his gaze was locked on the island, like it was a ticking time bomb. The men around the deck started to pull on ropes, let down sails, and bring up the anchor, then the ship started to push through dark water as wind caught in the sails.

"Wait, what about Killer?" The mage questioned, going to the the railing and leaned over the side.

"He'll be back soon." Kidd said deviously, and as if on cue, his first mate came into view, jumping from the end of the dock and landed with the same grace on the ship's blood stained deck.

"It's done." Killer told him and held up a new log post that was pointing in a new direction. "We have fifteen minutes, by the way."

Kidd's face broke out into a sneering grin again, but not towards the log post, but towards the island. "Prefect," he mused.

The mage blinked at him in confusion and squinted her eyes, straining to see what the hidden meaning to it all was as the island started to dim from view, the large rocks surrounding the island obscuring the image and blocking the light coming from the town. Then with a loud sudden bang, the island burst into flames that made the whole sky glow a brilliant orange and yellow hue. The explosion was larger then Kidd had expected, but it was an over all shock to the mage since she yelped when a large gush of heated wind blew passed the her, making the winged goblin dart away, hiding within her robes, but the harsh breeze also took her hood from her head. She let out a small squeak, her hands covering her ears, but the crew already saw, especially Kidd.

He looked at her ears with amused eyes since they were something he didn't see everyday: pointed ears. It wasn't just a small little point at the tip of her ears either, but a rather large one that made her ears look twice the size of normal ones. Though, the amusement in his eyes died quickly as his interest went away to nothing, and he just grunted at her embarrassment. He would let her get away with blushing like that today because she was new, but the next time he wouldn't allow it; girl or not, she was a member of his crew now. Pushing that aside, he turned to head towards his quarter's, but before he could go through the door he heard someone snicker:

"She has huge ears."

He chuckled dryly at the comment, but then there was a sharp smack behind him, and his interest went back up when he heard that dreadfully rough thud of something hitting wood. He turned around he saw that the poor sap who had snickered the sly comment was now groaning at the base of the mass and the mage was seething rage from he small form as she stomped her foot to the deck angrily.

"Don't make fun of my ears!"

An amused grin started to spread across Kidd's lips. This was going to be interesting.

First off Ohdan is a word I made up from great, great, great grandfather. He will be an important part of the story and I felt that saying great, great, great grandfather over and over would be I made up a word (sorry if this is an actually word part of some other language, I mean no harm from it.)