Author's Notes: Well I got such nice lovely reviews for the last 'Lost Girl' Kenzi/Hale fic I wrote that I just had to write another one. But I'm still waiting for my challenge to be met... C'mon people try your own hand at the sexy Kenzi/Hale goodness and write a fic about our favourite sidekicks together! I demand thee! WRITE!

Win Win

By Relm

"Eight ball, corner pocket." Kenzi announced as she got ready to take her shot. She and Hale were playing a game of pool to kill time while they waited for their respective partners to get return from the most recent fae issue.

"You are not going to make that shot." Hale taunted her. One of his own balls was in the way of said pocket and there was a good chance the eight ball was going to hit it.

"Just watch me." Kenzi smiled a satisfied smirk as she took the shot. The eight ball whizzed right by Hale's and fell right into the pocket. "And special K wins again!" She did a little happy dance to rub it in.

Hale couldn't help but chuckle. He did always love it when Kenzi was in a bubbly mood. Especially when she wiggled around like that. "You do realize you only win because I let you win."

Kenzi rolled her eyes at the suggestion. "Oh puleeze! I've won like the last ten games clearly I'm awesome you're just weak sauce. The only way you could win is if you whistled in my ear."

"Ah no, I can win just fine without my sexy skills." Hale assured her.

"Alright then. How about this, we play one more game and if I win you have to pay me $50. And you can't use any fae powers." Kenzi challenged him.

"Okay then short stuff. If I win you have to go out to dinner with me." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Kenzi chuckled as she set up the table. "Really? Because you know I'm the kind of girl that lets the boy pay for the meal. So sounds like a win-win situation to me."

"If you say so." Hale purred at her as they started playing.

What started out as friendly little game of pool quickly got cut throat as both desperately tried to beat each other. Kenzi and Hale both even stooped to using war tactics and tried to use sexual flirting to try and distract their opponent.

Eventually it got down to the end, just the eight ball to go. It was Kenzi's shot and she was more focused than she had ever been. "Alright eight ball, banked to the side pocket."

"C'mon sexy momma, just give up and I'll make sure I'll take you out on a good time." Hale purred with his sultry velvety voice.

"No way sugar daddy, you're paying me. I've got this in the bag." Kenzi gracefully made her shot sinking the ball in almost effortlessly. "I win! I win! I win!" Kenzi danced around once more.

"Yeah yeah, you win." Hale fished out his wallet and plucked out a fifty dollar bill. He was very hesitant in giving the bill to Kenzi but a deal was a deal after all.

Kenzi danced some more when she got the lovely bill in her hands. "Time to celebrate!" Kenzi grabbed Hale by the arm and dragged him out with her.

"Hey now what you doing now little momma?"

"Come on we're going out to dinner, my treat!" Kenzi waved the fifty dollar bill that formerly belong to Hale in his face. "I'll call Bo on the way to let her know we're going to be out."

Hale just nodded as he tipped his hat back in amusement. His arm snaked around her waist as the two of them sauntered out of the pub and towards a cozy romantic little restaurant jus around the corner.

Yes indeed it was a win-win situation.