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"Whaaa.. no thats not it, its just how is it that you are going to eat all this? wouldn't it give you cavities?"

Yellow question in concerned. "dunno, i have been eating a lot of sweets since…" "PIKA!" the small conversation the two girls had started was…pika(**) interrupted by Chuchu, who stud from Shiroi's shoulders pointing at the map said girl held.

"Alright, alright we are leaving already. huh? Ready?" said Shiroi as she put the map and Chuchu under Suicune's care then turning towards the blonde girl, with a nod the two got on Suicune and ride away following the reddish twilighting horizon.


Since we left my house back in Viridian City1, around an hour an a half ago, my mind couldn't help but wander and be fueled with questions. As we smoothly rode on suicune mostly in silence, a comfortable one, enjoying the 'soft' breeze passing us. it was still enjoyable.

"Shiroi, can i ask you something?" i broke our silence. "Hmm? yes, go on ahead!" she said a little loud, since the wind prevented us from whispering. "What did you do to Misty to enrage her?" i asked, i truly wanted to know what could cause such thing from Misty.

"Well…Where should i start. it was yesterday around two in the afternoon i was looking for her, you know the whole 'might you know where i can find Red and/or Yellow' question; but when i found her she was with some guy at the Cerulean cape, they seemed to be having a heated discussion. he ran away once he saw me." explained the girl in front of me, as she ducked her head a bit, trying desperately to breath normally once more.

i acknowledged her answer with a nod as i looked up, noticing that the Plateau was becoming visible. nearing faster and faster. "You can tell me later, once we aren't traveling at high speeds!" i said with a light smile. she laugh but agreed.

We were standing at the Plateau's entrance in what felt like a flash. we hopped off of suicune, who stretched its body giving happy yelps.

As i glance around the Plateau was fueled with people looking our way. i never really liked being in the 'spot-light', so i tried my best to block their stares. failing miscibly. pretending to be busily talking with Chuchu and Tama(suicune), Shiroi had disappeared telling us something about checking our leaving from Kanto into her PokeGear's data base. At that i giggled when i patted Tama, "She wanted more sweets, she said that they can only be found at 'oh-so-great-plateau-why-can't-they-have-it-every-where-else?' explained the quiet Pokemon. i guess she really likes her sweets.

As we waited for Shiroi i couldn't help hear people gossip and whisper conversations that confused me, they would say things such as: 'Is that not the Legendarie's Tama?' and 'Is the Legendary back?'

however their was one innocent yet chilling question that froze me in place. such innocent question came from a little girl holding a Pichu doll. "Mumy, the champions girl-friend is visiting the Plateau. can i say 'hi' to the champion mummy, can i…please!" she question/exclaimed pointing my way. i turned away, flushed.

i looked up when i heard my name being called, as i looked around it was the four of us once again. Shiroi sat with a sigh, a very lacking of air sigh, "You look flush, is it to hot here?" Shiroi question as she reached for four bottles of lemonade, and a round container, handing me two of them. I thanked her, giving one to Chuchu, and rapidly gulped mine down. embarrassment gulped down with it.

"It's five something, want to stop here, or should we keep going?" questions Shiroi, while looking at the clear skies, i lightly panted since the cold, sweet, delicious liquid had taken my breath. "If it is okay with Tama then i am as well." i said as i petted Tama who looked up from the bowl of lemonade. 'Ready to leave!' exclaim Tama letting a loud roar. "Alright, Let's go!… on and before i forget, got you this." she said handing me a pair of dark, almost black, drown and yellow gloves. they remained me of the once Red owned. "I figured you might liked them." Shiroi said giving me a smile, which i returned as i thanked her.

once our things had been gather we made our way to the plateau's exit, and into route 28, always getting more and more stares our way.

"AH! the beautiful sound of wild pokemon!" muse Shiroi as she inhaled the crisp, fresh, cooling air, once we enter the lone route. indeed the air and the natural light felt much better and refreshing, best thing was that we were past all the glancing eyes. "Want some?" she offered putting a honey-golden stick?…bar on top of Tama's mouth, which he move catching the treat. it resemble one of those cheese-sticks. "w..what is it?" to be honest i truly question what it was, never had i seen such a thing unless it was cheese but it didn't look like it up close, "Cheese! … nah i am just playing with yah! here try it." she said jokingly handing me a piece, and giving one to Chuchu. To say that Chuchu hated it would be one of the greatest lies ever, her expression was priceless, as soon as the object had been taste her eyes wide, her cheeks flushed(one could even see it over her already reddish cheeks) and the sweetest expression over took her. "CHU-CHU- PIKA-CHUUU!" she cried in delight. once again i eyes the piece that belonged to me and popped in my piece.

It's hard to explain what it taste like; it was chewy yet there was no need to chew, it melted in the paladar sending wave after wave of sweetness. but it was never overwhelming. soon the treat was gone, and i was felt wishing for more.

"So? did you like it?"

"How come i never knew of such sweet? What is it?" i question, none of the sweets i have eaten was like this particular one. not even those sold during the festivals. "hehe i will take that as a yes. truth be told it was probably because you can only find them at the Plateau, sucks yes? even though it a great treat, not matter if you are a pokemon or not. It contains moo-moo milk and lots of sweet honey, some people say it taste like cheese with sugar ewww" it was amusing to see how easily she got sidetracked from the ingredients to people's taste buds.

we walked, sharing the 'moo-moo-legs'* or at least thats the name Shiroi decided on the treat, making conversation until we came back to the questions left un-answer.

"as i was saying before, Misty told me to 'never-again-show-your-face-in-my-city,' since i had scared away her boyfriend." i listened on, trying my best not to laugh at her imitation of an irritated Misty. it was rather comical.

"I went back the next day, since i was truly confuse with her behavior, she challenged me to a battle. which i easily won. Again she enraged worst than a gyarados and told me to look for someone else for help. once i exited the gym the guy from the day before was there to apologias for her.

we went to a near by coffee shop, there he explained everything that was going on. he said that the was from Pallet town an that he would be leaving to the Unova region. that was her reason for being upset."

silently i wanted to think of another trainer form Pallet town, no one came to mind. "I can't think of anyone going to Unova." i said letting my train of thought freely crash somewhere. "Yeah, he said that he has been traveling for quite a while now. he had been up in Sinnoh just a couple of weeks ago. "

"do you know his name?" i asked really curious about his identity. "Ash Ketchum, he entered the Pokemon League some years ago; he left after it and hasn't really been around since." a small "Oh" left my lips, it was no wonder i did not know personally; yet a vogue memory came to mind, it was at Professor Oak's lab, Mrs. Delia was talking about her son coming finally coming home.


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*- this is an actual treat, although i replace the sugar with sweet honey-since its healthier for pokemon XD, not sold in the U.S thats for sure. its a traditional sweet from a country in Central America.

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