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He feels the sting of it; of the needle as it pierces his skin; of the heat as it rushes through his veins and the contents are plunged into him. He growls through the dirty cloth shoved in his mouth and desperately shakes his head to loosen the ever increasing numbness that starts to invade it.

Whatever the hell this shit is, it sure works fast. He thinks he can hear high heels click-clack on what he assumes is a concrete floor; thinks he can hear a stereotypical evil laugh bounce its way off the walls and echo in his head. He pries his leaden lids open but the hell if he can make out the shadowy figure that seems to float across his vision.

He tries to fight the euphoria he starts to feel, tries to stay strong and defiant but he can't quite remember why he would want to, not when a surge of calm and peace soaks into him like rainwater over a parched desert. He laughs out loud as he realizes how proud Sam would be of his sudden, inner chick flick moment.

Sam. He thinks maybe his brother should get a dose of this too. Whatever this is. Maybe it would get the stick out of his ass long enough to help him relax for a damn minute. Sam. Sammy. He tries to hold on to the image that flutters around him; the image of his freakishly tall but gentle brother; the image of his Sammy. All too soon it seems that same image contorts and fizzles out, leaving his drugged up brain to head right on down to the corner of exhilaration and contentment.


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