You Are Kira

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For those that have not seen the anime "Death Note" it is about this cursed book that has the ability to kill if the person's full name is written down with their face in mind. They can write the time and how they die if it's rational. (Like if some lived in America and they die in an hour in front of Big Ben, that is obviously impossible and won't work) The defailt death is by a heart attack.

"I can't wait for Halloween!" Vanille exclaimed, skipping down the marketplace with the bags of candy in her hand.

Fang smiled at the redhead that was scampering ahead. When Serah explained to the pulsians about the festivity on October 31st, Vanille eyes lit up with excitement and the first thing she asked of Fang was: "Can we go by the marketplace tommorrow and stock up for the little trick or treaters?"

So of course, Fang couldn't resist Vanille's wide green eyes and took her shopping for goodies. Though she would not admit it out loud, Fang was kinda hoping Halloween is everything Serah gushed about. Scares, tricks, more scares.

It was the perfect day to pull pranks, which was Fang's speciality when it doesn't involve her spear or Vanille.

"Ow!" Fang felt something solid hit the back of her neck, almost giving her whiplash. Vanille instantly turned around to face the dark haired pulsian.

"What's that? Are you alright?" Vanille asked, her eyebrows furrowed in worry. Her eyes landed on a little black book that was by Fang's sandals. The source of the dark haired pulsian's pain.

She set her bags of candies down and picked up the little black book.

Death Note

"What is this?" Vanille asked alloud, flipping the pages of the book.

Fang was still looking around for the jerk that almost caused her parylisis. "Coward." She muttered, as she took the object out of Vanille's hand, flipping through the pages as well. "Huh," She turned back around to no one in particular waving the object. "Not getting this back you punk!"

She flipped her head, stuck her nose up and stormed off, picking up the candy bag Vanille had set down and placing the book in.

Later that night...

Fang was actually reading the thing.

She didn't know why she did, but when Vanille had excused herself to go shower, the dark haired pulsian decided to put the bag of candies in the pantry. She had almost forgotten about the book until she noticed it's spine peeking out the bag.

She rolled her eyes, still peeved she never confronted the culprit that had the nerve to throw something at her! Her! Oerba Yun Fang!

She opened the lid to her trash can, insisting on tossing the thing in the trash, but for some reason...a little voice, a low dark one could be heard in the back of her mind.

Read it...

And of course like she always does, she listened to it. She closed the lid back, ignoring the rest of the groceries and walked upstairs to her room, already opening up the cover.

How to Use the Death Note

The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen.

If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

"Whatcha' doing Fang?" Vanille asked, as she was just getting done pulling the nightgown over her head. "Your reading it?"

"yeah." Fang answered, her eyes not leaving the page. "This is actually pretty cool. I know it's not real but it's like a voodoo doll...only in notebook form. Here read it yourself."

She handed the little black book to Vanille, who hesitently accepted it. She skimmed through the words, her eyes darkening at how obviously cruel the joke is. And as a girl who believes more in sunshine, butterflies, and rainbows, she felt her usually peppy mood plummet.

"This is horrible." Vanille said. Her eyes widened as the usual mischievous glint sparkled in her girlfriend's eye. "No! Don't do it. What if it's real?"

Fang rolled her eyes at Vanille already getting up from her bed and searching around for some sort of writing utensil. When she came across one she sprawled back down on the bed, skipped the instruction section of the notebook and folded it on a clean blank page.

Perfect for writing in...but who should I put down?

The first person that came to mind was Lightning. But if the book was real like Vanille said, then she would be in deep shit if something really happened to the pink haired soldier. She wouldn't hear the end of it.

And another thing she won't admit aloud is that she would actually miss tormenting her.

So she crossed that off the list.

Maybe I should target someone I don't know. Or at least, they don't know me.

So she thought of celebrities. There's that popsinger that is just as adrogynous as Hope.

What was that song called. "Baby"?

Or that chunky little slut on that drama reality show that everyone likes so much.

Then she got someone in mind.

She bit the cap off the pen and scribbled down:

Selphie Tilmitt - everyone gets so annoyed with her they kick her out of Balamb Garden and while piloting her airship to who knows where she crashes into Pulse in the most horrible way possible. In exactly forty one seconds from now.

"Who's Selphie Tilmitt?" Vanille asked curiously cocking her head to the side.

"She's from that show, you know the one about the kids that go to that military school, Balamb Garden." She quickly explained, keeping an eye on the clock.

Exactly forty one seconds after she wrote it...her phone started ringing.

Fang reached over, expecting some news of Selphie's terrible death to have been reported just like that. "Hello?"

"Hi, we're telemarketers-"


How much did Fang hate telemarkters. Even more now since they made her get all excited thinking Selphie Tilmitt actually died!

"I can't believe it. Of course it didn't work. It's just a toy-"

"Oh my gosh!" Vanille exclaimed, her phone in front of her. Fang didn't even realize Vanille was busy texting. "I got a text message from Hope. He says that Selphie Tilmitt was reported dead!"

"What!" Fang exclaimed. "Vanille, if your joking I am going to kill you and hug you for taking after me!"

"He says it's on the news." The redhead was already sprinting down the steps, Fang following closely behind. They hopped over their couch, Fang reached for the remote and turned on the t.v. switching to the news channel.

The television showed what looked like an airship accident. Smoke was everywhere and a fire was just being extinguished. Being interviewed right now was a blonde guy with a weird tatoo on the side of his face. "I loved Selphie you know. She was a fun girl." He was bawling. "Why did she-"

Vanille's heart clenched and she felt like she was going to throw up. She gripped onto Fang's blouse. "Fang! We're murderers! We killed an innocent."

Fang was not going to lie, her heart was having an irregular heartbeat as soon as she saw that fire. Yeah she can be cruel, but she'll never kill people. "D-don't worry Vanille." Trying to stay strong for the redhead. "We didn't kill her by hand. It was an accident. No one can prove anything."

Vanille was breathing deeply through her mouth hard. On the brink of hyperventilating. But once Fang's words reached her, she started calm down. Her eyes suddenly flashed uncharacteristically and dangerously.

"Get rid of that book." Vanille warned. And for the first time, the redhead's voice made Fang's blood freeze.

"I'll throw it away right now."

"No! I do not want it to be anywhere near me or this house. Get rid of it."

And so that's what Fang did, she walked all the way to the the GC Headquarters and tossed the book into the dumpster. Satisfied with getting rid of the damned thing, she made her way back to her home.

As soon as she was out of sight, a hobo popped out of the dumpster holding the little black notebook in his hand. He cackled through his chipped teeth like he found buried treasure.

"I'm gonna be eating good tonight!" he leaped out of the dumpster, scampering around to the front of the GC Headquarters and running head on into something...or someone and falling on his back, dropping the notebook in the process.

"Hey!" Lightning barked at the hobo. "Watch where your going!"

The hobo cowered in fear at the icy cold tone Lightning used, and scurried off, forgetting to pick up his treasure. Lightning's eyes landed on the little black book, and rolling her eyes picked it up using only her index finger and thumb and intended to throw it in the nearby trash bin.

"Lieutenant Farron." Amodor's voice broke through the cold silent night, and instantly Lightning stuffed the notebook into her vest without thinking and saluted to her boss.

"Lieutenant!" She said mechanically, her back straight and her head high.

Amodor laughed at this. "At ease, soldier. It's after hours."

"I'm sorry sir." She apologized, relaxing her posture.

"Are you just heading home? Do you need an escort?"

"I can make it home on my own, sir. Thank you for the offer sir." She saluted once more and let Amodor dismiss her.

The next morning...

Knock! Knock! Knock!


Knock! Knock! Knock!


Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!

The rapid knocking caused the pink haired soldier to groan from the couch. She must have been so tired that she didn't even bother to change or head for the bedroom and just passed out on the couch in her uniform.

She rolled off the couch and grudgedly trudged to the door, yawning hugely. She opened the door for the silver haired teen.

"Hey, Light!" He greeted, much too happily.

Lightning blinked the sunlight out of her eyes, standing aside for Hope to enter. "Ugh, give me a minute Hope, I just woke up."

She excused herself to the bathroom to brush her teeth and fix her hair (That resembled a chocobo's nest). Trying to stifle another yawn she caught sight of something black sticking out of her vest. She pulled the object out and grimaced.

I never threw this thing away. Who knows where this has been!

She shuddered in disgust, swiftly exiting the bathroom to the kitchen getting ready to throw the book away. "What's that, Light?" Hope asked, his eyes sparkling in curiousity.

"Some notebook this creep dropped. I was going to throw it away..."

"Can I see?"

"Hope, you don't know where it has been!" But she still handed the thing to the teenager anyway. He flipped through the pages, reading the instructions out loud.

" 'How to Use the Death Note. The human whose name is written in this note shall die...?' " He read.

Lightning snorted in a sort of unladylike manner, looking through the fridge for something suitable for breakfast. Of course she found nothing.

I really need to keep this fridge filled in case of visitors. Serah would call me a rude host.

She shut the fridge door a bit bitterly.

" 'This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.' " Hope continued to read as Lightning rolled her eyes, pulling out a box of granola bars out of the pantry.

"That's just those chain letters about people dying and mumbo jumbo. I don't know why people take such amusement of other people's expense. It's sickening." She opened one of the packages, handing a bar to Hope and taking a bite out of the second one.

"Whoever wrote this is very detailed though. I think it's good for people who need to vent." Hope continued to flip through the pages, skimming through the instructions. He finally ended up on the blank page where Fang's previous entry was submitted. His eyes widened almost choking on his breakfast. "L-Light! I think this thing is real!"

"What?" Lightning asked from the couch, quirking an eyebrow.

Hope bounded over to the pink haired soldier showing her the entry. "Selphie Tilmitt's name is written in here and exactly how she died. I think the person who wrote in here is the one who killed her." The younger boy covered his mouth in complete shock.

However, the pinkhaired soldier rolled her eyes at his reaction, taking the notebook from him. "Oh, please. It's just a coincidence."

And feeling like she had to prove something to the silver haired teen, she got up and headed toward her computer desk and took out a pen. Hope's eyes widened in horror. "Light, what are you doing!"

The pinkhaired soldier tapped her chin with the ballpoint pen, thinking of a suitable victim.

The first person to pop into mind was Fang.

"Please don't kill anyone we know." Hope begged, sounding about to cry.

So for his sake, Lightning decided to write someone she didn't know.

What was that author's name. The one that wrote that stupid love triangle about a L'Cie and Soldier who fell in love with this average Cocoon schoolgirl. Think her name was Yuna Burress?

She scribbled the name into the spot right under Selphie's name. When she was done she set the pen down and counted the seconds down.

Forty seconds...

"L-Light..." Hope whimpered, clutchning his pants.

When the forty seconds were up, the pink haired soldier sighed getting up from her seat. "See, just a ruse. Relax Hope. Now go watch t.v. while I get changed."

She excused herself from the living room and left Hope recollecting himself.

Calm down, Hope. Light was right. It was just like those chain letters..

He blew out a breath of relief, looking around for the remote, that was tucked in between the cushions and switched the television on. Some cartoon was on until suddenly.

"We interupt your program today to bring you some unexpected and devastating news."

Hope's heart clenched at the words.

In the bedroom, Lightning was just buttoning up her leather black pants, and throwing on a black sweater over her tank top.

"LIGHT!" Hope's voice cried out.

Lightning groaned in annoyance, swinging the bedroom door open and storming back into the living room. "WHAT!" She barked in spite of herself.

Though Hope usually recoils at Lightning's angry voice, he was more focused on the news. Lightning followed his unsteady gaze to the television, a balding man wiping away tears with his tie.

"Our beloved writer, Yuna Burress was found dead in her bedroom this morning. Doctors say it was from a heart attack."

Lightning's icy blues widened just like Hope's did, and her jaw slacked.

A man that looked like someone close to her was trying to choke back the tears.

"I..." the blonde man was struggling with his words. "I woke up this morning to her just...shaking. I didn't know what to do. And before you know it...she..." He turned away crying into a man that looked like a lighter skinned Gadot's shoulders.

Another girl with braces and her hair in pigtails was sobbing, a whole fanclub behind her.

"We wer like her biggest fans! She wrote the most amazing books, and is the only author with that skill. No other book can beat hers. I'll never read agaiN!" The girl sobbed in an annoying nasal voice.

The pinkhaired soldier quickly turned the t.v. off, feel her heart plummet to her stomach, and her stomach plummet to whatever was below that.


"We're murderers!" Hope exclaimed, bout ready to cry his head off, the tears were streaming uncontrollably down his face. "I told you it was real!"

Oh my gosh! Lightning thought herself, still trying to get her face to compose itself. Oh my gosh! We are...I am. Hope was trying to talk me out of it!

"Hope this isn't your fault it's mine!" She quickly explained.

"Yeah, but you were going to throw it away and I talked you out of it."

Can't argue with him there.

"Okay, Hope calm down!" The boy was already having some sort of panic attack. "Listen, listen!" Lightning commanded taking both of his shoulders and shook him violently. "What we're going to get rid of it."

Later that day...

Lightning had drove the hoverbike all out into the Pulse Wilds and threw the book as far as she could. Satisfied she turned the bike in the opposite direction and rode back to Bodhum.

"Let's hope no one finds that damned thing." Lightning muttered to her 'partner in crime'.

"Uh, Light. Why couldn't we have burned it?"

The hoverbike halted immeditely at that. "Damn. Should have done that instead. Oh well, we're already good and gone with it. Let's just not mention this to anyone."

Three days later...

Halloween was fast approaching. Snow and Serah were planning on spending the night watching scary movies and snuggling, Sazh was going to take Dajh trick or treating.

They were clear of any troubles.

Unfortunately the unlucky four had not slept because of the guilt eating away at them after their encounter with the Death Note.

Fang never had a concious to begin with, but she was worried about Vanille's condition. She was having nightmares surrounding the Death Note, even after they got rid of it. Afraid Vanille will exploit them she made her swore that no matter what the circumstance, nobody was to know about the Death Note.

Lightning was a soldier and was immune to killing. But like Fang with Vanille, she was worried for Hope's jumpiness that gets worse and worse by the day. Not that she felt any better killing an innocent.

It's just one person...She kept telling herself.

It's only one bitch that got killed...Fang thought to herself. Not like anybody liked her anyway.

The guilt only increased in the younger "criminals" when more and more news reports saying that innocent people were dying from heart attacks. Even people with perfect health.

The military are investigating the cases, which didn't sit well for Fang, Vanille, Lightning, and Hope. The pair not knowing about the other.

What if someone found the Death Note? They all thought.

I threw it in the dumpster. But any desperate, poor fool could have easily salvaged the mess and found it. Fang tensed at the thought. Vanille felt that from where she sat across her lap. She wrapped her arms around Fang's neck to comfort her and continued to nuzzle her.

I made sure to throw that book into the Wilds. But what if a soldier from PSICOM picked it up. Lightning began to bite her nail, which was an unusual habit she suddenly picked up the other day.

"Alright." It was Sazh who was the first to notice. "What's on everybody's mind?"

The four were silent not realizing the other's predicament. "I uh..." Fang tried to come up with a believable lie. "On my time of the month."

Snow's nose wrinkled from where he sat in the dining room, wrapping his candy bar back up, for once losing his appetite. Sazh rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, knowing Fang knew no shame.

"And uh..." Vanille tried to make up a good enough excuse. "Uh...i'm upset...about Selphie Tilmitt."

Vanille wanted to smack herself across the face. Why did I bring that up! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

"Oh yeah," Sazh suddenly remebered the girl. "From that show. She kinda reminds me of you. Yeah, alot of people are broke up over that. In fact, alot of people have been dying lately. Good people. Young and healthy ones. What in blazes is going on?"

Fang once again went rigid. Suddenly there was knocking on the door making Vanille jump.

Serah was the one to answer it.

And PSICOM walked in.

Hope cowered closer to Lightning, fear resurfacing and bubbling up once again.

"Good evening," the leader greeted taking off his helmet revealing blonde hair, "Ladies and gentlemen. Sorry to disturb you but is it alright if we do a search in your home?"

Vanille could have sworn everyone can hear her rapid heartbeat, the blood hammering in her ears.

Are they coming to arrest us? How would they know about me and Fang. We only did one on accident. Someone else is doing the killing here. Trying not to look suspicous, she climbed off of Fang's lap, trying not to fidget too much.

"Why would you need to search?" Snow asked a bit defensively.

"I'm sure you've all heard of the bizarre heart attacks, the news is spreading like wildfire." The whole party nodded. "Well, there has been some suspicous of the murder weapon being in this house."

Four people in that room stopped breathing.

"Wait?" Sazh interupted. "Murder weapon? But I thought they were heart attacks."

"They are..." And strangely quiet voice came through the shadows of the night. The PSICOM leader stepped aside, revealing a man with pale skin and dark circles under his eyes, matching his unkept hair. He had a curved back, walking with a hunch. "But first, let me introduce myself. Call me L."

"That isn't much of an introduction." Lightning spat in spite of herself.

"I'm sorry, but the murder weapon requires a full name and a face. I'm already risking everything to show my face, but I was afraid that you would not trust me enough if I came in with a mask or something. So I took that chance. But I refuse to reveal my full name to you."

"Hold," Sazh interupted once more. "Start from the beginning. How does knowing a name and face, heart attacks, and a weapon tie in together. I am so beyond confused."

"I have dealt with a mystery like this before back in Cocoon." L stated. "We didn't make the news public so that is why it's the first you have all heard of this."

"Right..." Snow said awkwardly crossing his arms. "Just explain."

The weird man cleared his throat, "the weapon is a simple notebook, the details on how to use it are in the first few pages, but the basic rule is to write the name of the person you want to kill and picture them in your head. In a certain amount of time, the person will defaultly die of a heart attack. Which is what is going on right now. But someone can also describe how the person dies and when, which is what happened to Selphie Tilmitt."

Fang tried not to show any emotion at the name. Vanille tried doing the same and actually suceeding, but her hands were shaking so violently she had to sit on them to keep the PSICOM officers from seeing.

"The person who uses the Death Note is nicknamed, Kira. And according to my sources, one of you is Kira."

"No way man." Sazh said shaking his head. "We ain't murderers. Right guys?"

They all nodded, including the ones that were guilt ridden. It was only one person and it was by accident. That was it. There was still a killer on the loose. Kira was not in the room.


"Then you wouldn't mind letting us search."

"By all means." Serah countered, greatly offended of being accused of being a murderer.

"Yeah, we got nothing to hide." Snow added, but secretly he wanted to punch PSICOM out. Accusing his family of murder.

The leader gestured for his team (which was a lot more men then everyone assumed) to do a thorough search.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Villiers." L asked the strawberry blonde politely. "Do you have something sweet I can eat, my brain works better with some sugar."

"Uh," Serah seemed caught off guard by his sudden request. And disturbed by the way he examined her. "Sure. There's strawberry cake in the fridge, help yourself to as much as you like."

A sort of creepy smile curled up on L's lips.

After what felt like an eternity of searching and L finishing off the leftover cake, one of the soldiers emerged from Snow and Serah's bedroom, holding a little black notebook.

Vanille tried to resist a gasp that threatened to escape her lips, Fang's eyes widened despite herself, Hope exchanged a look with Lighting who was trying not to show emotion, but still shone through her eyes.

"The murder weapon," The soldier explained, opening the pages, "was found in one of Mr. Viller's trenchcoats."

"What!" Snow exclaimed, confusion truly coloring his features.

"But anybody could have easily slipped it in his coat to frame him..." Snow relaxed, "or not..."

"What you think I did it? I've never seen that thing in my life before."

L got up from the dining room, wiping his mouth of the pink frosting Serah added to the cake. He took the notebook from the soldier, and flipped it to the pages with all the names listed. "What I do know is that for are ALL under arrest."

And like they were on some Cop show, PSICOM leaped into action, grabbing hold of the exL'cies as they tried to struggle out of their vice grip.

"Take them away." The PSICOM leader ordered, leading his troops to the PSICOM Squad car.

"If you touch my wife, I'm kicing your ass!" Snow threatened.

"Snow!" Serah cried desperately trying to wriggle free of the PSICOM soldier's hold.

And in less then five minutes, the soldiers shoved the group in the cars and they were heading for the station.

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