Confessions of an Earth Guardian

By: Sokai

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This chapter was created/written in October 2011.

"Audio Entry Number Six: Sunday, November 5th, 10 P.M.:

Dear Elyon,

. . . . Don't ask me why, but I could not stop thinking about you all weekend. I mean, besides the normal dosage I might experience, obviously because we're best friends and I miss you, and now, because of all these fairly consecutive 'letters' being addressed to you.

I don't know, it's hard to explain, really, as even I don't honestly comprehend it . . . but I suppose it was just, sort of like being zeroed in on your 'frequency' or something, and I could just sense or feel everything you might have been feeling during the last day or so. . . .

It's weird, and stupid, I know. But I hope that you're okay, as always. I guess you must be, since the sensations I was experiencing, mainly late last night and a bit into early this morning, were positive. Well, they weren't negative, anyway. It was just mainly more like a slightly nagging compulsion, like I should be there within Metamoor with you in that moment.

Well, it's passed by now, so I guess it must have been no big deal. Probably just because of these audio recordings, after all, like I said. And, of course, my natural want to see you every day like I used to. When you get to this particular 'letter,' though, Elle, please do let me know about your day yesterday, and also today . . . or, at least this morning, well, my time, anyway. Stupid time difference between us . . . stupid world difference between us, at that. . . .

As for my day, my weekend, it wasn't so bad . . . although it hadn't gone exactly the way I'd envisioned. That is, wanting it to be nothing but sleeping in for a change, and then lounge about the penthouse with Caleb to keep me company for nonstop romance, like I told you.

Unfortunately, these are one of those times where I'm sadly reminded that I do not control the universe . . . or, at least, that of my boyfriend's, and his adopted 'family.' Or even my own family, really, since they, too, had gotten in the way of my original plans.

I did get to sleep in for a little bit yesterday, though . . . until ten a.m., when I was rudely awakened by Napoleon, who thought he was being cute by playfully batting at my perfect nose with his paw to wake me up. He's always doing stuff like that, like being my personal alarm clock and such. And I keep telling him that I already have one, thanks, right there on my nightstand.

But I mean, please. He's just a dumb cat; I'm so sure he could possibly understand a word I say. Okay, so he's not really dumb, since he does have his sweetie pie, obedient moments, but still . . . waking me up before I'm ready, and messing with my flawless visage is so within violation of his 'Not being fed to any neighborhood dogs' privilege I installed for him, whenever it concerns possibly irritating me.

And you'd think that he'd at least make said privilege worth my while by doing the same sort of annoyances to Lillian, but nope. He absolutely adores that troll, pretty much since day one of becoming an unexpected member of the Hale Family . . . much like Lillian, herself. So, then, I guess that's why they get along so swimmingly, huh? Two misfits within the making.

Well, whatever. Just so long as she doesn't like, train him to turn on me or do her evil bidding, thanks to her newfound cult-ish ways like I've already mentioned, then I couldn't care less how slightly freakishly protective he is of her. . . .

So, since I was now awake, I decided to treat myself to a luxurious bubble bath, where I'd just soak away my stress as of late, and stay in there for as long as my delicately smooth, baby skin could handle it, before ending up looking all prune-y and gross . . . like Irma. HeHeHe.

But even that couldn't be on the agenda, evidently, because my mom knocks on the bathroom door and tells me to 'wrap it up in five,' because I gotta be at the old 'Heatherfield City Hall Park' in an hour to meet my little cousin, Aypril, and help her with 'Community Service Day' for her school.

And I was like, 'Excuse me? Come again?' Because it's like, since when did I volunteer my time to a cause I already had – We all already had to suffer through when we went to Sheffield Institute? I am like, so over middle school, thanks, and its futile attempts to 'give back to the community!' And after what happened to me – What Lillian had made happen to me when I didn't have a choice in the matter, I vowed never to do another 'nice' thing for this city again! Well . . . outside of saving it from peril as a Guardian, anyway.

But like, really! Now that I have a choice whether to help out or not, there was zero chance I was going to do so, no matter how much Aypril tends to worship me, and pretty much does anything I say whenever we see each other.

You do remember Aypril, though, right?

She's totally my anti-Lillian, you know, due to the whole worship thing, and is respectful of her elders, namely, Yours Truly. Plus, she's always been like this weird hybrid of Taranee, for her similar excess of brains, Hay Lin for her similar, never-ending cheerfulness, and then me . . . for her similar beauty.

Okay, so her 'beauty' is far less dazzling than my own, of course, and is more like still budding, really, since she's . . . well, an honest geek, God love her. I try to tell her every time I see her to quit combing – Or, lack thereof, since it's always so damned tangled – that hair of hers into that tight, vein-slicing updo she always does. Oh, and to finally switch to contacts to deviate from her thick, horrid eyeglasses, especially now that she's in middle school, seventh grade, at that . . . but my advice never sticks.

She looks like a future Librarian, Elle! You've seen her for yourself on occasion in the past! I love her, I really do, but it's sooo mortifying at times to be caught within public with her looking like that . . . and exhausting, to pretend that it doesn't readily bother me, just so I don't hurt her feelings.

But, hey. She's just a kid. Granted, she is thirteen, now, or soon will be, anyway, but still. . . . I've got a weak spot for the girl, so sue me. HeHeHe.

Which is most probably why I wasn't super miffed about the news that my mother had . . . 'stretched the truth,' as she'd phrased it, when she'd informed Aypril, on my behalf, that I'd be 'thrilled' to help her on Saturday.

Did anyone offer to help me, while I was suffering, fending for myself within Lillian's nightmarish class at the time? Okay, well so, by the end, as you know, the girls did assist a bit with a little payback, the whole no 'Sponge Tongues' thing, yadda yadda yadda, yeah.


It would have been nice to have been asked, or at least been informed that my cherished weekends would have been compromised, thanks to my mother's 'big heart!' See what I mean about no respect in this family? At least, no respect for me?

But it turned out not to be all that of a nuisance, though. For one thing, it was infinitely better than trying to wrangle a screaming platoon of seven-year-olds, for sure . . . even though it still involved getting my hands dirty, thanks to Aypril having signed up to clear the park free of litter, and to also help plant new shrubs and flowers along the walking paths.

Well, it would've involved getting my hands dirty, except I was all over that, thanks to, of course, my Guardian powers. Because, duh! Earthly . . . ness is so my thing! And it was pretty amusing to me at how puzzled my cous was when she came back to check on me, and saw how I 'spotless' I still looked, as well as how my newly planted flowers already seemed to be super . . . flourishing or whatever.

I just told her that I've always had the 'Green Thumb,' really. And she totally agreed, and admitted that that's why she'd volunteered to help clean up the park, in the hopes that I'd want to come along, since 'anything leafy has always just seemed to . . . I don't know! Just truly resonate to your mere presence!,' she said.

How darling is she? HeHeHe.

I did feel a little bad, that I'd initially left her to take care of picking up the various pieces of litter found about the park – You know, splitting up the work load, as I told her. Well, I'd painted it so it'd be like less work for her, as the 'little kid' to handle that, simply picking up garbage, while I had to dig and scrape within the cold-hardened ground and plant away and break my back in the process. How was I supposed to know that she'd be 'okay' with the set up?

And really, how asinine is that, anyway, to have added 'Park Beautification' onto the community list right now, when it's starting to get a lot colder, a lot faster nowadays, you know, now that we're heading deeper into Fall weather? Like it will even matter that we'd planted anything right now, when they'll just die by tomorrow, at the rate it's getting more chilly outside.

I know. That sounded a bit insensitive, coming from me, 'Miss Mother Earth,' and everything, I know. But that doesn't make it any less true. Besides, I could always swing by some time later and re-'zap' those lil' babies, if need be, since it did seem to mean a great deal to Aypril that I was there and all that.

God, I'm such a sucker for family loyalty. . . .

Anyhow, like I said, I felt a bit bad by my slight ruse, so I told Aypril I'd finish up for her, and she could just go gather up the gardening supplies I'd used . . . or barely used, rather. I know: 'That was so sweet of you, Cornelia! Especially since you hate things which smell!' Too right, Elle, I do, and yes, it was sweet! But sweet, as in it only took me like, two seconds to 'scoop up' the rest of the random trash, courtesy of my Telekinesis.

I don't honestly think I've ever had so much fun during 'Community Service Day,' within the history of its existence! Er, well, at least since the three times we'd had to do it when we were still in middle school, of course, and also counting this time with Aypril. Now, if she signs up to clean up the park again next year, I think I just might have some free time lined up for her then, as well . . . well, provided that I'm back home, visiting in between all of the fabulously glamorous college activities I'll be getting into by this time next year, of course!

Still, like I said, it was pretty fun, getting to use my powers more actively – Finally, which, again, is so what I'd needed, anyway – and hanging out with a preteen who wasn't trying to massacre my life in any sort of way. Oh, and yes, of course I was careful not to be exposed, especially with the 'mysteriously levitating debris' part, Elle! It was only just the two of us there, anyway, since, like I told you not too long back, zero people go there anymore, thanks to us.

Well, thanks to stupid Lord Cedric, Uriah and his goons, and that whole monster haunting story that regrettably stuck, even to this day. God, it's like, move on already, you know? But of course, the girls and I can never say anything about it, natch. But at least Aypril clearly doesn't believe the stories, seeing as she willingly volunteered to come clean up the 'haunted park.'

That kid has a lot of moxie, I tell ya . . . so just like me!

So, since we were finished, evidently a lot earlier than Aypril had anticipated, she'd said, I decided to treat her to a bit of cousinly bonding, instead of taking her straight home, since it has been a little while since I'd seen her last.

Plus, since she'd finished so quickly, I couldn't drop her off at her place, anyway, since she says she's not allowed to stay home by herself. No 'Latchkey' scenarios for this kid, I can tell you. I suppose that this could lend to her vast intellect, as well, seeing as she probably just hangs out at the library or some place like that, until my Uncle Dave and Aunt Korinne get home.

But, hey. That's smart thinking, though, really, what with Aypril being an only child and all . . . lucky her. I'm just surprised that they still enforce that rule, even now, with her nearly approaching her official teenage years, that's all.

And speaking of 'official teenage years,' that's precisely why I'd treated my little cous to a mini makeover! Uni-brow finally eradicated, nerd-alert glasses gleefully – For me, anyway – eighty-sixed, and eternally disheveled blonde hair actually combed out, for a change! And spray dyed pink! Well, just the front, the new side fringe I'd made for her, to further go along with her new 'free flowing hair' look. I mean, the girl has a mane that now reaches down to just past her shoulder blades, so why not finally show it off?

While generally ecstatic, I suppose more so at my attention, period, rather than the actual makeover, itself, Aypril did start to freak a bit when I started spraying in the hair dye. But I told her that if her parents start to spaz, too, to simply tell them that 'it will wash out . . . it will wash out,' before also giving her the can to keep and to hide somewhere within her bedroom, for whenever the mood to do it again might strike her.

If I knew her prescription, had more time, and enough money – On me, anyway – I would have so gotten her new glasses then, too, but she said she doesn't honestly mind them, and had to put them back on, pretty much immediately, anyway, since her eyesight evidently blows. The poor thing.

That's all right, though. Baby steps, right? At least now, come Monday, she'll be the talk of her school, this time in a non-geeky capacity, I'm sure! And all the guys will sooo start lining up to ask her out! When I told her that, she started to do that admittedly . . . adorable, yet still pretty lame giggle-snort of hers. You really can't help but to love that giant ball of awkwardness. . . .

So that was my Saturday, really, since I'd decided to 'steal' Aypril for pretty much the entire day, and just hung out with the little socially disinclined preteen, at the movies after our mall makeover, and an early dinner afterward.

When I got back home, my mom has the nerve to try and take credit for it, by being all 'smirktastic' when I walked past the kitchen and found her making a salad. She was all, 'See? Now that wasn't so bad, now was it?' I just let her have her non-deserving moment, and said, 'Sure, Mom,' before heading to my bedroom for a second attempt at a much more proper, and prolonged bubble bath, this time around.

But, really, though, I didn't even mind not having been able to spend my day with Caleb, like I'd originally wanted, or being unable to talk to him to say goodnight, either, since he was evidently already fast asleep by the time I called. I must be going soft. . . . Choosing family over a beloved? Who knew?

It so backfired, though, come today, when I woke up and gave Caleb a call again, this time to let him know that I'd be coming over to see him in a bit so we could 'make up for lost time,' and stuff. And wouldn't you know it that his 'family' roped him into bonding tactics, as well?

It's like this giant conspiracy against the two of us! Someone out there clearly doesn't wish to see us together and happy!

So, while the entire Lin Family headed out of town – Out of state, to go visit their relatives over in New Hampshire for the whole day, I was stuck back here in Heatherfield, temporarily 'boyfriendless.' So not fair. My 'high' from the previous day, from the whole good deeds and all, has so worn off by now, and all I wanted to do was just mope about the home all day. And I could have, too, since my parents had decided to take Lillian out to see the same movie I'd taken Aypril to see yesterday, coincidentally.

So it'd have been just me, and Napoleon . . . but seeing as he'd probably try to keep me awake again, like if I'd tried to relax and take a nap, I decided to just see what the rest of the girls were up to, instead. Taranee couldn't hang out, either, because she had to help clean the house, since her dad's Poker pals would be coming over tomorrow night, as they usually do each Monday.

Then I tried Will, figuring that I could kill two birds with one stone that way. You know, kill my boredom, and also begin fishing for details about her odd breakup with Matt, before I started to focus upon putting them back together. But when I called, her mom picked up, and she sounded pretty tense, which I knew meant that once again, the girl did something bratty to tick her off, even before Ms. V. pretty much confirmed it. It's like, when will you ever learn, Will? You're seventeen-years-old, now! Get over it!

So that meant Will was out of the question. Know what was kinda weird about that brief phone conversation with her mom, though? I could have sworn I heard a man's voice within the background . . . a slightly thick accented man's voice, at that, who was evidently speaking to Will somewhere within her loft at the same time, since I could just make out his referring to her as 'Wilhelmina.'

Why is everyone suddenly calling her by her full name, lately? First her 'cousin,' Sprita, and now this unknown guy. He's probably Sprita's dad, come to think of it, since both of their accents were slightly, very slightly, actually, similar. Whomever he was, though, I did also hear him going on . . . something about 'emergencies,' and 'lessons,' or whatever.

Whatever he was talking about, it didn't sit well with Will, since I could also then hear her going off on the guy, like I've never heard her do to anyone before . . . well, not recently, anyway. At least not to anyone besides her mom, whenever they go at it, which, again, they'd evidently had, and why she was suddenly grounded in the first place.

I so wanted to hear more, but Ms. V. 'conveniently' had to go check on something in the oven, and hung up then. I'm sure. It was only about five to ten minutes to one in the afternoon at that time, so there's no way she could have already been fixing dinner. Okay, so maybe something for lunch, instead, but still! Way too convenient, like I said. . . .

So, anyway, in the end, it was just me and Irma, as insufferable as that is to say, let alone enact. But, as always, when – And if, rather – she and I do something as a duo, we involved a 'distracting method' to our hang out, of course.

Movie theatre – For me, at least - once again. I think I've seen more movies this weekend than I have within the last several months combined, since I've been so busy. And usually, whenever it comes to movies, Irma and I can never agree, as you know . . . well, agree much on anything, period, also as you're aware, Elle.

But there is a new Vance Michael Justin flick out now – Just released last weekend, actually, along with his latest album – that we both hadn't seen yet, and Aypril is too young to . . . 'appreciate,' or else I would have seen it yesterday, and dragged her along, instead of the other way around, with that kiddie movie I'd forced myself to sit through. . . .

So, .'s movie – He so prefers to be called that by his fans again, now, that fickle, yet eternally hunky superstar that he is – ate up a fair amount of 'bonding time' between us, although it did just have to finish at the same time as the aforementioned 'kiddie movie' Lillian and our parents were seeing, as well. Which meant getting pulled into a dinner outing session with them, including Irma, who never really can turn down a free meal, naturally.

So that was another near two hours trapped one-on-one, more or less, with a girl who seriously-seriously doesn't know the concept of 'stale jokes,' since she'd honestly rehashed damn near her entire mental filing system's worth of them to my family, while I was forced to sit and listen, once more. And they all actually thought Irma's jokes were amusing – Yes, even my mother, whom we know barely laughs at anything half the time, and especially not over the lame antics of a teenager! So maybe that sternness and lack of a legitimate sense of humor only applies to her children, namely, me, while she 'lets loose' with people like Irma, if you can imagine, like she always seems to whenever around the girl.


Conspiracies, all around, Elle. . . .

See? What a 'wonderful' weekend I had. Now, I'm actually looking forward to school, tomorrow. At least then I can be with my boyfriend, again, and my other, far less aggravating companions.

I think I'll just make a quick cup of Green Tea, check my e-mail one last time, and call it a night. Call it a weekend. A wasted weekend, at that . . . well, with the exception of the time with Aypril, and further enriching her young life 'by my mere presence,' as she'd put it. All right, so that had been about being near plants, but I'll still count it.

Anything to help cheer myself up.

Anyway, I sooo so can't wait to see you again, Elyon! Wish you were here, especially now!

. . . . G'nite!

Love You Forever,


End of Chapter Six

(A.N. Yay, Napoleon. Flucking adorable cat, I swear to God. Sorry. Reflex. LoL You know me, or should, about cats, anyway. Mention 'em, fictional or otherwise, and I do my auto-squealing and gushing. LoL Speaking of kitties! Go onto YouTube, and type in 'Kitty Screams Like Small Child Getting a Bath,' and then after you watch that and most likely giggle and feel bad all at once, then type in, 'Cat Attacks Babysitter,' and see if THAT clip doesn't make you tear up from the excess of laughter you'll experience. LoL I know I was dying, anyway, when I watched the latter clip a few nights back, and also couldn't stop laughing at the first. =) I did go 'Aww, nooo, poor baby!' in between, but not in the 'Oh, I'm worried he's being abused' sense, like I'm sure a lot of other viewers thought was happening. I've had 7 cats total in my day, you know, spanned out within my 27-year-old lifespan thus far, with Ollie presently being the biggest handful. LoL I know a thing or two about a thing or two about kitties, and they were NOT harming the poor dude in the first clip. He just doesn't like baths, is all. LoL They probably didn't start him on them when he was a baby, like my sister and I did for Ollie, that's all. Ollie has never once wailed like that, or even cried a bit, either. He might talk to us and ask a question, but he'll just stay silent, watch us, and let us do our thing, while he sometimes plays in the water...or pees in it. LoL -_- What can I say? Ollie's a freak. HeHe

Anyway! Back to Napoleon. LoL Thought I'd do the further references to his secret Familiar...ness for Lillian, what with his 'curious' overly protectiveness of her, as Cornelia had mentioned. =) And dunno the full, super precise nature comic he and Corny share, since, as we all know, again, I'd ceased with the comics reading. But I thought I'd just make him do typically cute, general kitty least, cute kitty shiznit that Ollie has done to me in the past...except Ollie bats at my mouth when trying to wake me up... or 'Love Bites' my toes. -_- OR he just gives up and sleeps on my face, mainly during the colder months. Fourteen pounds of black cat misery on MY perfect face! Yeesh... LoL

Moving on! HeHe I know that Will had written that Eli had sent over a 'royal messenger' dude with a letter to let her know that she'll be having an 'emergency princess lesson' on Monday, so obviously hadn't been there in person to let her know. And smartly so, since Will was immediately pissed off about the news. LoL So that dude Corny had overheard within the background hadn't been Eli, but the messenger guy, reading the letter aloud to The Princess...which, again, pissed Will off. LoL

And I know that I'd also sent Corny, instead of to the newer park, to the same park where Will had met up with Matt, instead, and on the same day, and right before they'd gone to see Elyon in Metamoor – Hence Corny's 'oddness,' feeling wise, about her during the hours the pair were visiting with her, yeah. =) And I also know that it's like, "Eeeyeah? So how come she didn't spot them?" That's because Will hadn't met up with Matt until around 4:30 pm or so, while Corny and Aypril were there much earlier. Like noonish. =) And by the time 4 had rolled around, the cousins were already knee deep within their bonding experience, which I'd also enjoyed writing about, yes. LoL

What? I can't help it. I'm very very family-oriented, as usually and effortlessly illustrated within my writing...and my overall attachment to you, my lovely readers, as well. HeHe I don't just call you 'My lovelies' for fun, ya know. LoL

Anyway, once again, I do not know anyone of Cornelia's extended family, if mentioned, except for the blurb crap about her dad's dad and the 'I have father issues' junk about it, or what have you. LoL Sorry, reflex. =) Anyhow, but I wanted to create a sort of parallel to Lillian, or at least the relationship Corny has with her, and to show just how different Corny can be if put around the right kind of person. LoL And thus, enter 'socially disinclined,' as Cornelia put it, Aypril! Although her 'I look up to you!' attitude with Cornelia I'd just pretty much taken from MY younger cousin, even though he's a boy, and even though he's now 22. =) Put him around any of us, and he's an instant kid again. Adorable. =)

Normally I choose names relative to the character I'm making up, and their personalities, as well, but Aypril named herself, alongside her mom and dad. But still, at least her name fits her, I think, and the whole planting crap scenario, as well. So yay. =)

Uhh... I guess that's it? Dunno if anyone actively remembers the main story, that earlier on, anyway, while continually reading this side-story, but time line wise, so you all know, this coming their 'world' and at this present time Corny made this recording, is, yes, Will's hilarious 'outing.' Hilarious to me, anyway. Thanks to good ol' Eli. LoL

So, YES, Cornelia will finally know as of her next, most probably frantic 'letter' to Elyon...who, of course, already knows by now, herself, also, of course, unbeknownst to Cornelia. =) Hopefully it will be up soon! And once it is, I'll most likely go ahead and update the main story, now that this side-story will slightly be caught least up to Cornelia now knowing about Will's 'princess...ness,' as I'd wanted/set out to get up to for this tale. =) So..yep! Stay tuned, please!)