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"Darren?" Annie said softly as she stared at her brother in bewilderment. It had been only 6 days after the transformation and Darren was still getting use to his half-vampire body. Especially the cravings. She had her head cocked to one side, leaving her jugular wide open.

"Darren, what are you doing?" Annie asked again. A wave of fear sent chills throughout her small body. His eyes were locked onto her, his moth open, his mind focused.

"Blood, blood, pulsating, throughout her veins..." Darren's mind thought. "No!" he conflicted himself.

"It's not natural and she's my SISTER" the mental battle went on for a few seconds until he was suddenly snapped away from his thoughts by Annie.

"Are you OK?" She asked.

"Just... fine..." He said slowly as he picked himself from the floor where they had been previously sitting. He stepped closer and closer to Annie as her perfect slender neck came into clearer view.

"Why are you st-starring at me like that? Annie whispered.

"I'm hungry." Darren drawled out without thinking.

"Huh?" Annie almost screamed. "What are you talking about?" It took Darren a few seconds to realize what he had said. He needed a cover, and fast!

"I'm hungry." He repeated, "Let's eat. Dad has pizza in the oven and I still haven't cooked it yet..."

"Ohhh..." Annie sighed, relieved. " OK then go ahead and make it, I'll clean up here." But Darren had no intention of leaving. He had what he wanted right in front of him. Annie. And he knew how he was going to get her, too...

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