Author's Note: I have never been to New York, so I will very likely be making up all street names. Please forgive! But a team-oriented fic. Should be fun! ^_~ Enjoy!

The Not So Dead Walking

Chapter 1

When Mike arrived at Pearson Hardman – just ten minutes late! He was steadily improving on his punctuality – he was surprised to find in his e-mail that there was an office-wide meeting scheduled later in the day. Everyone was expected to be there, including the partners. Usually they had meetings every Thursday at roughly 2 o'clock so all the lawyers could plan around it, but this meeting was at 11 am and it was only Monday. Then he decided to put it out of his mind and go see Harvey for the stack of files he had undoubtedly waiting for him.

She spotted walking down the hall and said in a too loud voice, "Oh look, it's the puppy! He's getting closer to being on time." She got up and put up the foot high stack of files that Harvey had pulled for him. Mike sighed at the work but, really, if he didn't want to read so much paperwork he should have gone into a different line of work.

"Good morning, Donna. Did you have a good weekend?"

"Yup," she said, but she did not offer any details and simply smiled. As the weeks had gone by her smile had become less patronizing and a lot more heartwarming of which he was thankful of. He knew enough of Donna's exploits not to cross her, particularly when it came to Harvey.

"Hey, did you get that e-mail about the meeting at 11?"

"Yes, I did," she replied

"Do you have any idea what it's about?" Mike asked, rather curious as to why the secretaries were also invited to the meetings. Not that they weren't important but rarely did they have to face the same issues as the lawyers did.

"No idea. And on that note, Harvey wants that top file before that meeting, so I suggest you get to working on it."

Mike glanced up to Harvey's office and was surprised to find it empty. "Another client meeting he didn't want me at?" He asked. As much as he attempted to keep his tone neutral, the barest hint of bitterness was there and judging by the cold look Donna gave him, she'd heard it too.

"He's closing up the last few details of the Moro case," she replied crisply, implying that the conversation was closed.

"Oh. Thanks, Donna. I'll get it done," Mike replied, feeling appropriately chastised by her tone. Harvey was not purposely keeping him in the dark and had actually not pulled any such stunts for a good long month.

"I know you will."

He couldn't help but smile at her apparent faith in him. He had been late on a few files early in his new career and it had taken some time and extra hard work to restore that trust in both her and Harvey that he could do the work he was assigned in the time necessary.

Mike slid smoothly into his chair and already had a highlighter in his mouth as he pulled the first file off and began reading intently.

It only took him two hours to get the file finished, and then he proceeded onto the next one that Harvey needed. It was only when he glanced up at the clock that his eyes widened and he whispered, "Shit." He snatched up his files and hurried to Harvey's office. With five minutes to spare before the meeting, Harvey was just leaving when he spotted Mike and then he impatiently waited with his hand ready to take it.

"You like to cut your deadlines close," Harvey said to him as he strolled back into his office to toss the file on his desk.

"I take the Hollywood style approach to increase tension and drama. Bring the file not a second too soon, not a second too late."

"Except the bomb you have to diffuse is me and, unlike the movies, you'll still be alive through my wrath," Harvey replied.

Mike, however, could sense his amusement and he smiled with self-satisfaction. "It's a chance every hero has to take."

"Whoa, whoa, you're not the hero in this scenario. You're like Robin to my Batman. You play the whiny little sidekick, while I do the actual ass-kicking to save the day."

"Holy metaphor, Batman, that was bad!"

Harvey couldn't keep from smiling at that one.

"Are you both done strutting like peacocks?" Donna asked as she finally came out behind her desk and immediately headed towards study area where the meeting was being held

They fell into step behind her but Harvey grimaced at her back and said quietly into her ear, "I'm not a peacock! And Mike isn't either," Mike smirked proudly but it fell away as Harvey continued, "He doesn't dress well enough."

Mike momentarily considered punching Harvey in the shoulder for that one.

Just before entering the premise of the study area, Donna turned on her heel to face them. "Fine then. You're not a peacock." Harvey did not grin in triumph, but his very person radiated it as he met Donna's gaze. "You're a parrot. All pretty feathers and squawk without making much sense."

Harvey stared mock angrily at her and Mike practically had to bite his lip to keep from bursting out laughing. "Oh, Donna," Mike suddenly spoke up with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes, "He also repeats the same phrases over and over."

Mike caught Harvey's pointed glare and he struggled to smother his grin. "Hey, Mike, I just realized that I need you to draft these bylaws by tomorrow morning," Harvey said to him and Mike gave him a pained look. Typically, Harvey was the one who did the bylaws – he claimed it was so Mike wouldn't leave any loopholes, but Mike was certain it was to keep his workload relatively light since Louis still insisted on dumping everything on him – and so now he was looking forward to a lonely night at the office.

Damn. "I hate writing bylaws."

"Maybe that'll teach you to keep your mouth shut."

"Fellas, the meeting's starting," Donna called to them, standing as if she'd been there all along.

Harvey and Mike finally stepped through the door, where they both fell under the severe gaze of Jessica Pearson. Mike tried to not shift uncomfortable but Harvey only shrugged when he stopped next to Donna. Mike stood on his other side.

After a moment's pause in which Jessica looked around the room to be sure she was the center of attention. "Now, as you all know, we represent the Hope Foundation, which caters to underprivileged children in an effort to promote their education; they are hosting a fundraiser this weekend, Saturday at 6:30pm. I expect you all to be there."

"The associates as well?" Louis Litt asked and Jessica nodded at him.

"The associates, the paralegals, everyone who represents this firm, is expected to be there," Jessica replied.

Mike happened to notice Greg and Kyle smirking and nodding as if they had been invited into the VIP box at the Super Bowl. He kept from groaning aloud that they would be there, in all likelihood, to make snide remarks about his inevitably cheap tux. Saturday night was going to suck.

Some of the partners nodded at the announcement and were already turning to file out the door when Jessica spoke again.

"Ah, ah, ah. You're not allowed to go yet. This fundraiser comes with a little twist." Her eyes were sparkling with knowing and amusement, which made Mike's stomach twinge in nervousness. "The event is a zombie walk."

A stunned silent followed this, broken only by a quiet "yes!" All eyes turned to Donna and she beamed at Harvey. "I participated in a zombie walk for the human society last year."

Jessica nodded at her, clearly pleased with her response. "I thought we might shake things up a little bit. I expect you all in full costume and at the north end of Central Park. at 6:30. You may leave."

"Ah crap," Harvey said and Mike raised an eyebrow at the exasperated expression on his boss' face. However, he noticed Harvey's lips were pulled in an almost indiscernible smile.

Donna had turned to the both of them with a proud smile. "You'll be happy to know, I attended my last walk as a dead lawyer. Brief case and all."

"Good for you," Harvey replied and turned toward the door everyone was filing out of. Mike almost ran into him when he came to an abrupt stop and then turned on Donna. "That would explain the disappearance of my brief case last year and how it turned up at my desk on Monday."

Donna's jaw dropped in shock and she put a hand to her mouth. "What makes you think I had anything to do with that?" She walked passed them with a pleased smile and Mike could have sworn she was swinging her hips more than usual.

Harvey watched her go, frowning – Mike was almost certain his boss was focused on that ass, but it was difficult to tell – but Mike could tell that he didn't have his heart into it. Only Donna could put that sparkle of amusement in his eyes. Harvey once again started to leave and Mike followed him. They were almost at the juncture Mike would take to get to his cubicle when Harvey said, "You better make sure your entire Saturday is free and clear."

Mike practically skidded to a halt on his way back to his desk when he ran to catch up with Harvey. "Well, yeah, I'll be there. It's at 6:30, I'll see you there at six."

He was astonished when his boss chuckled and shook his head. "You don't understand. You need to be available at any time. We're Donna's new project."

Mike felt his mouth go dry and he stopped short of heading into the office to look at Donna. Though she appeared to be completely engrossed in her work, she glanced over at him with a conspiratorial wink. He darted into the office and walked over to where Harvey was choosing a record.

"You mean…."

"Yep," Harvey replied. There was no mistake that Harvey was smiling now. Or he was at least as close to a smile as he could get.

"Oh dear God," Mike said, trying desperately not to think about how doomed he must be when he had to play dress up with Donna like some living Barbie doll.

He was startled out of his imagination when Harvey slapped the file for the threatened bylaws against his chest. He managed to snatch it before all the paper could fall out.

Harvey smirked at him. "Remember, on my desk by tomorrow morning."

I hope you all enjoyed! I intend to have the second chapter up soon! =D