Epilogue: The Perfect Day

Jack POV

This has got to be the perfect day. I am sitting on a deck chair outside my cabin fishing. Sam is tightening up Gracie's life jacket for the thousandth time, than she sits down next to me. Gracie starts examining some rocks. She's taking after her middle name sake again. Sam sits down next to me. I smile at Sam, "Happy anniversary." I say.

"You've already said that."

"It bears repeating," I replied. I'm so glad we've actually had uninterrupted time off for our anniversary. The last time was our honeymoon, and even then they tried to get us to come in more than once.

Gracie shoves some dirt into her mouth. I can tell Sam's about to panic, so I say, "Gracie come help Daddy fish." And she toddles over. I do my best at dirt removal before pulling her onto my lap.

"What if you catch a fish?" Sam protests.

"There aren't any pesky fish in this pond, are there Gracie girl?"

"Gracie no fish," she replied taking the pole from my hands.

Sam's phone rings. "Carter," I bite my lip. She hasn't been Carter for a year and it still slips out every now and again, "Sam, don't you dare answer that. We are on leave."

"Jack, it's the SGC, the world might need saving."

"Don't you think it's someone else's turn today?"

She ignores me and goes off to answer the phone. After a bit Sam comes and sits down.

"When do we need to leave to save the world Sam?" I ask.

"The world doesn't need saving today, Jack."

I grin. I told you this was the perfect day.