You Are Kira

"Fang!" Vanille exclaimed as she bounced into Fang's room. The dark haired pulsian's eyes snapped opened at her name.

Everyone was finally released from the jail, the Death Note going through tests reguarding everyone's signature. And since the 'weapon' is in none of their hands, L thought it be safe to allow the exl'cies their release. And the first thing Fang did was lay down, intending to take a nap.

But if Vanille is distressed, the nap was just going to have to wait.

"What are we going to do?" Vanille continue to whine, crawling onto the bed and cuddling up in Fang's arms. "One of us is the killer."

"It certainly isn't us!" Fang reminded. "Forget Selphie, someone is committing all those other murders. So until we get the results back-"

"But what if they assume we're the killer. We can't lie and say we had nothing to do with Selphie Tilmitt's death!" She cried.

Fang then sat up on the bed, preparing to same something totally awesome. "Then, we're going to investigate!"

"Us?" Vanille asked, propping her elbows up so she can sit up.

"Who else?" Fang asked sarcastically, ruffling the redhead's hair. "That creepy detective guy is a total nutcase. He'll never figure out our involvement. And I already have a suspect in mind."

"Wait, what!" Vanille's eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she heard the news. "Are you serious! You know who it is?"

"I think so. If not, then I know who is going to take the blame." Fang continued ranting, clambering off the bed, her lover following close behind. "You see, while we were in jail, I overheard Snow and Sazh talking in the cell over. They have such big mouths. Anyway, they've been thinking it's Lightning."

"Lightning?" Vanille asked, pausing on the staircase as Fang continued trotting down to the living room. "As in Guardian Corp, Pink hair, kind of a homophobe Lightning."

"Yes, yes, and I think she's in denial about her orientation." Fang added as she plopped herself onto the couch.

"Why would Lightning kill people?" Vanille asked, turning to corner to the living room.

"Because she's a bitch. Probably has something against the people. She's a bitch. Is actually evil. She's a bitch. Did I mention she's a bitch?"

Vanille giggled, sitting on Fang's stomach. "Only to you...and Snow...If she really is 'kira' then wouldn't she have killed you two?"

"See, that would be a little obvious." Fang explained, wrapping her arms behind her head. "She's narrowing it down, trying not to make it look suspicous."

"So how are we going to bring Lightning to justice?" Vanille asked, a humored glint in her eye.

"We are going to totally..." Fang faltered, "totally...huh...I don't know. Wake me up in an hour and I'll have an idea then."

The dark haired pulsian fell asleep on the couch, her snores echoing throughout the room. Vanille rolled her eyes, eighter though a small smile played on her lips.

"Lightning what are you doing?" Hope asked the next day after coming over to Lightning's apartment.

Bartholemew was not so pleased when he got a phone call three nights ago that his only son was in jail for a crime he assumed he didn't commit. He wasn't mad at Hope but at Detective L.

In fact, Bartholemew was at the station talking to him now. Hope was supposed to come along, but Lightning warned that they might suspect Hope and the risks of bringing him back there since he is still one of the suspects.

"I'm researching on the murders." Lightning explained, continuing to switch tabs on his computer as she investigated each victim. (She of course avoided Yuna's). He printer spit out a sheet with a ist of names.

The silver haired teen picked up the sheet and read the names to himself.

" 'Nagisa Furukawa, Elizabeth Middleford, Shimizu Megumi...' They're all women." Hope pointed out as his eyes roamed over the other names. "Why would the killer only murder women?"

"I was wondering that too." Lightning muttered more to herself, rubbing her temples in contemplation. "Maybe jealousy?"

"You think the killer's a woman?" Hope suggested, setting the page back down on the printer.

"I know it's a woman." Lightning continued. "Don't ask me how I know, I just do." Lightning then glanced at the clock on the bottom right corner of her computer screen. "I...give me a minute." She swiftly left the computer desk, Hope taking Lightning's place by the computer. "Don't go in my room." Lightning warned as she shut the door.

Hope wondered why Lightning went to her room like that. She's probably changing out of her uniform. And just decided to go on YouTube to watch a viral video.

"Fang, can we do something now." Vanille whined, still laying on the couch.

It's been three days since the jail episode and there was no word from L about the results. And on top of that, the book went missing.

Luckily no other murders have been committed. Well, as the public is aware of. So, Fang continued to laze about on the couch eating chips and cookies and drinking juices and watching reality t.v.

She really wasn't making any progress.

"You worry too much Vanille. Lightning's guilty." Fang said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"But we need proof!"

The dark haired pulsian groaned, reaching over Vanille for the remote and switched the television off. "This isn't a sitcom. We can't just go out and find clues just like that. The Death Note is a mysterious weapon that we can't even figure it out. The only thing I can do is hold you with my left arm, and hold the remote with my left hand."

She reached into the chip bowl. "Then I'l take a potato chip-"

"Fang! That was very weak!" Vanille exclaimed snatching the chip out of her lover's hand and taking a dainty bite out of it. "We're going to investigate. Now march!"

"Your telling me what to do?" Fang asked with a sly grin. "Well, well, well, someone's trying to be dominant."

"Fang..." Vanille warned, glaring at her (And failing to look intimidating in everyway possible)

"Fine! Come on baby. Let's go find this damn justice."

Snow watched his wife scurry around the kitchen preparing lunch. He loved it when she wore her little pink apron, puts her in the 'cooking mode'. He helped her reach high cabinets when she neated certain seasonings or utensil.

He was just doing his part in preparing a small salad when the doorbell rang. And following after were loud voices.

"Watch where your going kid!"

"Do not yell at him Fang, you bumped into him!"

"Light, it's okay, I wasn't watching where I was going."

"Fang, please calm down."

"Whoa, whoa! What's going on here?"

Serah wiped her hands on a nearby kitchen rag and approached the door, an amused smile playing on her lips. She opened the door to let the rest of the exl'cies in, Sazh carrying a brown paper bag. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Lightning and Fang called telling me to meet here." Sazh told her, setting the bag on the counter next to Snow and taking out a carton of icecream. (The one with all three flavors in there) and along with that he brought some chocolate chips, sprinkles, and candy corn. "I brought some icecream for you two."

"Thanks Sazh." Snow said, his eyes lit up at the items. "So what's this about?"

"It's about the murders." Lightning informed going into soldier mode as she shoved the list of names into Sazh's hand."

"Hey!" Fang retorted, "That was what we were going to do!"

"What about it?"

"I uh..." Fang really didn't think the idea through. "Um...I'll get back to you on that." Fang said, grabbing a bowl from the cabinets helping herself to the icecream.

Lightning rolled her eyes. "Anyways..." She continued.

The dark skinned man skimmed through the list of names, Snow hovering just over him. "What is this?" Sazh asked the pink haired soldier.

"This is the list of victims to the Death Note." Lightning explained sitting on the couch along the pulsians who were sharing the bowl of icecream.

Snow found himself give his sister in law a suspicous look. Where did she get that list? Could she really be... He shook his head, continuing to prepare the salad.

" 'Nagisa Furukawa, Elizabeth Middleford, Shimizu Megumi...' do any of these names ring a bell?" Sazh asked a bit confused.

"They're all from shows." Vanille said after swallowing her vanille icecream. "Nagisa! Nagisa was killed! How? When did that happened! I loved her!"

"Remember that episode when she died during childbirth?" Hope informed, making his own bowl.

"I thought that was acting?" The redhead whimpered, her head resting on Fang's shoulder.

"She was annoying." the dark haired pulsian voiced. "She needed to go."

The room suddenly fell in silence, Sazh quirked an eyebrow at her statment. That girl didn't even seem sorry. What if...?

"Hey man," Sazh was yanked out of his thoughts by Snow's back slap. "You okay?"

"Snow, can I talk to you in the hallway?" The dark skinned man cocked his head, gesturing for the giant to follow him. The two men left the room, peeking Serah's curiousity as she followed the men.

"You think Fang's kira?" Snow asked Sazh.

"Sh!" Sazh shushed, giving a weary stare back toward the living room where Fang and Vanille were picking on Lightning. Hope was enjoying a bowl of icecream. "And yes. She didn't seem sympathetic about the victims. She must have been the one to er...eliminate them." He made a gesture with his hand pretending to slit his neck.

"But," Snow disagreed, "Fang is unsympathetic over everything. It's definitely Lightning."


The men startled at the sound of Serah's shriek/whisper. "Honey!" Snow exclaimed waving her over then draping his HUGE arm around her tiny frame. "We were uh..."

"My sister is not kira!" Serah argued, her eyebrows furrowing. "If anything it's that pulsian girl!"

"I knew it!" Sazh responded. "I knew I wasnt the only one thinking that!"

"Baby, most of the evidence points to your sister." Snow tried to persuade.

Serah stood her ground, glaring up at her husband, then spun on her heel toward the door. "Where are you going?"

The quartet on the couch gave a curious glance to the Villier's couple that just exited the house. They then turned their attention to Sazh expecting an answer. All Sazh could do was shrug.

AN: What's going to happen next?