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Sorry about that extended break there, but I have a fair amount on my plate lately. But I do understand that you guys love my writing and if I don't update it is instantly recognized as an international crisis, and that you've probably been desperately waiting for this chapter, and… Okay fine, none of that, but at least one person noticed that it'd been a while… right… maybe. Well regardless, the story continues! Oh, and before confusion stirs up, let me just say, I messed up. A few chapters ago I said that Blue's pregnancy was only a month, or three months, or something like that in, but it was much further along. Sorry, hopefully now that I'm taking writer's craft I'll actually think, what a nice change that'll be.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon. Also, any moments that may make you go "aaawwwww", or "how cute" credit goes to Toradora; I've been watching that and it's inspired some Toradorable ideas ^.^


Green held the phone to his ear, as if it had something to tell him, trying to catch up to his world. The house was so quite he almost felt like the owners had long since moved out.

The wind shook the windows and the neighborhood kids played outside, tossing a ball back and forth, trying to make one another drop it. You miss the ball and you're out; stuck on the sidelines to watch. But they laughed as they played- he yelled.

He lowered the phone to the receiver and let it go. He got to the house too late, but he still had time to get to the hospital.

His heartbeat eventually calmed down. He needed to go; he needed to see her. So he turned out the lights and left.


He arrived at the hospital by two o'clock in the afternoon. "Where's my wife?" he asked a receptionist at the front desk."

The reception looked up at him. "What is your wife's name, sir," she said through a bland and uninterested gaze.

"Blue Oak!"

"One moment please." She took her time typing out the name in the computer. "She should be upstairs in room 151."

Green ran without another word.


"Blue!" Green burst into the waiting room to find Blue's parents Silver and Daisy sitting around. He turned his green eyes to Silver. "What is going on? Where's my wife?"

"She's in the delivery room," Silver explained, not shaken by the force of Green's voice.

"Why wasn't I told what was happening?"

"I called the lab on the way here, but Daisy said you'd already left."

"It's true," Daisy piped in before Green could say anything. "It was after you left. I went by the house to see if you were still there but you must have already been on your way here."

Green glared at Silver, but had nothing more to say.

"Umm, excuse me," a nurse said as she stepped into the waiting room, "You may come in now."

Green turned and ran through the door to see his wife while Silver and Blue's parents and Daisy followed.

"Blue?" He said as he stepped into the room.

"Green, you made it!" Blue rejoiced. "I was afraid you wouldn't."

Green smiled as he saw her lying in the bed, bags under her eyes and a child in her arms. "This is her?" Green asked as he knelt down next to her, gently stroking his finger against the baby's check.

"Yes," Blue said, leaning her head on Green's shoulder. "I was thinking of calling her Melody."

"That's a good name," Green said.

"Can we go home now?"

"You rest honey. We'll go home soon."


Okay, that chapter took a full month to write. Arg, I'm slow lately. And what's with me and the name Melody in anything that has to do with Pokémon? Well regardless, they're happy again! But the drama has yet to end. Blue should learn to keep her phone away from curious eyes.