A Jori Story: Tough Love Part One

tori: "im the new girl here at hollywood arts i only know two people here so far my sister trina and a guy named andre."
jade: [walking down the hall with beck's arm around her and sees tori] "who's that?"
beck: "she's the new girl."
jade: [checks her out]
beck: "uhm why are you staring at her?"
jade: "i don't like her."
beck: "but you haven't even met her yet."
jade: "i just know i don't like someone before i meet them."
beck: "uhm okay?"

in class..

sikowitz: "okay class we have a new student her name is tori vega."
robbie: "as in trina vega?"
tori: "she's my sister."
sikowitz: "im so sorry.."
tori: "huh?"
cat: "hi! im cat!"
tori: "nice to meet you cat."
cat: "get it my name is cat like the cat?" [laughs]
tori: "yeah i got that.."
jade: [walks into class with beck]
sikowitz: "jade, beck you're late."
beck: "sorry sikowitz."
jade: "we were making out."
[the class goes ewww]
jade: "shutup losers!"
sikowitz: "thank you jade. now tori you can take an open seat."
tori: [sits down by andre] "hey andre."
andre: "hey tori. how are you liking hollywood arts?"
tori: "its pretty cool. do you know what's up with that jade girl?"
andre: "don't mind her she's always like that."

in the hallway..

tori: [looking for her locker] "im so confused.." [taps on someone shoulder] "hey can you help me?"
beck: "sure with what?"
tori: "im having a hard time finding my locker."
beck: "don't worry ill help ya out its hard to tell which locker is which with all these different designs on them."
tori: "tell me about it. this school is so much different from my last one."
beck: "hmm 215..that's right over there by the locker with the lima beans on it."
tori: "thanks for your help." [accidently knocks his coffee on him] "oh my gosh im so sorry!" [starts to wipe it off him]
jade: [sees them] "excuse what is going on here?"
tori: "i-i was just-"
jade: "touching MY boyfriend!" [pulls beck to her side]
beck: "jade she was just cleaning coffee off of me."
jade: "i don't care nobody touches my boyfriend but me!"
tori: "im so sorry jade please don't hurt me!"
jade: "too late. from now on we're enemies new girl." [gives tori an evil look and walks away with beck]
tori: "great my first day and someone already hates me.."

at lunch..

tori: [looking around for some where to sit]
andre: "hey tori over here!" [sitting at a table with cat and robbie]
tori: [sits by andre] "hey guys."
cat: "hi hi!"
robbie: "hello tori." [winks at her]
tori: "uhm..hey robbie.."
andre: "sorry he can be weird..sometimes.."
jade: [sitting with beck] "can you believe that loser? i can't wait to punch her in the face!"
beck: "jade relax it's not a big deal-"
jade: "yes it is! i am going to make that new girl pay.."

what did you think for my first story? im gonig to write other stories with different couples from other shows but im warning you most of them are femslash, cuz i love them the best:)3