Rima POV

It was a warm October afternoon and I sat around my table finishing up the rest of my history homework. I felt a soft breeze fly though the window as I continue answering the rest of the questions:

4. Along the silk road, what was the most popular item in trade?

Along the Silk Road, the most poplar item in trade was Pokemon Cards.

5. What was the name of the tyrant that ruled during the New Qin Dynasty.

The name of the tyrant that ruled during the New Qin Dynasty was Tadase.

Hey, Nikaidou-sensei should be proud I'm answering in complete sentences.

I was about to about to finish explaining how the emperor governed his people [Oh, this is going to be fun] until my phone went off. I glanced at it irritably and read the caller ID:

Amu Hinamori.

Great, just when I start enjoying homework, Amu texts me. But I can't ignore Amu, she is my closest friend after all. Then again, she's probably just asking about what she should wear tomorrow. I could just pretend I never heard my phone ring, but then again …..

I hesitated a moment before dropping my pencil and picking up my phone:

Amu: Hey

Rima: Wattup Amu?

Amu: Just wondering if you're busy tomorrow :3

Rima: I don't think so. y?

Amu: Oh, because I was gonna go shopping tomorrow and my parents said I can't go alone. Wanna come?

Rima: Sure. Is anyone else going to be there?

Amu: Ehhhh ….

Rima: What do you mean by Ehhhh?

Amu: Yaya's going ….

Rima: What? Remember the last time she went shopping with us?

Amu: Sorry Rima! See you tomorrow 3

Rima: AMU!

Then, she didn't reply.

Okay first of all, I don't hate Yaya… Okay maybe I have an urge to smack her from time to time but that's not my point. My point is, shopping with Yaya is like trying to make Chihuahuas dance while wearing high heels. Or something like that. But, I've had nightmares after that one time we went shopping with Yaya.

Amu, Yaya, and I went shopping at the mall once and we left Yaya alone for a few seconds because Amu and I wanted check out that new store that was opening soon. Worst mistake ever. We came back and found Yaya sugar high because apparently the employees thought letting her sample candy was a good idea. We managed to lure her out with a bunch of licorice but we ended up with a bill of $47.94 and gum stuck in our hair.

I sighed quietly. I picked up my eraser and began changing my answer for number 5.