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Chapter 83: Warzone

Oz crawled through the narrow air ducks with Daniel traveling at his heels. This was one of the pluses about being an abnormally short height; he could get into small places, which allowed him to get information. Or get treasure, especially treasure. Oh, how he loved treasure.

Though, treasure aside, his job, as well as the boy's, was to locate Gabriella and, as Kidd called them, the other bitches, and steal the keys from the head auctioneer, Jazzy Hat. A lame name just like the other auctioneer stationed at Shabondy, Disco was his name. A fact as it may be, that was beside the point. They had a mission to save the three mermaids before they could make it to the stage or else they would have to go into sticky plan B. There was a lot of work ahead of them, that was for sure, but Daniel didn't make it easy with all his sniffling.

"Keep it down, boy!" Oz snapped quietly over his shoulder. "They'll hear us if you don't stop!"

Daniel let out a muffled cry as he bit down harshly on his lower lip. "S—sorry—" He murmured lightly. "I just feel…really bad…"

Oz scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Don't be; we can fix this," he firmly said as he continued on, crawling until they reached the end of a tunnel. The silted metal of the grate allowed him and the boy to see the barred cells and cages of those captured by slavers over the weeks, the men, women and children cowering in corners with thick slave collars around their necks.

Though, the only ones they paid attention to were Gabriella and the twins.

The summoner mage was violently feisty; fighting back to the best of her ability. "You dick-headed-ass-bastards," she shrieked bloody murder, slapping the auction house employee that tried to place a slave collar around June's neck. "If you dare touch them I'll rip your hearts out and feed them to Satan himself!"

Upon the threat, they warily stepped back, even though she shouldn't have been a problem since she already had a slaver collar around her neck. But, she was protecting the twins to the bitter end until the douche-bag known as Jazzy Hat came through his office doors, looking eerily calm.

Gabriella spurred devilish curses that no one but hellions could understand as she scowled darkly towards the man in a more hideous getup than his Boss. It was only true, and Gabriella made a point of that, switching back to a language everyone could understand, which only made the auctioneer frown deeply with knitted thick brows as he back handed her as if she were a common whore.

Daniel gasped loudly, and Oz instantly slapped a hand over his mouth to silence the boy. Luckily they weren't caught as the auctioneer and his employees latched slaver collars to the frightened twins when the summoner mage was distracted by the pain. Then the employees dragged them out to 'the bowl' while other employees rounded up the other people in the cells and cages.

When the coast was clear, Oz then removed his hand from the boy's mouth, feeling salty water staining his skin.

"D—Did I do this…" he stuttered softly, his tiny form shaking as tears slipped down his cheeks.

Oz sighed a patted the boy on the back. "Nah, boy, it has nothing to do with you. Just misfortune and bad luck, and the only ones getting the sharp end of the sword are the sap who sells her and the bastard who buys her."

Kidd growled lowly under his breath when he glanced narrowly to the side, watching as the infamous pompous World Nobles marched into the auction as if they owned the place. Though, in a way they did. These people could get away with anything, especially if one was a serial killer murdering and torturing all walks of life and the whole world knew about it. It was a cruel twist to the world that made pure evil villains of the world like gentlemen. It was déjà vu yet again since this wasn't the first time he said something like that.

"Damn," he grumbled, scowling murderously at the three nobles strolling down the stairs, striking fear in the eyes of others around them.

The two men trailing behind the woman like ducklings; a definite Oedipus Complex right there. A mother and her sons ready to separate families because they think God gave them the fucking damn right to do it. It was sick, even to Kidd's standards because the Marines did shit about. They didn't even call it slavery; it was employment. Sick, just sick.

"Mummy," the thin and tall son whined childishly to his mother, making the harsh looking woman glance over her shoulder. "I want a new maid! A pretty one, too!"

"Hmph," the woman scoffed arrogantly. "You may buy as you will, my son, but you have an limit to your spending."

"But Mummy!" the tall son groaned obnoxiously, his narrow face stretching down to the extreme with his jaw. "One billion beli isn't enough to buy multiple maids! One isn't enough! I need more to test them to see which is the best."

The noble's mother huffed, rolling her eyes. "Don't carelessly throw money a bout; it's waste."

The tall noble continued to whine like a four year old having a tantrum for not getting a toy in the window of a shop he saw for only a mere second. But then the tall noble glanced over to his short and chubby brother. "Hey, Oracle; give me a few hundred beli! I'll let you borrow of my new maids~" he suggested with wiggling eyebrows.

Oracle hugged the wads of beli in his to his large torso and turned away from his greedy brother trying to reach it. "No, Prophet," Oracle grunted rudely. "I need all this money for what I want."

"Uh-huh," Prophet rolled his narrow eyes with hands on his hips. "And what would that be?"

A wide and deviously wicked smirk crossed the chubby man's lips as he chuckled mischievous. "Why, only a mermaid will please me…"

And that was the last thing Kidd heard before the World Nobles walked out of earshot and made their way to the VIP booth in the front of the auditorium. His eyes opened wide as he ground his teeth together and his mechanical fingers dug into his bare skin and his hand gripped a large piece of metal on his iron arm. "Damn," he hissed, biting his lower lip in frustration. "Damn, damn, damn! This is gonna be a war. Fuckin' damn..."

Heat looked to Killer, a wary look in his eyes, but Killer could only shrug. With a sigh, Heat turned back to his captain. "Unwise, Captain," Heat murmured in his ear. "That's the Holloway Family."

"I don't give a shit," Kidd barked bitterly. "All I know is that blood will spill."

"Kidd," Killer then cut in. "You risk suicide by killing one of them."

Bedros then perked up, his eyes opening a fraction wider. "Are these alien-looking fools really that bad?"

"Yes," Killer quickly answered before speaking to Kidd once more. "You know first hand what happens and I doubt the Marines would allow something like that to happen again, you know. Not only do you have your crew to worry about, also Block's."

Kidd snapped his head towards his first mate and growled viciously. "Are you saying I should forget about her and move on just for the safety of men that know how to handle themselves? I picked the best of the best for my Fleet, except that ass Token. Don't insult them by calling them weak, except Token, and don't you fucking suggest I leave Gabriella behind!"

Killer held up his hands in defense and took a small step back. "I wasn't suggesting any of that. I was only saying to stick to the plan. Oz and Dan are trying to get the girls before they make it to stage—"

"Welcome folks to the Auction House! We will be starting in only five minutes so get your beli bills together for the show!"

Killer felt a bead of sweat on his cheek when he saw the murderous scowl on Kidd's face. "Okay, that plan didn't work, so we go to plan B. Oz and Dan look for a spare key while we give them time raising the price."

"Do you think that they'll sell each girl separately or together?" Bedros then asked.

"Separately," Wire replied. "They'd get more money if they did that."

"Doesn't matter," Kidd scoffed. "We're only worrying about Gabriella."

"Totally smart idea," Killer sarcastically said. "Since, you know, Gabriella risked her freedom to save June and Riley's."

Kidd merely growled.

Killer ignored him and continued on with the plan. "So, when the auction is over, there are a few minutes before the Nobles get the girls, since we know they are buying them, and Dan and Oz will get the collars off and Gabriella then get port the hell out of there. By the time we get back to the ships, the old man should be found. Everyone is looking for 'im and all."

"Sounds fool proof," Kidd scoffed, but then he stiffened when the true auction became.

Never before had he felt like this, feeling his heart pounding against his chest when he knew the worst was placed before him on a sliver platter. Biting his lip until it bled, he waited for the last to appear, the mermaids, his girlfriend. God, he didn't want to see her on that stage and he hoped with all his night that Daniel and Oz got them out in time and just couldn't contact them. But no, that's not what happened.

"Here it is folks, the last bundle of the evening!"

And the fishbowl holding his lover came, rolling into the limelight on stage so all the men could awe in her beauty. Kidd, though, felt different. He paid not attention to the words the auctioneer said to rial up the the crowd. He could on stare at her in the water hugging her chest with one arm as her free hand held a blooming blue and purple bruised cheek.

Before the auctioneer could even utter the starting price after the failure of a description of his girlfriend, the pompous noble known as Prophet shot up from his seat, startling his family as he held a fist full of beli and roared: "One billion beli!" with a red blush and tiny stream of blood coming from his nose.

Rage flood in his veins and all he saw was red. Kidd forgot the plan instantly as if it were a speck of dust in his mind. When he heard that price of the one he loved, nothing mattered. Only death. Gabriella, his summoner mage, was priceless to him. He growled deeply as he stepped forward, ready to behead any that got in his way.

But then he suddenly stopped. And it wasn't because of Killer's hand latching to his arms.

It was her. That look in her eyes; he'd never seen it before. It was evil, pure evil. Such rage flowing from her golden eyes made him shutter, not out of fear, but thrill. It was new, exciting. But then his eyes opened wide and skin when sheet white when he saw the gold of her hands glowing brightly in the water.

"No…" he mumbled; she wasn't supposed to attack, she couldn't attack. He could, but her…the collar.

Her hand rose high above her head, forcing a portal to open behind her.

"NO!" Kidd roared, ripping his grip from the firm hand trying to keep him in place. They would kill her for sure is she attacked or stepped out of line, especially when two other mermaids waited in the wings.

The crowds were in fright when they saw the portal and large clawed, red hands covered in scars and veins snake from the colorful mix of magic. He saw the Auction House's guards line up, ready to shoot the cause, but then the auctioneer pulled out the button to end the threat once and for all. Kidd skidded to a stop within the panic erupting all around him and held out a hand so the little metal device would be in his hands.

But it was too late.

The button was pressed.

Though, instead of the deadly blast bursting within the glass of the giant fishbowl, it was redirected towards the one that pushed the button.

The smoke only added to the confusion that Kidd had, but then he heard that deep rumbling of a demonic voice.

"Stupid twerp. You know you are never to summon me unless it has to do with him."

Kidd's eyes opened wide at the sight of a hideous devil, a devil he had never seen before.

And from behind, through all the screaming of men and women calling for the Marines, he could only make out the loud shout of Bedros shouting in pure terror: