Giving You Life

Well first thing I want to say is, this is my first Pokefic. Second I wrote it after reading a comment… somewhere I can't remember where, sorry hehe, something about our dear Red being dead. Third this is a RedxYellow fic.

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Summery. _

A champion can stay champion as long as people claim them as such. However is nature one that knows how to pick non-champions as victims, or will the youngest of the champs fight a battle not even he can win.

The cold winds could be heard whistling through the vast opened mountain, the only sound that of the wind. A cold statue-like person stood at the very top of the mountain gazing downward, not a word came out of the statue's lips for they were sealed by death itself.

Warm sunny day in Viridian forest

"Hello, madam could you help me find someone please?" Asked a soft yet determined voice to an old lady. "Oh dear, how long has it been since someone called me that." Muse the aged woman, turning to the young girl. A soft smile found it self on the young girls lips, her sapphire eyes shining with the light of the sun yet gloomed by and unknown source perhaps urgency. Her long hair with texture of soft clouds, and a soft silver color. The old woman smile sweetly as her answer came. "My dear call me Granny, every youngster does, you mustn't be from around. Am I right dear?" question granny. "Oh, well I have been around its just…well uh…" the girl stud without an answer. Granny let a loud sweet laugh, "Its alright dear, what was that the you need help finding."

"A boy," rapidly answer the girl. The old granny let out yet another laugh. "Aren't we all?" "No! Uh what I meant is, here I am looking for the." Said the girl pulling out from her pocket two pencil drawings.

The first one showed a young girl with long hair, pulled in a ponytail, big soft eyes and a gentle smile. A sting attached around her small neck holding a big straw hat. The other was of a young boy with dark short hair, stern look on his eyes, which were shaded by a sports like cap, and a soft smile.

"Oh, you are looking for Yellow and the young champion, well with Yellow I can help. As for him."

"He is off training, I just need help finding Yellow for now." Interrupted the young girl. "I see, I see. Please do follow me." granny said guiding the young teen into a light pink house.

"I called for her help, when my playful jigglypuff fell from a tree trying to get some berries. It's a good thing she was passing by." 'Granny, we are in the heart of viridian right?" Asked the girl, in return she received a nod. "Eh… it's the first time I see this house." Came the girls voice as her eyes wander inside the home, walls full of pictures and drawings.

"Right. It used to be an old berry farm when I was young, many moons ago. As I grew up it closed its doors, and those who lived here move away. Sometime ago I was taking a stroll with Jigglypuff, when I came upon my one home and decided to move back." Explained the wrinkled lady as she took the young girl out into a spacious backyard.

"Granny Lu, Jigglypuff is alright now." Came a happy-go-lucky, melodious voice. "Yellow sweet heart, this young lady is looking for you." Introduce granny Lu as she approached Yellow and her now recovered jigglypuff. Extending her arms wide, giving the gesture of a hug the silver haired new comer said "Yellow, Hun!"

The blonde girl gazed confused, questions drowned her thoughts. Had she met such an individual on her ongoing adventures or was she just one of many fans. She was definitely a trainer, seven pokeballs hung from her belt. Wait seven, but how?

As she analyzed the girl in front of her yellow never realize she was staring, since the silver haired put her hands on ether side of her face, trying desperately to take off whatever was that she had on her face.

"Oh, no sorry you are clean its just that I cant recall meeting you." Explained the young girl. "Oh right, we never officially met, wow this is awkward. I look like a total stalker don't I?" asked the girl to the two women present, the youngest answer by shacking her head, while the oldest nodded her head.

Yellow looked at the reaction the yet un-named young gal received, polar opposites, a giggle escaped her tiny pinkish lips.

"eh, my name is Shiroi, nice to meet you!"

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