Confessions of an Earth Guardian

By: Sokai

Disclaimer: I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the workings of W.I.T.C.H. - I leave that honor up to Elisabetta Gnone. Nor do I own Meg Cabot's "The Princess Diaries" series (even though this 'side story' of sorts isn't even really related to the series. Just don't want to hear law suit claims, so thought I'd mention it once within this disclaimer LoL). However, I can and DO claim to own this story and its inspired ideas FROM said series.

Note: So . . . ignore this little 'side project' or 'side story' altogether, please, if, numbah one, you don't like Cornelia; numbah two, you believe she/I are trying to do a bit of, if you'll forgive me, 'attention whoring' (which I'm not at ALL, and those who know me/my stories generally know that that's not my style); and numbah three, mainly care to know Will's insights, and Will's insights, alone regarding this overall royal journey of hers.

I mainly did this, probably only chapter, or 'entry,' as a gift for one of my friends, who, like a lot of others who've been reading 'The Royal Guardian,' have asked repeatedly if I wouldn't do a Corny point of view, seeing as she is clearly a major part of the overall tale, alongside Caleb (whose insights, according to Yellow 14, are about to revealed), and obviously Will.

Truth be told, I wasn't going to grant any of them said request, with all due respect, as I'd have preferred someone else take a whack at it, instead, if at all, or to maybe merely chat online somewhere about it, I don't know. But damned if I didn't feel guilty about it, and also don't honestly find writing about this overall tale to be rather therapeutic, as I'd already admitted not too long ago.

It's a nice downtime in between my chaotic schedule, juggling married life and the vile Visa crusade on behalf of my hubby-bubby, writing (and sadly rewriting, lately) my two, too-long-for-my-own-good books (which is a good part of the reason why I feel like I've been writing them for forever, in between the unfortunate and recent Writer's Block and MASSIVE stress I'd experienced not too long ago), usually at once (as that's how my Muse generally works, and so far, at least, rather successfully), and getting ready to be a first time Auntie. =)

So . . . yeah. Forgiveness all around for any sort of delays within updates, responses, or anything like that on my end for anyone involved! You know your continued interest and overall support is greatly appreciated, never fear, nor doubt. =)

Anyhow, back to this . . . 'side story' . . . thing. I don't know how Yellow 14 actually set up his Caleb story, if it's first or third person, and I definitely didn't want this one of 'Cornelia's Side of the Story' to be identical to Will's style, naturally, otherwise, what would be the point? Besides, I can't honestly imagine Cornelia bothering much anymore with diaries and such, now that she's a senior within high school. So I'd decided to set it up 'Felicity' style. =) You know, the show, and how the main charrie of the same name would send audio letters of sorts to her old friend, Sally, all about her day and what have you. I figured seeing as Elyon's still in Metamoor and pretty much missing a good chunk of Cornelia's high school life and happenings, I'd have her 'verbally write' to her, instead.

And thus, I give you (those bothering with this, anyway) Corny's opener (which, yes, naturally coincides with WILL'S opener from the main story). . . . The whole it being Halloween then and soon to be Halloween NOW in real life is purely coincidental. LoL

This story/chapter was created in October 2011.

"Audio Entry Number One: Tuesday, October 31st, Eleven-Fifty-Two, P.M.:

My Dearest, Best Pal, Elyon,

Happy Birthday!

I really wish you could have been here on your special day, or that I could have been there, instead. . . .

I know that I probably should be used to it by now, the whole not seeing one another every day anymore, including on each of our birthdays, but it still feels almost like yesterday when you left Heatherfield - Left Earth for good, in order to rule over the citizens of Metamoor as their fantastic queen.

Sometimes . . . it gets pretty hard for me to cope without having you right-right here, to dish the latest piece of gossip with, or to vent about the various annoyances that my bratty sister, Lillian usually enacts pretty much on a daily basis.

She may be three years older from when you'd last personally seen her, Elle, but she's still just as irritating as always. She and I hopefully make it to our 'Golden Years' in the future, and she'll probably still be just as irritating as always. . . .

I digress.

The last thing I'd like to do is talk all about my unfortunate relation on this thing, when I can't even stand to think about her most of the time.

I know what you're probably wondering now, though: 'Why are you using a tape recorder to speak to me, Cornelia, when you normally just wrote me letters in the past, and asked Blunk to Fold over to my palace to deliver them for you?'

I know.

But, as we both know by now, Blunk's retired from the adventurous lifestyle, and is living a presumably peaceful life on Zamballa with his little wife . . . whatever her name is, and his mother . . . also whatever her name is.

Sorry. I've forgotten their names over time.

My point is, now that Blunk's out of permanent commission, I'm sure you've noticed by now that our formerly frequent correspondences have grown a little light over the years.

Plus, I honestly haven't had much time to write, period, for anything other than homework assignments. It is my senior year in high school now, after all; everything has just become busy, busy, busy within the lives of a lot of kids our age, you know?

Well, none more hectic than yours, I'm sure, what with presiding over an entire kingdom and everything, since you were only fourteen-years-old when you first began. Not many teenagers nowadays can lay claim to such bragging rights as that, after all.

Anyway, I've even stopped keeping an active diary, as well, like I used to when we were younger. God, remember how I used to rush home everyday, just to chronicle every last moment of my daily experiences, especially pertaining to whatever crush I might have had at the time?

It was always pretty important to me back then, but now it seems rather juvenile. . . .

But I suppose that this isn't quite the same thing, given that, number one: There are no pens, pencils, or pieces of paper involved; number two: This isn't a diary, really; and number three: Doing things this way saves me a boatload of time in the process, as talking is infinitely a lot faster than writing, naturally.

This is merely me, wishing to send 'audio letters' to my oldest friend, so she'll no longer be kept within the dark about life over here in Heatherfield, and have to always wait until a potential disaster might occur before Will bothers to open a new Fold over there, herself.

Of course, in that case, it now begs the question of how will I get this cassette over to you, once I've finished with tonight's recording?

Oh, well.

I guess I'll just tell Will to start initiating weekly trips over to Metamoor from now on, and not merely when it's Guardian-related.

After all, we all know how very persuasive I can be.


But speaking of Will!

You will so not believe what happened earlier tonight, Elyon!

Talk about absolutely mortifying!

I know that I shouldn't be finding glee within this particular calamity, especially since it had happened to one of our good friends and all, but you really had to have been there . . . although knowing you, if you had been, you probably would have immediately scolded me for having found the overall situation to be a bit comical.

Anyway, let me start at the beginning, before I completely use up all of the tape with my miscellaneous side comments at this rate.

See, obviously, seeing as it is Halloween tonight, the usual 'Trick or Treat' and/or associated party scene was happening.

And one of the biggest ones - Parties, that is, that everyone who's anyone has been talking about for ages now has been Eddie Benoni's.

Oh, sorry.

Sometimes I keep forgetting that a lot of the people I now know you don't, as well, seeing as I've met most of them since having first started high school.

I'm still so used to just mentioning anyone at random with you, and you'd instantly know who I'm talking about. . . .

God, I'm doing it again. The whole lamenting, 'Woe is me' dilemma.

But it's just that I really do miss you tons, girlie, you know that. The others are awesome friends, too, of course, but like I said already, you're my oldest friend, Elyon . . . so I guess I still am prone to moments of unattractive self-pity and loneliness, while wishing that you couldn't have been a princess, and later, queen of a kingdom within this realm, instead.

Just so totally sucks that we didn't get to experience high school life together, after all, like we'd always used to anticipate when we were kids. . . .

A-Anyway, too many tangents.

Back to Eddie Benoni and his rockin' party, which, by the way, truly was rockin', to the max.

His name is actually Edwin, but a lot of us just call him 'Eddie,' for short, mainly at his insistence, really.

He's definitely upper class material like Yours Truly, with a family history worth billions upon billions, thanks to his famous painter and art collector of a grandfather, or great-grandfather, I don't remember which anymore.

The kid's super rich, just trust me on this one, Elle.

And super sweet, too! And yes, I will admit, quite dishy, as well!

Don't get me wrong, though, of course, because you know that Caleb is the man of my dreams - Literally, and always will be.

But you also know that I've never been above giving credit where credit is due, where handsomeness is concerned, after all. And Eddie is precisely that.

He seems to have the entire package, really: Rich, smart, very cute, very nice, and very unattached. If you were here, I would so totally put in a good word for you and see if I couldn't work my magic, of the non-Guardian variety on him!

And if you were here, I know that I probably wouldn't even have to try very hard, anyway, because next to me, of course, you've always been one of the hottest girls in our entire school district, Elle! So, naturally, Eddie would most likely have asked you out by now if he knew you . . . that is, if he didn't appear to have such an . . . acquired taste, if you will.

What do I mean by that, you might be wondering?

It's simple, really. Well, maybe not so simple, as it still honestly boggles even my mind.

Of all of the girls dear, sweet, popular Eddie could possibly have or go for, he seems to have set his sights solely upon Irma, of all girls!


Our Irma.

What is he thinking? Is he even thinking?

I don't know him fantastically well or anything, in truth, so my guess would be about as good as yours upon the matter, naturally, in that case.

But, really, now! Yes, all right, I can admit to you, and you, alone, that I do . . . have love for Irma, as she obviously is my friend, and for years now. But, speaking as a truthful, open friend of hers, what could she possibly offer to someone like Eddie besides a constant barrage of everyday, run of the mill and super stale jokes and incessant sarcasm?

It doesn't even matter, anyway, seeing as the girl has continually snubbed the poor guy, and avidly denies any sort of respect for him, let alone attraction, pretty much on a daily basis. It's like she actually thinks she's better than he is, probably all in thanks to that horrid little radio show of hers, and the so called power she feels she now has, seeing as she generally never shuts up about it.

Did I mention that to you before in the past, Elyon? About how Irma's the head deejay and manager for our school's radio station? Yep. 'Again.' First Sheffield Institute, and now Sheffield High. What both Principal Knickerbocker, and our high school's Principal Brooks were thinking in allowing such a nut job like her on the airwaves, I'll never comprehend.

But, then again, that appears to be one of the job requirements for a lot of existing deejays out there, as the rest of the morning shows within this city are just as insufferable as Irma's. So I guess she's perhaps found her calling.

In any case, I suppose that, just this once, I can give 'thanks' for our little Water Guardian's asinine radio show, as it had been the reason why Eddie had decided to throw tonight's Halloween party in the first place - A year in advance, at that, thank you very much!

He even had me beat in that department, as you know I normally reserve at least six months or so in advance in order to plan the most righteous of righteous soirées, naturalment!

But, just this once, I'd managed to have forgiveness within my heart over it, as, not only would it be a ball, not just some simple 'party,' but also would be held within Eddie's colossal mansion! I know that it is a bit . . . uncommon, as it were, to have a 'Halloween Ball,' given the 'doom and gloom' sort of holiday Halloween generally is.


But far be it for me to complain over the chance to deck myself out within something super glamorous, n'est pas? Even if everyone else probably would have been dressed within the usual, stupidly stupid ghost, pirate, and monster costumes for the occasion . . . which majority of Eddie's guests were, I might add.

Oh, well.

It just meant more eyes would have been on me, since I, of course, did not go to the ball tonight looking like some two month old corpse, or something gross like that. But I'll come back to all of that in a sec.

Tangents, tangents. . . .

Irma would tell you otherwise if you were here, Elle, as she'd spent the last year telling everyone else who'd care to listen that she 'is absolutely not the reason Eddie decided to plan a Halloween party!' But everyone and their mother, really, knows better . . . especially all of the girls who currently want him for themselves, much to their united chagrin.

And that's where Irma's ridiculous little radio show comes back into play, as she had been busy griping about our school's Halloween dance last year over the air, and how it was seriously lacking within the creepy department - Which it admittedly had been.

That little rant had bestowed onto her one day of detention, along with three blissful days - For me, anyway - off the school's airwaves. Something about how Principal Brooks felt the occasion could have sparked a heated frenzy within the student population over it, and other possible issues they may have against the school board.

I don't know. The man's actions had been pretty hasty and a bit cowardly, if you ask me, but whatever. It did grant me a few days of peace, so I suppose I can't rightfully complain.

Bottom line, Eddie had promptly grown inspired by our girl's declaration, because the following day he was already making grand announcements of his equally grand venue, and voilà! A year later and here we are, finally, having experienced one of the best social gatherings our school has seen in pretty much ages! Well, whenever I haven't put together anything, myself, of course.

As previously stated and expected, a great deal of my schoolmates ended up going as many a really juvenile and worn out persona, including the girls. I mean, Heaven bless them, as you know, but it really was a tad embarrassing to have been seen with them tonight. They just looked like they were still trapped within their middle school mindset! Or worse, elementary school!

Taranee didn't look too bad, in truth, although she was one of fifty-plus 'Princess Jasmine' lookalikes packed within that ballroom, so it honestly didn't matter. And then she also lost a few points by having Martin Tubbs of all people to be her escort for the evening, as a really disastrous 'Prince Aladdin.'

Why didn't she just have Nigel be her date, instead? Yeah, I know, and they're still together, no worries. It's just that the idiot had to go and get himself grounded just in time for tonight's ball, thanks to the really lame prank he tried to pull on one of our rival schools. I still don't really know what T. sees in that boy most of the time, Elle. . . .

Anyhow, after Taranee, it pretty much went downhill from there with the rest of the girls, as Irma had the nerve to dress up as, if you can believe it, me! Yes, I know! Totally impossible, especially for the likes of her! She came with a long, blonde wig and one of my old figure skating costumes and everything - Which I'm not really sure how she'd gotten her hands on it, although she claimed to have made a replica of it, along with the wig, as well.

I'd have complimented her sewing and crafting skills and said that she had the good makings of a competent 'Cosplayer' for it, if she hadn't also then stated that it was meant to be more of a gag, than some sort of homage I'd foolishly thought her efforts to be, initially.

As if!

And then there was our dear, traditionally-whacked-out-of-her-gourd Hay Lin, and how she'd evidently thought it would be 'really neat' to go as a stupid mummy to Eric's 'Young Elvis' get up - Which he didn't do too bad a job of, if I do say so, myself. Pretty hunky at times, that boy can be.

Anyway, everything so totally backfired on the cooky Air Guardian, since she ended up overdoing it with the bandages, and spent most of the evening tripping over herself, the poor girl.

But, ooh!

Speaking of 'tripping over herself,' Elyon, we can finally get back to the focus of Will, ohhh, my God!

Talk about grotesquely embarrassing!

Okay, see, you know me, I just had to make a sort of grand entrance within a grand setting, right? So while everyone else in our school was pretty much already there within Eddie's super gorgeous ballroom, including my delicious 'Tarzan-'attired Caleb - Yes, so totally with the loincloth and everything - I'd decided to hang back a bit.

And with the breathtaking little number I had on, could you blame me? It was this absolutely stunning, medieval-styled and cream colored ball gown, aptly named the 'Queen Guinevere,' I might add, with a princess-like, flowing silhouette train that was attached to the bodice area , and bedazzled with little flecks of gold!

I saw it, as Fate had clearly intended for me to, last year, just a few days after Eddie's announcement about hosting tonight's Halloween Ball. I had finished my World History homework early, as always, of course, and so decided to do a bit of online shopping to get a head start on whatever sort of attire I'd ultimately choose for the occasion.

And after only a few minutes of searching, I promptly spotted it within a separate ad upon the first costume website I had gone to! It was a bit expensive, I'll admit, but considering how ravishing - And limited within stock it was, money was no object! Although, as you know, it generally never is for me, really.

And then, of course, I'd done up my hair into an extremely time consuming, albeit super worth it fancy updo, so there was absolutely no way Caleb - And everyone else within attendance - wouldn't immediately fawn over me! And considering the gown's price, rarity, and online-purchase-only deal, I was pretty confident that no other girl would dare try to mimic me. . . .

That is, that's what I'd thought, until I arrived within Eddie's ballroom, and there, standing before me at the top of his super long staircase was Will, adorned within the identical gown!

I know! The nerve, right?

She'd even attempted to fashion her hair sort of within the same type of hairstyle as mine, as well! It's like Taranee had secretly read my mind all last and this year, and informed Will about my intended vestments, because, I mean, there is just no other way!

And how in the world did she manage to afford such an outfit in the first place? She doesn't even have a full time job, or even a part time job, at that, seeing as she only helps out Matt's grandfather at his pet shop from time to time.

So it's really more like a hobby, than an actual occupation.

And I'm so sure that Mr. Olsen could afford to dish out the beaucoup bucks it would require for Will to have afforded that gown, either. He's a nice, elderly man and all, but let's face it: That establishment of his is just a little hole in the wall, especially nowadays, with all of the bigger and better conglomerate sort of animal related stores popping up every day.

Ugh. I know, I know. I'm overdoing it again with the speaking before I properly think habit I sometimes get. I'm sorry. But I'm just a little miffed about it, that's all . . . okay, so maybe a little more than just 'a little miffed about it.'

It's just that Will so totally ruined my solo entrance!

She was just standing there, like she wasn't sure whether or not she should go through with carrying on throughout the rest of the evening dressed like a high society princess, like me, instead of having come dressed as . . . I don't know. A pauper, or a giant frog, since she's still so very obsessed with the vile creatures.

You know, just something more her speed, is the point I'm trying to make.

When I saw her, I'd truthfully wanted to initially tell her off, I was that inwardly outraged, especially since Caleb and everyone else were already starting to look up towards the staircase, and more likely were looking at her, instead of me.

But I managed to hold my tongue, and said as sweetly as I could: 'Oh, my God, Will! No way! I guess great minds think alike, because we have the same exact gown! I'm surprised, since - No offense, it's pretty pricey! Still, no one will mistake us for twins, since - No offense again, I pull it off better.'

Well, what? I just had to still let her know, even if it wasn't as subtle as I'd originally intended, that I was not pleased with the 'Doppelganger Routine' she was now forcing us to endure for the rest of that evening.

And besides! I really did pull it off infinitely better, you know. Since I'm still wearing it and look every bit as perfect as when I'd first left the penthouse five hours ago, I'll take a quick pic and send it along with this cassette so you can see for yourself.

Anyway, until then, back to the 'story.'

So I say this, and Will's just sort of looking at me like a deer caught within a pair of headlights, and I just completely dismiss it and look over her head to lock eyes with Caleb, who was happily beaming from ear to ear, I'm just as happy to report!

This night so totally had 'Romance City' written all over it . . . you know, even though it's traditionally an evening wrought with fear and gruesome antics of our fellow peers.

At least, tonight was meant to be filled with nothing but cuddling and making out for Caleb and I, but Will had to go and ruin it. I know! Super insensitive of me, again, especially considering she really could have gotten hurt, had it not been for me.

Because before I knew it, the girl lets out this pretty deafening sort of screech, before suddenly falling backwards and down the seemingly never-ending flight of marble stairs!

While everyone else within the room - Who'd honestly paid attention, that is, given that the ballroom was pretty vast and packed by then - was busy gasping and too stunned to make a move to help, I'd already sprung into action, myself, and promptly used my Telekinesis to greatly slow down her previously fast paced descent.

And wouldn't you know it that I didn't even get a 'Thank you' for it? Not even one word, period, as Will ended up immediately hoofing it out of the ballroom altogether, before me and the other girls could have even reached her!

I know that, clearly, she was feeling understandably embarrassed, but come on, now! She didn't have to leave Eddie's party and miss it complete!y! And after a year's worth of its hype building up and possessing her own excitement about it, as well, like everyone else? What a total waste!

Had that been me - Which it never would have been, of course - I'd have just sucked it up, and either played the sympathy card, which I doubt, though, since I'm nobody's fool, or would have just said I'd done it on purpose. You know, like something for the occasion, to scare everyone and get them within the holiday spirit.

Anyway, I'm sure that Will's doing just fine right now and is no worse for the wear or whatever, so that's part of why I'm not sweating the overall episode. I mean, she's been able to survive scrapes against the likes of Phobos . . . er, sorry to mention him again like that, after our fairly unanimous agreement never to do so again.

My point is that if Will can duke it out against great dangers like the one he'd kept slinging our way, then I'm sure that a little tumble down a few, okay, a lot of stairs is no biggie. See? I'm really not against the girl, Elle, I told you! I have no reason to be, anyway . . .not unless she starts acting like Irma, or starts wearing more of the same clothing as me like my gown, because then we might have a problem.

But, nope. I dare say that good ol', predictable Will Vandom will continue to be precisely that.

Anyway, I'd better wrap this up, before I really do use up all of this cassette before I get to say a few concluding words! Just know that everyone still misses you, of course, Eddie's ball had been a smashing success . . . well, I mean, even though Will's unfortunate fiasco did seem to distract the others a bit, including Caleb, as well, which so totally put a damper on the whole romantic vibe I was hoping for between us.

But, oh well. There will be plenty of other nights - And days, too, to 'wow!' my man, like always!

All in all, it was a pretty good Halloween, especially since I didn't have to spend it toting Lillian around like the last two years in a row, with our parents conveniently always having some place 'important' to be, while they leave her in my care within the 'Trick or Treat' department.

Ugh. . . .

The only thing which I definitely know would have made tonight even better was if you had been here with me, again, Elyon . . . then we could have shared a magical, fancy evening, with me within my perfect gown, and you within one of your gorgeous queenly robes, and totally owned Eddie's party!

Talk about an eighteenth birthday event to remember!

But being a queen and all, and now officially legal - Lucky you - I'm sure that you probably had a super monster bash - No pun intended - at the palace, anyway. If so, I want to hear all about it within reply, and hope that you had someone there take pictures, or paint a scene by scene portrait or whatever for it!

Next year, especially since I'll be off on my own at college, I am definitely going to be there on your birthday, Elle, I promise. Besides, who knows if the girls and I will even still be appointed Guardians by that time, what with most likely going off within different directions within the scholastic sense and all?

If The Oracle does decide to 'pull the plug' on us by that time, then I hope you'll work your magic and make a permanent, private Fold of sorts for Yours Truly to use at any time!

Until such a time may occur, I'll end this audio letter here, and simply say again that I miss you, am thinking of you, and hope to see you soon, Elyon . . . and Happy Birthday.

Love Always,


- End of Chapter One

(A.N. Um... yeah. There you go, again, mainly for 'you.' You know who you are, again, I say. =) I hope you liked it! And I hope anyone else choosing to read liked it, as well. Methinks I got Corny's 'voice' down well, at least the more so animated series voice down, with just a teeny tiny splash of comic voice...oh, and then also the 'voice' I'd established for her within this overall tale thus far. As I'd said before, had I not have continued the main story within first person, as I hadn't been sure of at the beginning, this was what I'd planned on doing. That is, keep it within third person, rather, and obviously focus on each of the Guardian's thoughts/reactions to Will's new life changes and all. At least now, it's sort of happened.

Also, again, I wasn't planning to put this up for a long while, if at all, but 'You' kept pressuring me to do it do it do it NOW, so fine. Here's the start, anyway. I say YOU take over from here on out, Kyle. BAM! I said your name, even though you didn't really want me to, so there...sorry. =) At least now you and the fair amount of others who'd always wondered exactly what Corny's been thinking now least on that night, anyway. LoL

No worries. The next chapter for the main tale should be out soon...enough, I hope. Still excited because it's finally approaching the 'bigger' climax of the overall story, so it should be fun to see everyone's reaction once it's out. =)

Again, hope it was enjoyed, this!)