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It was another beautiful day today, the sun was shining and the world happy. 'Not beautiful and happy enough', Mayura thought disappointedly, pouting at her hands in her lap. "Where were all the mysteries?'

It had been a few months since Loki's disappearance scare and everyone was happy that everything was back to normal, for the most part…. It was awkward for a couple of days, Mayura hanging around the agency long after she was meant to go home just to make sure Loki didn't leave again. This was endearing, but still awkward.

She would try to follow him everywhere, and that means everywhere. A couple days of that and Loki had to let out his built up annoyance and told her he wasn't going anywhere far away so she didn't need to accompany him to the bathroom. After that she calmed down a little and they fell back into their normal routine ending with her, thankfully, going home just after dinner.

"Loki-kun?" Mayura asked the spaced out boy behind his desk.

Snapping out of his reverie he turned to look at her. "Yes, Mayura?"

A blush crossed her cheeks and she looks down. "It's nothing… never mind." She said, smiling unconvincingly at him. She had been thinking about him since the day he had left, and she was so overjoyed he came back… But she never knew why exactly she was so happy about it. Sure, he was someone important to her but in what way?

It couldn't be that way; he was eight years old for crying out loud. But there was the distinct butterflies in her stomach whenever she looked at him… she shook her head. No, no that couldn't be, she was just worried about him leaving again; that's all. But she did want to know why he came back. Though she hadn't come up with enough courage yet to ask him.

He raised an eyebrow at her but shrugged. "Alright." Oh yeah, she was definitely hiding something. What, he wasn't sure, but she had been trying to say something ever since he came back. He just wished she would already, it was getting annoying now.

"Loki-kun?" she asked again.

"What is it Mayura, just spit in out." He said directly, closing the file before him and leaning back in his chair to give her his undivided attention.

"Well, I was just wondering…" should she ask? She couldn't decide. "… Well that is… um… Why did-"

The door swung open at that moment and Yamino came in, earning him a glare from his father. Always the one for perfect timing…

"I've brought snacks and-"Yamino looked at his father's slightly angry expression. "Some tea." He finished, setting down the plate of cookies and the kettle and cups on the desk so that he could lean closer to Loki. "What's with the look?" he whispered.

"Nothing," Loki answered evenly. He motions for the tea and Yamino pours his father and Mayura some, taking the cup over to her.

"Did I miss something?" Yamino asked Mayura.

She blushed and looked down into her new tea. "Well… No not really."

He gave her a questioning look but dropped it. Maybe he could get it out of Loki later on when she was gone. "Dinner will be ready in an hour." He said before taking his leave.

Loki turned back to Mayura almost instantly. "Well?" he prodded.

Her blush deepened and she kept her gaze down. "It's just… I have questions."

His heart stopped for a moment. Had she finally figured it out? "And?"

"You see…" she said setting her tea down to twiddle her thumbs. "They're about you."


"And I'm not sure I should ask." That was true, but mostly because it meant she would be asking such a young boy something she herself wasn't sure of. 'I like him', she admitted to herself. 'But is that it? And in what way?' her heart raced. Oh Kami-sama, help her.

The 'Kami-sama' in question just eyed her with amusement. Her cheeks were flushed in the cutest way… Whoa, wait? Did he just think about her being cute? This was Mayura! The annoying 'mystery girl' as his eldest son put it, and a mortal at that.

Maybe her questions weren't such a good idea. He didn't know what they were about, but he was sure that he probably couldn't answer her truthfully.

"Maybe your right." He said quickly.

A hurt expression crossed her face for a moment before she plastered a smile on. "Y-yeah," she stuttered. "Well anyways, I think it's time to go. Papa will be getting worried soon."

Loki looked to the grandfather clock in his study and then back to the girl. "But Mayura, it's only-"

"Ja ne!" she threw over her shoulder before racing down the stairs and out of the house.

"Five," he finished saying into the now empty room. Maybe, this was a good thing…

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