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Warnings - this story will include themes of angst, hurt/comfort, friendship, romance, humour and family.

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Kurt made a promise to Puck - and he intends to see it through. Follow their journey through love, laughter, heart-ache and tears.

Ever since Baby-Gate –Part-2, as it became known by the Glee Club, Puck and Kurt had become in-separable. The shock wave around the school when they were always seen walking side-by-side chatting caused a massive fall-out. Karofsky and Azimio had made the mistake of making snide remarks about Kurt 'spreading the gay' – They spent three days at home sporting cracked ribs and a broken nose a piece once Puck had finished with them. According the official incident reports, they both tripped and fell down the stairs.

A few others who didn't pay heed to the warning mass-slushied Kurt as he left his AP French class. Unfortunately for them, Puck had rounded the corner as they struck. No one knows how they ended up hoisted to the top of the flag pole by their underwear. For both incidents, various members of the Glee Club had provided 'air-tight' alibi's for the mohawked teen.

When Jacob-Ben Israel had shoved a microphone into Kurt's face as they entered the cafeteria for lunch asking if it was true that Kurt and Puck had a clandestine joining of the erotic kind in the locker-room and was now holding video evidence as black-mail to keep Puck 'dating' him, it was Sue's testimony that the 'fuzzy haired ginger clown' had thrown himself at the wall and then proceeded to dunk his own head in the vat of macaroni cheese due to his despondency of his own hair and was merely trying to emulate his hero 'lard-head-buttered-curls McButt-Chin' that kept Puck out of detention.

As Sue accompanied both Kurt and Puck out of Figgin's office she had turned to Puck and told him to 'Keep Lady-Face safe. I need my new Head Cheerio for National's.' It was then, under the protection of the two most formidable people at McKinley that Kurt found his wardrobe remained free of unwelcome stains.

While they were now free to walk the halls in peace, one glare from Puck had them running; it didn't stop the rumours from being whispered behind their backs. Rumours that were fuelled whenever the student body saw the two unlikely companions sharing a hug, or when Kurt would grasp Puck's hand in comfort.

Unfortunately, they were not safe from the wrath of certain members when in Glee Club. Santana took every chance she could to threaten to go all 'Lima-Heights' on Kurt for 'stealing her man' which only intensified to include attempted eye-gauging when news of Kurt's new position of Head Cheerio reached the Latina. Quinn sat mostly silent, throwing daggers at Kurt with her eyes, but would take the opportunity to throw a scathing remark his way whenever she could.

Perhaps the most surprising though was Finn. The Glee Club knew that he still hadn't forgiven Puck for sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, but the club was surprised by the level of animosity radiating between Finn and Kurt. The Club knew that something must have gone down between the two nearly step-brothers, after all, they were used Kurt staring at the QB with love hearts shooting out of his eyes.

In all the drama of the day of Baby-Gate –Part-2, the Glee Club members had forgotten the tense atmosphere between the pair before Puck had even walked in. Kurt had told no one what had caused the riff except for Puck when he had asked out. Puck had fumed spectacularly hearing about the 'basement incident', but it was only Kurt's calming hand and pleading voice to drop it that stopped him from lashing out at the taller teen. After all, there was a much more urgent issue to contend with first.

Curiosity had run wild amongst the Glee Club the day Finn had stormed up to Kurt and had spat that he 'knew he was right – Kurt was trying to molest straight people' clearly believing the rumours spreading like wildfire about Puck's and Kurt's supposed relationship. Kurt had stared at the taller boy with cold fury, but it was Puck who stepped forwards into Finn's face.

"You have no right to talk to him like that, especially after what you did!"

Kurt had pulled Puck away from the brewing battle with a contemptuous glare directed at Finn. Since then, neither boy spoke or acknowledged Finn. The rest of the Glee Clubber's where dying to ask what had happened, but one glare from Puck and the memory of Kurt's outburst kept them to silently speculating amongst themselves.

After successfully getting Quinn to agree to sign custody over to Puck, the dynamic between the two boys changed, from one of support to seemingly having been best of friends for life. Mercedes had admitted defeat in the battle for BFF position. Though each week, she was making atonement by enticing Kurt to the mall for a shopping day. Something that Puck flatly refused to partake in again after the monster six hour shopping marathon Kurt had dragged him into in search of the 'perfect birthday present' for his sister.

Their friendship grew steadily, though it was not without its speed bumps. The entire school had now become accustomed to Kurt bitching out Puck whenever he tried to skive off his maths class – 'You need an education Noah if you are going to support your child'. They had also witness Puck whining at Kurt's 'Princess-y' behaviour whenever he had to stop for yet another 'quick touch-up' of the diva's hair. But mostly, the school witnessed the strong bond between the two grow.

Mercedes, while still trying to remain a friend for Quinn, had found herself spending more time in the company of the boys outside of school. She saw the continued bickering between the two. The bickering was in itself was free of malicious intent; Mercedes could see that it had actually become a somewhat twisted endearing quality in their communication.

That was how Mercedes found herself watching the pair as yet another argument broke out in the choir room. She was currently leaning against the wall of the choir room, watching the pair shout at each other.

"I can't believe you! Do you even understand what you have done?"

"I did what was needed!" The angry teen defended himself.

"No, what you did was completely irresponsible!" shouted back the pale teen.

Her eyes flicking back and forth like she was at a tennis match, Mercedes calmly pulled out a nail file and began inspecting her manicure and making a mental note to ask Kurt for a touch up. Sighing internally – she settled back further as they argued. She'd learnt very quickly not get in between the pair when they were like this.

"I had to do something!" Puck yelled.

"What you did," Kurt was now shaking in rage, "was completely and utterly moronic. You don't seem to understand the consequences of your actions!"

"What are you talking about? All I did was do what a real man needed to do!"

Watching as Kurt paced back in front of Puck, still shaking with rage at the boy who was standing in the middle of the room throwing his arms up in the air at his question. Pushing away from the wall and putting the nail file away, "You two fight more than an old married couple" she remarked.

Seeing the looks of shock that were thrown at her from both boys, she merely shrugged and left the room humming. She was not getting involved in that one, even though she agreed that Kurt was right, Puck really did do a stupid thing.

Both boys stared incredulously at each other. "What does she mean?" Asked Kurt at the same time Puck asked "So what exactly is so bad about what I did."

Furiously, Kurt snatched up his satchel and hissed at Puck, "This is not the place to discuss this," he stalked towards the door, indicating that Puck should hurry up and follow him. Both boys stalked angrily passed an amused Mercedes as they headed to the parking lot.

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