"You're pregnant." The doctor had said. Eiri didn't want to believe it. He just simply couldn't. He was a guy, after all! Then, he remembered that dream. That voice had said something about pregnancy… No! He can't be! Men can't get pregnant!

Eiri was freaking out. He didn't understand how he was pregnant. It was like some kind of curse. He was a man for god's sake! He quickly got up, and left the room. He was confused. Very confused. Shuichi followed him out of the room.

"Eiri…" Shuichi said quietly.

"I-I don't understand… How can I be pregnant…?" That's when everything went black. He couldn't see anything. All he could see was pure darkness. Eiri tried to yell, but couldn't. Then, he heard the one voice again.

"Yes, Eiri Yuki, it was me. I made it so you can conceive a child. It is your lovers child as well as yours. Treat this gift well and learn from it."

When Eiri awoke, he was in his bed at home. Thinking it was only a dream, he got up and went to look in a mirror. What he saw was not what he was expecting. He had a bit of a belly, one that could only be formed if he was about a couple months pregnant. Eiri stood there in shock for a minute or so, till Shuichi came through the bedroom door and hugged him.

"The doctor says you've been pregnant without you knowing for about a couple months… Yuki, are you okay with having a child?"

Eiri Yuki looked Shuichi in the eyes, thinking. He was scared about having a child, but that didn't necessarily mean he didn't want one. "Yeah, I guess I'm alright with having a little one… It's just scary."

Shuichi smiled at him, then started tearing up, exclaiming, "Oh, Yuki! We're having a child! It's going to be sooo cute! I can't wait! Yuki, this is so cool!"

Eiri just sighed and left the room, but Shuichi followed. He was till rambling on and on about how wonderful having a child will be, though Eiri didn't really mind. He smiled slightly, hoping that it'll be just as great as Shuichi said it was going to be.

It's been about six or seven months since Eiri Yuki and Shuichi Shindou found out that they were expecting a child. Eiri's belly has gotten huge over the months, thus making it so Shuichi had to help him around the house a lot more. It's even gotten to the point where Eiri has ceased writing his famous romance noves, since the baby in his stomach has been getting really demanding. They should be expecting him to go into labor any time soon now, though, so hopefully Eiri doesn't have to be in this pain for too much longer.

Eiri laid in bed while his boyfriend got up to get him some breakfast and coffee. Shuichi's been really protective and always wanting to do everything for Eiri, but he didn't really mind it. He has trouble getting up anyways, and he's been feeling nauseous more often as he gets further and further into the pregnancy.

He was supposed to go into labor yesterday, or at least that was the set day the doctor had given him, but the baby still hasn't came. It pissed him off a little bit, considering he just wants all this pain to be over with. He wanted the little brat out of him so that he could finally actually see the little kid's face and hold him in his arms instead of his stomach. But him hoping and wanting wasn't going to make the baby come out any sooner. Eiri sighed in a frustrated manner, and slowly propped himself up into a sitting position, knowing Shuichi should be back in the room any time now.

Soon enough, his little pink-haired lover was in the room carrying a tray with toast and coffee on it. He was smiling away as usual. "Goodmorning, Yuki!" He set the tray down beside Eiri, then sat on the ground.

"Good morning, brat." Eiri said back, beginning to nibble on his toast. He got through about one piece of toast before he took in a sharp breath. "O-ow… Shuichi, help me up… I need to get up…"

"H-huh? I-is the baby coming?" Shuichi asked hastily, standing up to help him.

"I don't know! Just fucking help me up!" He yelled, pain contorting his face while Shuichi hurriedly got Eiri into a standing position. "W-we need to call an ambulance…"

"T-the baby is coming?!" The pinkette asked again.

"Yes, the baby's coming! Now call a fucking ambulance! Or give me a phone, or something!" Eiri started moving out the door, while Shuichi kept him from falling over.

"O-okay, just calm down… I'll get a phone once we reach the living room…"

"There's no time to calm down!" Eiri yelled, "No, just set me down here and get the phone!"

Shuichi had no time to protest, Eiri let go of Shuichi and practically fell over backwards onto his butt. "Hurry!" He yelled as the pink haired boy ran to get the phone. Eiri's yelps of pain were slowly getting louder. The baby was coming and it was coming fast. Soon, Shuichi came back to where Eiri was laying and sat next time him. "I called the ambulance, and they should be here soon. Just hang in there, Yuki…" Eiri snatched Shuichi's hand and gripped it tightly, sweating profusely while screaming out of pain.

The ambulance showed up in a fair amount of time, and lifted Eiri up into it. Shortly after, they were in a hospital room and Shuichi was out in the waiting room. It seemed like forever that Shuichi was left out there waiting. He was nervous. They were having a baby! He's never taken care of one before! He also hoped Eiri was alright.

After about 5 hours in the waiting room, they called Shuichi in there. He jumped up quickly and ran in there as fast as he could. What he saw was truly wonderful. Eiri was laying there with a small little child in his arms, looking down at it. He looked up once Shuichi entered the room, and smiled. "It's a girl, Shu…" Shuichi went over to his bedside and looked at the baby, almost in tears. She was the most beautiful little girl he's ever seen.

The rest of the day, and evening, Shuichi stayed by Eiri's side. Holding and loving on the baby, the new life that has entered their lives. By then, they knew they would be able to handle the responsibility of having a kid. They were happy.

Sometime that night, after Shuichi had to leave and when the baby had to go to the nursery, Eiri heard that voice again. This time he was asleep, he was wide awake. It said, "You did good. Have a happy life, and treat your family well. Goodbye, Eiri Yuki."

Eiri smiled, knowing he had a really good life ahead of him. Which will include marrying the love of his life, raising a wonderful kid, and just all around success. He loved and enjoyed his life, and couldn't see Shuichi or the kid not being in it. This made him happy.

I decided to finish it. It's a bit half-assed, I would say. But I still got it done. I felt the need to, and plus, I didn't want to leave you guys hanging. I know I don't post much on here, but that's only because I'm not sure if I should since apparently the site has been deleting stories or something like that. I might move to another site, or even made a Tumblr just for my fanfiction/original fiction, so then I would have it all together. I'm still thinking on it, though. Also, I'm sorry for taking so long to finish this. And as for that girl I was together with, I'm still really mad at her, but mostly I'm mad at her parents/family. She's not completely out of my life, but I never want to get close to her again, just because it'll hurt me and I know it. But other than that, I've been really good. I'm still dealing with depression, but I've found things that help. Thank you all for the support, and I want you to know if you guys ever need someone to talk to, I'm here just as you guys are for me. Even if you just want someone to chat with, haha. Well, I've talked too much, so I hope you guys have a nice day!