HAPPY 10th DANNYVERSARY! Ten years ago today, Danny Phantom aired for the first time. (yes, we're all old) X'D

Tumblr is definitely going crazy and Liv and I will be collabing a fic. Beyond this drabble, though, I think my individual contributions to today will be sentences over in Apricity (where I am taking prompts!). Inspiration has not yet come for something longer as I intended, alas.

But if you have time to write or draw a little something, or share the story of how you came to watch the show, that would be awesome. Ten years is a HUGE achievement for a fandom to still be running this strong.


April 3, 2014

It's too late to be on guard if you've already stepped into the trap – Thyestes

Danny walked forward warily, trying to find where Skulker had gone and what he was up to. It wasn't like the ghost to grab his attention and then just fly away.

"Too late for that," Skulker laughed from somewhere above him.

Danny whirled around, but was swept up into a halfa proof net. "Lemme go!" he grunted.

Skulker laughed and flew off with his prey, finally dumping him in the middle of what appeared to be a gathering of all of his enemies.

He blinked at the ectoplasm-green cake surrounded by various floating objects. "What is this?"

"Happy death-day, whelp."

The idea of "deathday" was popularized, if not originated, by Ange Baby1's fic Deathday Revelations.