Chapter 1

A/N A big thank you goes out to sdmwd1115 for helping me weave this tale. Couldn't have been done without you

I was inspired to write this initially from Turn the Tables by Sweetdreamer94. I work closely with families in these situations and I was so interested in telling a story about the past and its impact on the characters' future. Thank you for allowing me to branch off your idea, sweetdreamer94. Please let me know what you think.

The room was dark. The house creaked as if it had its own voice. She passed the familiar bedroom that gave her a shiver. Her head snapped up. She heard it. The scream. Her blood froze and her heart ceased to beat in that moment.

Santana Corcoran's eyes snapped open. She looked around her. The sky was barely beginning to light up. Another day was about to begin. She shifted slightly in her bed. She couldn't get comfortable. She could never get comfortable after that dream. She gave an internal huff. She couldn't do it. She was sixteen years old for Christ's sake. She bit her lip and snuck a glance at the clock. 4:34am. She wasn't going to be this weak person. However, she had to check.

Quietly, she threw off her covers and made her way across the cold wooden floor. She opened her door quietly cursing it for creaking. She imagined herself as light as air as she walked briskly and silently to the door across the hallway. She opened the door and thanked it for not creaking. She released the sigh she didn't realize she had been holding. Rachel was sound asleep in her bed. Okay, she's fine, Santana told herself. You can go back to your own room now. Her feet however had minds of their own. She found herself sneaking quietly into her younger sister's room. She paused for a second watching the young girl's back rise and fall with her breathing. She was curled up into a fetal position in her big queen sized bed. Santana smiled. One could fit an elephant in that bed and still have room. Santana's instincts led her to lay down next to her in bed. She shook her head. She was Santana Corcoran. She didn't need to sleep with her eleven year old sister. This was ridiculous. She had to stop doing this. She continued to accost herself until she was asleep.

Rachel rolled over in bed and stretched out. Her eyes popped open when she felt an arm draped over her. She glanced down at the well-manicured hand. She gave a small smile.

"It's just, Santana, baby," she heard her mother say gently.

She looked up to see her mother and watched her pulled open the curtains. The sun shined on Santana's and Rachel's face.

"Gah! Mom!" Santana groaned as she pulled the pillow over her head. "Turn off the sun!"

Rachel laughed and sat up. "Get up lazy bones," she said pushing at Santana.

"Stop that," Santana said as she snapped her arm out from underneath the pillow to shove Rachel in the shoulder. "Gah. It is too early!" she moaned.

"No, it's not," Shelby laughed as she sat next to the girls. "Rach, why don't you go hop in the shower, okay? I have yet to drag your brother out of bed so you have a good ten minutes before he will start stealing your hot water."

Rachel looked over at Santana with a question obviously at the tip of her tongue. Shelby gave her youngest daughter a kind smile. "Go, Bug," she said poking her nose gently.

The young girl looked at Shelby suddenly remembering an important line-item she had to share. "I think that we should institute bucket showers in our house," she said with a smile. Santana let out a groan underneath her pillow. Rachel went on. ""I'll demonstrate that while we live in an affluent neighborhood, we should really think more about the environment. Mom, do you realize that our house is one of the biggest ones not only in the neighborhood but in all of Lima. The amount of energy that we waste because of our decadent lifestyle is rather outrageous. Do you know how much water a ten-minute shower uses? I saw a documentary that—''

"Go, Rachel!" Santana moaned under the pillow. "Or I'll bucket you!"

"It'll be the fastest shower ever. Time me, Mom!" Rachel said kissing her mother on the cheek.

Santana propped herself up on her elbows and watched after her. "We really need to re-evaluate what she's watching."

"Santana," Shelby started as she took Rachel's place and laid next to her eldest daughter. Santana nestled back into the bed.

"I know, I know. Let you be the Mom and I'll be the kid," Santana said rolling her eyes. She had heard that too many times. "It sucks to have a therapist for your mother." She shook her head. "I was just saying we should give her something better to watch. Like Blue's Clues. Isn't that age appropriate?"

Shelby cracked a smile. She wrapped her arms tightly around her daughter. A comfortable silence blanketed them. "So are you going to tell me why you're in here?" Shelby finally asked.

Santana tensed in her mother's arms.

"Come on, Sanny talk to me," Shelby whispered.

Santana was silent. She leaned back against her mother, but didn't say a word. She felt her mother's chest take in a deep breath.

"Did you have that dream again?" she asked knowingly.

Shelby felt her daughter relax in her arms. It was as if she needed someone to say it. Santana had barely managed to tell her mother out loud when the dreams first began. Her eldest daughter could tackle anyone with witty and well-exercised words and, much to her mother's disapproval, her fists, but to discuss her own feelings was another challenge. For all of her children, it was a whole new language that they seemed to forget everyday. It was a struggle, but one that Shelby would never cease fighting. Too much had happened and she swore that she would never abandon the promises that she made to her children years before.

The young girl was still facing away from her. "Sweetheart, she's okay. I'm glad you came in here to check on her. She likes it when you come in here—''

"But she knows I'm in here because I'm scared," Santana said shaking her head. She rolled over and faced her mother as she sat up. "And I hate that."

"That she knows that you're scared or that you're scared?" Shelby asked leaning against the headboard.

Santana looked at her mother as she searched for her answer.

"Both," she finally said. "It was eight years ago," Santana whispered with a shake of her head. "I shouldn't be having that dream anymore."

Shelby looked at her daughter carefully. She had had discussions like this with her clients time and time again. However, having this discussion with your daughter made things more difficult. The lines were blurred.

"There's not going to be a miraculous moment where all of it just slips away and you become this brand new person. You're you and that's okay. It's okay to be scared, but you're safe now. Okay? Rachel's safe. Your brother is safe. What do I tell you guys?"

Santana rolled her eyes. "Life's just a work in progress," she said in a sing song voice.

"And you're doin' a great job," Shelby whispered pulling her daughter to her into a soothing hug.

"Did you time me?" Rachel ran into the room wrapped in a towel.

Shelby raised her eyebrows and her elder daughter mirrored her look. "Of course, we did, baby," Shelby said untangling herself from Santana. "Six minutes eighteen seconds."

Rachel smiled. "Not too bad," she said. "Not too bad at all."

The younger girl walked proudly to the closet and disappeared as she looked for something to wear.

"Did you really time her?" Santana asked heading toward the bathroom.

"Wouldn't you like to know," Shelby said with a wink.


Puck pulled his shirt over his head as he rounded into the kitchen. Rachel was climbing the counter reaching for a glass. Without a look at her, he casually retrieved the glass and set it on the counter. Then he grabbed Rachel gently around the waist and set her on the floor.

"Noah! I'm perfectly capable of getting it myself?" Rachel huffed.

Noah Corcoran didn't look at his youngest sister as he opened the refrigerator door and grabbed the milk carton. He took a swig of milk and set it on the counter. He chose to ignore his sister's disgusted face.

"Milk?" he asked.

"I don't drink milk," Rachel said with a look of utter abhorrence.

Puck shrugged. "What do you eat again?" he asked.

"I am vegan, Noah," she said with a heavy sigh. "That means I don't eat any animal products."

Noah nodded. "Oh alright. Do you eat bacon?"

Rachel scowled. "Noah, I just said that I don't eat any animal products."

"So no bacon?" he said patiently, trying his best to look genuinely surprised and confused. He gave a smile. "It's alright. I'll make you some eggs." He gave a smirk as he looked in the refrigerator and pretended to grab the eggs. He could see that Rachel was getting annoyed. It was too funny of an opportunity to pass up.

"Noah!" Rachel said in frustration.

"Sweetheart," Shelby said coming into the room. "What's all of this yelling about?"

"Mom, Noah is not respecting my vegan life style," Rachel said with a heavy sigh.

Shelby looked at her eldest child with an arch of her eyebrow knowing full well that he had antagonized his sister.

"I don't get it, ma," he said shrugging. "What does she eat?"

Shelby just sighed and handed Rachel a bowl of vegan cereal and soymilk. "Eat, Bug," she said. Rachel narrowed her eyes at the older boy and climbed onto the barstool and began eating at the counter. Shelby sighed when she spotted her son emerge from the refrigerator. She reached across him and took away the slice of pizza that Puck was eating and replaced it with a granola bar.

"Ewww," he sighed.

"What?" Santana asked as she came into the kitchen in her Cheerios uniform.

"Nothing, Noah wants to eat dinner food for breakfast," Rachel sneered.

Santana arched her eyebrow and leaned against the counter next to Rachel as she ate her cereal out of the box.

"Santana," Shelby called.

The girl looked over at her mother and came face to face with a bowl. She rolled her eyes and poured her cereal into it.

Shelby looked at her kids as she unloaded the dishwasher and handed her son plates and the older girl glasses to put away. "Alright. So I have to work a little late this evening. And—''

"On that case, you've been leaving to talk to your boss on the phone about all the week?" Rachel asked.

Shelby looked at her daughter. She was always surprised by how much Rachel took in. However, she remembered how observant she was as a toddler. She was quiet, but her eyes were always so aware. She smirked at the memory. When Rachel did speak, she had always been so precise. She shook her head remembering how a three year old Rachel would take out her pacifier and say a clearly articulated sentence and then put her pacifier back in. She shook her head again. Getting rid of that pacifier had been such a challenge.

"You do not know, young lady that I'm discussing a case," Shelby said closing the dishwasher. "We've talked about why these things are private."

"I know," Rachel said looking at her bowl. "I'm sorry." She looked up at her mom. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean -''

"It's alright, baby," Shelby said pulling Rachel into a hug noticing the first signs of a meltdown. "It's just a reminder. I'm not angry. You're alright."

Rachel nodded and looked down at her cereal. Santana sat next to her attempting to offer some comfort with a small nudge of her shoulder.

"So you're working late tonight?" the older girl interjected. She saw that her mother was looking regretfully at Rachel. She needed to distract them all. "Puck, can pick her up. He has senior privileges."

Puck glared at his sister. He then caught sight of Rachel's staring up quietly at him. He gave in. "Sure, I'll pick her up, but she has to watch our practices."

"It's okay, I don't mind," Rachel said quickly. "I'll be fine. I can sit there and do my homework and –''

"Alright," Shelby said rubbing her youngest daughter's back. "I have something that I need to talk you guys about." She watched their faces carefully. "Do you remember me telling you that I'm licensed as a therapeutic placement?"

"For foster care?" Puck asked as he took a bite of the granola bar.

Santana stopped her spoon in mid air. "Someone's moving in with us aren't they? That's why we cleaned up the guest room last weekend."

"It's not set in stone, but I'll know more about it tonight. We'll talk more about it tonight. I want you guys to think about your questions and we'll talk this evening."

"Is he younger than me?" Rachel asked.

"We don't know if it's a he," Santana said to her sister.

"This is something we need to discuss as a family, but I know that we have talked about the possibility several times and those chances fell through, but I think that this will end up happening. You guys can be upset about it if you want but I need to let me know and -''

"No, we told you when you first told us that you might do this that we support it, Mom," Puck said. "We get it."

Shelby looked at her kids. She hated how much they did get it, but she was simultaneously proud that they did.

"Santana? Rachel?" Shelby asked.

"I'm with Puck," Santana said with a reassuring nod.

Rachel looked at her cereal. "Rach?" Shelby leaned over the counter and looked caught her youngest daughter's gaze. "Rachel?"

"I'm good, Mom," she said quietly with a forced smile.

Shelby released a sigh and looked up at the clock. "You guys need to get going. Rachel, Noah will pick you up after school and take you to practice and then we'll talk more about this, all of us, tonight."

"Sounds riveting, ma!" Puck said as he grabbed his keys. He gave Shelby a quick peck on the cheek. "Let's go!"

Santana took one last bite of her cereal. "Bye, Mom! Love you!" And with that she headed out behind her older brother. Rachel climbed off of the stool and started after them.

"Rach," her mother called out.

"Yeah?" she asked turning to face her.

"I love you so, so much. And I'll still love you if you're not okay with this, but you need to tell me okay?" Shelby said gently.

"I'm okay, Mom," she said with a small smile. "I promise."

Shelby kissed her on the forehead. She heard the car honk. "I'll see you tonight, baby."

"Bye," she said and headed out the door.

The school day had gone fairly fast. She had basking in the absence of the captain for a week. Sue had called Santana into her office last week to tell her that she was filling in while Quinn had some sort of bird flu or something heinous. The absence of the captain had allowed her to true embrace the power that was available. She was only a sophomore but she was at the top of the social food chain. She gave a satisfied smirk as her presence intimated a freshman and caused them to scurry. This was her territory or at least it could be. Don't get her wrong she liked Quinn? She frowned and reconsidered. Perhaps 'like' was too strong of a word. She respected her in the silent-no-compliments-i-don't-want-to-boost-your-ego way.

However, she was back and bitchier than ever. They shared a few classes together and she had made sure to reassert her authority with an iron fist. The head bitch had slushied more than a handful of freshman and had ordered Santana and Brittany to force two of the weaker Cheerios to cry in order to snap them back in line. The bitch was back. There was no denying that.

To Quinn Fabray, Santana Corcoran was always second best. They were both sophomores. They were both at the top of the social chain. They were both Cheerios. However, Quinn was always ahead. She was always better and while she hated that and she wanted that spot in the back of her head she knew that Quinn was better. A small part of her, one that would never admit it out loud to a living soul, accepted it.

School was now over. Puck and she had had a silent conversation across the cafeteria saying that Santana would be responsible for the hobbit during practice. She wanted to get into the locker room and out to the bleachers before practice started. She stepped into the locker room and spotted the head bitch. Santana gave her a smirk and started to walk toward her. There was something slightly different in those fiery eyes. Sue Sylvester stepped out.

"Gather the girls on the field and start them with suicides," Sue said casually. "I need to talk to the captain. Also, mini you is already out there."

Santana gave a tight mouthed smile and headed outside. She spotted Rachel immediately sitting quietly on the bench. Her best friend was sitting next to her.

"Hey Britt," Santana said greeting her friend with a small smile.

"Hi," she replied. "Well looks like the lady in charge is here. It was nice to talk to you, Rach."

"Bye, Brittany," Rachel said with a small wave.

Santana watched after her before she turned her gaze back to Rachel. Her look hardened slightly.

"I'm going to say this once. Stay here. I don't want you wondering around the school," Santana said quickly. She turned her back to Rachel and barked at the Cheerios on the sidelines. "Girls! Suicides! Go!" A sea of red and white uniforms ran on to the field.

"What if I have to go to the bathroom?" Rachel asked. "I'm not a dog. I can walk and talk and take care of myself."

Santana rolled her eyes and looked over her shoulders. "Are we really going to argue about this now?"

Rachel retreated and shook her head.

Santana scowled and pursed her lips together. "If you need to go to the bathroom, just wave to me okay?"

Rachel nodded.

Santana returned her attention to the practice and started marching onto the field. "You call those suicides? Those would be if they were for crippled blind people!"

Rachel shook her head at her sister. She certainly yelled a lot.

Santana started running lightly with the girls jeering them on if they weren't fast enough.

"Brittany, I need your eyes. Come help me," Santana called out.

THe blonde ran out of the formation and stood next to Santana breathing hard. "What's up?"

Santana shrugged. "I just didn't want torture you any longer," she whispered. "So the Head Bitch in Charge is back. I was so grateful to not have her in my face for a week. Do you think Coach would notice if I put anthrax in her Gatorade?"

"Oh stop, San," Brittany laughed. "You and I both know you don't hate her as much as you pretend to. You just are threatened by her power."

"Because she keeps taking away mine," Santana argued. She pointed at a freshman. "Campbell, what is that running? You look like a retarded antelope." Santana smirked and folded her arms. She turned her attention back to her best friend.

Brittany shook her head. "You two are so much alike it's ridiculous. Quinn's a softy and she's private about her home life. You are a total softy especially with that munchkin over there." Brittany motioned her gaze back toward Rachel on the bleachers.

Santana followed her gaze and saw that Rachel was no longer even watching the practice but had neatly spread her textbook out next to her and was doing her homework. She hated how obedient Rachel was sometimes. Sometimes she wanted her to argue. She wanted her to break the rules. Don't jinx it, she scolded herself. She turned back to Brittany.

"I just don't get her deal, B," Santana said. "Are you slugs, move it!" she yelled at a few girls slowing down." she took a deep breath and looked at her best friend. "I just hate taking orders from her. We can be a great power team if she recognized it, but noooooo."

"Oh, San," Brittany laughed. "I don't think it's you giving your heart out. You're no saint."

"I sure ain't a crusader," Santana laughed. "Let's go. We should warm up."

Brittany laughed and followed her out onto the field.


He walked into the locker room with ease and confidence, but his eyes demonstrated something else. You didn't have to know Noah "Puck" Corcoran to know that he was pissed. His eyes narrowed as he scanned the locker room. He pulled on his gear and his practice jersey as he spotted the product of his wrath. He gave a tight smile. He narrowed his eyes even more. He hated that he took so much pleasure in this.

"Corcoran," Coach Beiste yelled. "Gather the offensive linemen and get out on the field." The coach looked toward the other part of the team. "Karofsky, lead the defense out onto the field. Let's run some drills, girls!"

Puck pulled his helmet over his head. He caught a glance from his sister on the other side of the field. She had noticed it. She had seen that glint in his eye. He had spent his whole life trying to control his anger. Some how along the way he learned to control it. However, there were three things that someone could threaten in his life that would make him lose it. Those three things meant too much to him to ever let go of that possessive anger.

He yelled out a play and the offense lined up on the yard line. He locked eyes with his target. He gave a grin when he saw the boy's already bruised eye. His sister packs a punch when she hits. He was eager to blacken the other. Puck looked at his team.

"Ready, set, hut!"

Puck used every muscle in his body to pass the ball to his buddy Finn and charge at Karofsky in front of him. The guy didn't know what hit him. He was down on his back moaning in pain from the brut force of Puck's tackle. He could hear Beiste yelling obscenities from the sidelines. He bent down slowly pretending to offer the boy a hand up. Karofsky fell for it and took it. Puck pulled the boy up and leaned close to his ear.

"We have so many more drills to go through. Get comfortable down there, bitch," he hissed.

Karofsky pushed against him. "What the hell, man!"

Puck set up the line again and he yelled out the play. "Ready, set, hut!"

He threw the ball and slammed into Karofsky again. He tried to give the boy credit for trying to get away but he was too satisfied as the boy groaned in frustration and pain. Puck grabbed the front bars of Karofsky's helmet dragging him. He ignored Beiste's calls from the sidelines.

"You touch my sister, you deal with me," he barked in an eerily low tone. "Your ass is mine."

"Corcoran!" Beiste yelled into Puck's ear. How long had she been standing there?

"What the hell is your problem?" Coach Beiste asked.

Puck shook his head and gave a charming grin. "Nothing, Coach. Bad day. I was just apologizing to Karofsky here for pinning him so hard."

Beiste narrowed her eyes and watched her captain carefully. "Go a bit easier on him, Corcoran."

"Sure thing coach," Puck smiled.

The rest of practice didn't go well for Karofsky. Puck was agile and tactful and was able to pin him quickly and with more ease that went unnoticed by Beiste. He wasn't captain for nothing. He would be aching tomorrow and that's exactly what Puck wanted. No one messed with his family.

His mind drifted to the night before.

"What's that?" Puck asked as he shoved his food in his mouth.

Santana looked down at her arm. "Nothing," she shrugged. "Just a bruise from Cheerios."

"You're Varsity and first in command to the captain…. YOU don't get bruises. You give the bruises," Puck argued as he scooped around bite of cereal into his mouth.

"I took care of it," she said with a shrug. "Don't worry about it."

"What do you mean?" He took a swig of milk from the container.

"The rest of us drink out of that too, you know," she hissed.

"What do you mean you took care of it?" Puck said arching his eyebrow and taking another drink from the milk container.

Santana shrugged and grabbed the container from her brother to pour herself some milk. "Karofsky thought that he could touch me and I—''

"He what?"

Santana glared at him and then looked toward the door to the living room. "Keep it down!" She calmed. "Just forget it. I took care of it! You never think that I can take care of myself!"

Santana looked at him with a small smirk. He knew that smirk.

"Don't you dare! I want an answer Santana! You can't just dismiss this," Puck said moving closer to her so that he wasn't shouting.

She ignored him.

"Santana, we're still talking here, don't you dare—'' Puck tried to say.

She gave him one last look before she called over her shoulder "Rach, can you come in here please?"

Puck shook his head. "You can't keep calling her into the room when you want to avoid a question," he whispered.

"I can. And I do because it works," she smirked.

Eleven-year-old Rachel walked into the kitchen with a perplexed look on her face. "I thought you guys were talking about stuff you didn't want me to hear," she said casually with a shrug.

Santana looked at her brother accusingly. "We were," she said. "But we're not anymore. We're done."

"We're far from done," Puck said quietly to Santana.

"I took care of it," Santana said.

"Took care of what?" Rachel asked taking a seat on the counter.

"A jerk," Santana said casually as she took a sip of water.

"Santana," Puck said with a sigh. "Really?"

"What did you do?" Rachel asked in interest.

"I punched him in the face," the older girl said with a shrug.

Rachel gaped at her older sister. "Mom's going to kill you," she said in shock.

"You wanted to be included on the conversation. I included you. Now, don't say a word to Mom." Santana tilted her head and raised her eyebrow at her younger sister.

"Why did you hit him?" Rachel asked propping her chin on the palm of her hand.

"Yeah, San, why did you hit him?" Puck said mimicking Rachel and looking at Santana tauntingly.

Rachel slapped her brother. "Don't be a douche!"

He gave her a light shove back.

"No reason to continue to discuss it," the older girl dismissed. She turned to Puck. "Drop it."

Puck returned to the present. He had dropped the conversation last night but he sure as hell wasn't going to allow Karofsky to get away with being a dick. He walked out to his car and saw he sister waiting there with her arms folded. God, he hated that she was a Cheerio. Of all girls in this school, his sister shouldn't be wearing a Cheerios Uniform. Too many guys oogled their eyes at her. He didn't like it not one bit.

Rachel waved at Santana and motioned toward the school. The older girl gave a quick nod and Rachel wandered. She spotted the auditorium. She just wanted to look. She remembered seeing videos of her mother perform on that stage. She remembered dreaming about singing on it.

She wandered into the auditorium and stared at the stage with fascination. She found herself walking onto the stage and playing the piano quietly. She let her fingers glide across the keys.

"You're pretty good at that," a voice called out from one of the wings.

She jumped. She gave a small sigh of relief.

"Hi Mr. Schuster," she said standing up politely to greet him.

"Hello, Miss Corcoran," he said with a grin at her politeness. She was surely different than her siblings. "You sounded pretty good. Do you take lessons?"

"No, you know Mom's just Mom," Rachel said with a shrug.

She knew that her mother and Mr. Schuster had been friends growing up and he knew about Shelby's incredible musical background.

"Well you should take lessons," he said sitting down on the bench. "Do you like to sing?"

Rachel nodded. "Yes, but we all do."

"Do you want to run some scales?" he asked as he shifted so he was sitting properly at the piano.

"You wouldn't mind?" Rachel asked with a surprised smile.

"Why on earth would I mind?" he said with a warm smirk.

"You might have something better to do," Rachel said.

Will laughed. "I certainly do not."

"You think this is hard? Try sitting in the electric chair! That's hard!" Sue bellowed over the mega phone. "Hit the showers and get out of my sight!"

Santana looked breathlessly toward the bleachers as she wiped her sweaty brow. Why the hell wasn't she back from the bathroom? She started to gather her things.


She rolled her eyes know that her fellow Cheerio was screaming just to reassert her authority.

"Fabray," she sneered back. "Just because you missed a week doesn't mean you can be a total bitch."

"Shut it," Quinn hissed. "The drills you ran before practice were sloppy and disgusting. No wonder you're still under me."

"Is that some sort of pick up line?" Santana countered. "And for your information the drills were what Sue ordered."

Quinn looked over her shoulder. Santana followed her gaze. There was a taxi in the parking lot.

"Are you too weakened by your black plague to drive your car home?" Santana spat. She looked around the parking lot. "Where is your car?"

"Fuck off," Quinn parked. "Get your ass in gear and step in line unless you want to be at the bottom of the pyramid."

Santana scowled. "You wouldn't even know what hit you if you did that."

"Try me," Quinn hissed as she pushed past her toward the taxi.

Santana watched after her with her arms folded. She shook her head she wasn't going to deal with her now.

"Where is Rachel?" Puck asked interrupting her thoughts.

Santana glared at him. "I'm taking care of it. Get her stuff!"

She stomped into the school. The dumb blond bitch thought she knew everything. She marched down the hallway toward the bathroom, but stopped when she heard singing coming from the auditorium. Rachel's singing.

She approached and opened the door with a loud bang.

"Rachel!" Santana scolded. "Let's go! Now!"

"Hi, Santana," Will said standing up putting his hand on Rachel's shoulder. Santana gave an internal growl. "Sorry, we were just practicing."

"Well, she was supposed to be outside where I can see her," Santana said.

Rachel gave Mr. Schuster a small nod and climbed down to her sister, who took her hand. "I'm sorry, San," she whispered.

Santana softened, but said seriously. "We'll talk about this later."

She turned and looked at the Spanish teacher. "Don't you have something better to do than hang out with eleven year olds?"

"Santana, I—'' the teacher began.

"Forget it."

Santana stormed out with Rachel trailing behind her.


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