Note- there will be a chapter that takes place after each episode during season seven. The chapters will show how an added scene or two that week could develop the friendship and love of Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia.

Season of Love

Episode One

September 2011

"It feels weird not sharing everything we're doing with the rest of the team," Penelope Garcia told her Derek Morgan as she sat across from him at his desk in the BAU. "This is our family. There shouldn't be secrets."

"Everyone has their secrets, baby girl. Even you."

She arched an eyebrow at him.

He sat back in his chair. "Are you ever gonna tell me the real deal behind why you and Lynch broke up?"

"I told you," she said, speaking a little too fast. "He wanted to live on a farm and I just can't see myself being cut off from civilization out in the woods with creepy crawlers creeping and crawling toward me in the dead of the night - and I do mean dead."

"Yeah, yeah, you told me about the whole farm thing but Lynch is still around. He hasn't moved anywhere. So there has got to be more to it." Derek leaned forward. His voice dropped slightly as he added "You know you can tell me anything, right? I'm not gonna put Lynch through a wall if he did something-"

"Sure you would, my big hunky protector, but he didn't. It's just that Kevin has always wanted more...more than working here in Quantico...more for us...and I was always the one shooting him down. I wouldn't move with him away from here. I wouldn't even move into his apartment with him even though mine is tiny and cramped. I treated him awfully-"

"Sweetheart, you were great to that guy. I saw you. You can't tell me different."

"I lied to him." She scrunched her nose. "An uber lot about big, big things. I told him I didn't believe in marriage and didn't want to have kids any time soon, if ever. I let him think it was because I lost my parents at such a young age but really...I just couldn't see myself marrying and having kids with Kevin. Even though I loved him. I kept thinking if I just could hang on a little feelings would change...but a year turned to three and...It was the only fair thing to do for let him go. Maybe now we both can find a path to the road that will make us happier or, at least, he can be happy and I can try to not end up too big of a cat lady."

"Stop that." Derek reached out and took her hand. "Hey, you know I got your back, right? And I'm very proud of you for being strong enough to walk away from something you know wasn't going where you wanted it to go. You could have just told me all that months ago, though. You don't gotta keep it all inside and try to handle it on your own."

"I know but we've been focusing so much on catching Doyle. You need to keep your focus on that, not my personal problems."

"I've been consumed with this investigation but don't ever think that I don't have time if you need to talk. For you," he flashed her a sweet smile "I'll make the time."

Slowly her lips curved into a tender smile as she squeezed his hand back.