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Opening BAM but never closing the door

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Lies are often last resorts. They are the path through the woods when the main road is closed, the sucker punch when every other move has failed. They are not planned or plotted. They simply come when least expected, almost like an instinctive tool. But the sad truth about lies, though we often forget, is that you almost always know when you are about to tell them. There is an instant when you decide to be dishonest. Bianca had always been good about evading these moments. Well, up until now.

"I called, yesterday" Sienna said trying to sound casual. She had been on a business trip in Seattle for a week now and liked knowing what Bianca was doing while she was away.

"You did? I'm sorry. I-I turned my phone off last night."

"What were you doing last night?"

"I had a meeting with some potential donors for the Miranda Center. I guess I forgot to turn it back on afterwards…That's probably why I didn't answer," Bianca laughed trying to pull the conversation back to the phone.

"Oh okay, I just thought your yesterday was free and I have never known you to cut off your phone." Sienna countered

"Yeah, I know, the meeting was uh sudden, but it was really important so I turned off my phone. And since the girls were with Kendall, she could just call the office in case of an emergency."

"Okay…so you didn't look at you cell phone the rest of the day? Come on, you must have been occupied with something else." Challenged Sienna getting a strange feeling the brunette was leaving something out. She faked a light chuckle, trying to cover the intense worry that was filling her brain.

Bianca hesitated for a moment. She could tell her. She could explain how she hadn't even thought to turn her phone back on after the meeting. Or how she had gotten caught up in paperwork and simply lost track of time, but that wasn't the truth. Or at least the whole truth.

Yes, she could have cared less about her phone last night. And yes, she had been in her office at the Miranda Center last night, but no, she wasn't sorting through stacks of paperwork. She wasn't reading files for donors or planning fundraisers. In fact, she wasn't doing much work at all.

And suddenly, as she opened her mouth to speak, she realized that all the main roads were closed, all the other moves had failed, and there was no way out, no way except to lie.

"Well we're doing a lot of fundraisers this month and they needed all of it organized and you know how I like to finish what I start. So I made up mind to get it all done in one day and it just took a while that's all."

It was silent for a few moments as Sienna decided whether to except the excuse or question Bianca more. Something still didn't sit right, but before she could say anything Bianca had already explained how she needed to get ready for the day and how she'd call her later. And just like that the conversation was over and Sienna couldn't help feeling that something had gone wrong, horribly wrong.

"I need to get to Pine Valley, now."


Bianca was not a liar.

She just wasn't. After years of lying to herself and everybody else, when the truth finally came out, she felt no need to, anymore. No reason to deceive or trick. It seemed useless to her now. So she simply didn't do it. That was who she was, that was her definition. In some way, wherever else she lacked, this made up for. It was a piece of her. So now as she put her phone back on the bathroom counter, she could feel that part of her being slowly being ripped out.

"Marissa? She whispered as she tip-toed out of the bathroom and into the small bedroom of the apartment. She heard nothing but the covers rubbing together roughly then a yawn.

"Marissa?" she repeated wondering if she was awake yet.

There was no answer.

"Okay good. Now, where are my keys? Where are my keys? I need to get out of here," Bianca was panicking. She didn't want Marissa to wake up and want to discuss last night. She wanted to let it go, to not feel so damn guilty.

"Where the HELL are my keys?"

A tired yawn released from the redhead as she shifted in the bed. No, please don't wake up. Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Please go to sleep!

"Bianca?" Marissa groaned rubbing her forehead in confusion. She winced slightly at the burst of light that invaded her eyelids.

"Hey!" The brunette said way too sprightly.

"Yeah, uhh hi…" Marissa muttered nervously, offering Bianca a limp smile.

"I have to go and pick up the girls from Kendall's so I'll uh talk to you later." She smiled slowly, inching toward the door.

"Uh wait, are we still meeting for lunch?" That wasn't the question Marissa wanted to ask.

"Of course." Bianca said her back to the redhead as she opened the door hurriedly.

"And uh Bianca," Marissa said her hand still pressed against her forehead.

" Yeah?"

"We're going to talk about this."