Chapter 1: Kal's back!

Marnie's pov

I was living a half way decent life until Kal decided to return to ruin it. I should start from the beginning shouldn't I? My name is Marnie Piper and I am a Cromwell. The Cromwell's are the powerful witches in all of Halloweentown. Halloweentown is a town in which all the Halloweentown's monster citizens live in and recently my family and I opened a portal, which created a portal between Earth and Halloweentown. The portal allowed Humans and Halloween citizens to cross between the towns year round. It used to be only open on Halloween and if you did not leave Halloweentown before Midnight, you would be trapped there for a whole earth year, which is 264 years in Halloweentown. My brother, sister and I opened a portal between here and Halloweentown. That is the shortest summary I could give of Halloweentown's history.

I am currently engaged to Ethan and I really do love him. It is not fake love but then again I am only twenty-six years old. Today was an average day for me until he came.

I was actually cooking something when Kal decided to barge on me. I did love once before but that love is long dead. He is just another pain, which needs to get his magic stripped. He actually caught me by surprise, which is kind hard to do but not impossible.

Kal said" Marnie you do remember how our last meeting ended?"

I replied confidently to Kal" yes I did and what you want from me besides revenge".

He replied coolly which irked me and said" to send your fiancée and you on a little trip."

I screamed at him and said" leave Ethan out of this. Kal replied something but I did not catch it until after I was knocked out.

Kal's pov

I had knocked out Marnie Piper and phase one of my plan was complete. The second step was to get Ethan, which was easy surprisingly since he arrived right after and I sprayed with knock out gas. My revenge was going exactly as planned. I now just had to contact Oggie Boogie and his children and see how his end worked. I knew Marnie got rid of the gift so now they're no way to stop me now. I could easily top Aggie Cromwell, Gwen Cromwell and anybody except the person who had the gift. I would send Marnie so far away that no one would ever find her and then it was time to get to phase two. Okay now for every noisy fan girl I will describe myself. If you saw, Halloweentown towns two then I look the same except I am now about maybe 6 feet tall and much more powerful. No one could stop me.

Third person pov

Kal was wrong about no one being able to stop. He did not now that Marnie gave Dylan the gift and he could stop him. Let us see Jack story.

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