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Despite earlier predictions for the day, things were going pretty well. But that was before Mayura showed up. Loki still didn't know what to say to the girl about yesterday, or whether his words warranted an apology. But the same could be said for her. Hadn't he said it before that she shouldn't be sticking her nose into things just because of curiosity?

But pushing that aside, he focused on the present; and the present was trying to make him decide on having a party for Christmas in a few weeks.

"… we could even invite the other gods. Wouldn't that be fun?" Yamino said with a smile.

"Not really," Loki replied dryly. Why would he want to do that?

Yamino's face fell and he sighed. "Very well, but consider it would you?"

Loki looked at his son evenly and shrugged, mindlessly petting his other son in his lap. "If I must, though I don't see why we have to have a party. I'm sure everyone else will be busy enough as it is, and a small family thing wouldn't hurt us for once, would it?"

Yamino nodded. "I guess not, Loki-sama." With that he smiled and left the room, going back to the kitchen to prepare snacks for the coming myriad of people who flocked to his house as soon as school was over. Namely just Mayura and Thor, or Narugami as he named himself here on Midgard, but even with just those two it would be a daunting task, Narugami being a bottomless pit.

That left Loki alone with his thoughts from before. What was he going to do about Mayura?... As if on cue, he could hear the familiar and distinct sound of Mayura arriving and his mind instantly went blank while he waiting in silence for her arrival in his study.

She smiled at Yamino as he took her coat and scarf from her to place them in the closet before heading up the stairs, taking them two at a time. She plastered on a smile and threw open the door. "Loki-kun, any mysteries today?"

"Afternoon Mayura," he greeted her back with a small smile. "And no, none today."

She pouted and plopped down into her usual seat on his couch, lying back to look up at the ceiling in thought. In her head she had planned this far for today, the main objective to act normal. But it was failing.

"Is everything alright?"

Sitting forward she smiled at the boy. "I'm fine." She lied. Obviously, she wasn't, for inside her head and heart a storm was raging between really asking him and just keeping it to herself.

Unknown to her though, Loki was going through a very similar war within himself. He wanted to know the answers to his questions, he just wasn't sure she could give him those answers. On top of it, he also wanted to know the reason behind her actions yesterday.


His eyes focused on the girl, and then on the blush on her face. "Yes?"

"I'm sorry," she said hurriedly. "I was acting weird yesterday." Smiling, she hoped he just accepted it like that, not asking any further. She wasn't sure that if he did ask her that she wouldn't blurt out something she didn't mean to, or something he didn't want to hear.

He smirked. "I'm used to your weirdness by now Mayura. If you were going to apologize for it you should have done it when we first met."

Sticking out one cheek angrily she leveled with him. "Same goes for you."

Loki only smiled at her anger even that could be cute… Damn… Taking a deep breath he placed the book on his desk strategically in front of his face, as if he were reading it, to cover the blush now present. "I don't know what you mean by that."

She stood and walked over to his desk to pull the book from his hands. "You're doing it now."

He looked down to cover his blush a reached up for the book, when she pulled it away further back behind her.

"You're going to have to try harder than that." Mayura teased him.

Still keeping his head down, he stood on his chair and reached over the desk, his fingers barely touching the binding of the book. If only he could reach just a little further… but his arms were too short. Now even more embarrassed by his stature he huffed and looked up to give her a piece of his mind, reaching a little further…

She was only teasing him, a little pay back if you will. His hair at the top of his head was tickling her nose, but he was refusing to look at her. When she pulled the book back only a little more he suddenly looked up, mouth open to speak, and he went forward… a little too much.

It was a moment only a second long, maybe shorter. It was an accident too but neither could hide their surprise and embarrassment from it. Just a moment, a small moment but long enough, their lips had touched.

Loki suddenly flew back into his seat, his green eyes wide in surprise and shock before he could school his features.

Mayura however was frozen in place; the book still in her hand behind her and her lips puckered the slightest bit. Had they just… No…. But that warmth… It couldn't be, could it? Her mind snapped back to reality and she set the book down on his desk carefully and took the steps necessary to put the couches and table between them.

Her heart beat widely and loudly in her chest and her face felt like it would catch fire. "I-I'm so-sorry Loki-k-kun…" Dear Kami what had she done? She and Loki-kun had just kissed, and she felt… content? Elated? And definitely weak at the knees. Yes she liked him, but she had liked other boys too, and kissed one before. But nothing felt like this…

"That will teach you not to tease me," he said coolly, hiding his blush behind the book once again.

What were his early predictions for today? That it wouldn't be good for him? He was right, this wasn't good for him. But at the same time, he couldn't describe how happy he felt or why he was feeling it. Could it be that he… he had feelings for Mayura beyond her just being important to him? The fast beating of his heart and the blush could be a testimony to that. But, if that was true, had he stayed for her because he liked her like this? Was it just like? Because he never felt this much towards any of the many other girls he had been with before, it was never like this…

…..Oh no… Through thick and thin, always being there for each other and having spent lots of time together for over a year, slowly and surely getting closer, could it be?...

Loki-kun is too young for that…

I couldn't do that Mayura…

For the second time that week Mayura turned and walked out of his office, leaving Loki sitting at his desk staring after her, both of their minds on that kiss.

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