Leaves rustled and danced as the gentle, early summer breeze blew. A wilted leaf the colour of copper fluttered. The breeze became wind, and blew the leaf high up. The leaf did somersaults in the air as it fluttered into the library room of a beautiful mansion through an open window.

The leaf landed gently on the carpeted floor. Compared to the huge library, the leaf was a speck of dust. The remains of the wind breathed, and the leaf fluttered to the feet of a person.

The person was seated on an intricately carved chair from Victorian times. The chair was an antique of finest quality. The ends of the armrests curled up to resemble lion's paws. The person shut the book she was reading.

She was beautiful for a girl her age. Long, dark brown hair cascaded down her back, and bright yellow ribbons were tied in her hair, one on each side of her head. Her aquamarine gaze lifted. She ran her fingers down her dress, which was splattered with blood, before lifting her fingers to feel the steel chain fastened around her neck. The ends were biting into the pale flesh of her neck. Gritting her teeth from the familiar pain, she ran her hand down the chain, past the bumps and gaps, and felt a loose, jagged end that nearly pricked her fingers.

The chains were broken.

"WOOHOO! SCHOOL'S OUT!" 18-year-old Gilbert Beilschidmt yelled as he dashed past the school gates, his two friends stumbling after him.

"Whoa! Wait up, mon ami!" Francis called as he and Antonio ran after Gilbert.

The very moment the school bell had rung for dismissal marked the start of the long-awaited summer holiday. Gilbert had been looking forward to spending the summer with his two closest friends, Francis and Antonio, drinking, spying on girls and basically causing mischief. But there was something to do first…

"Gilbert! Stop running! Where are we going anyway?" Antonio, tanned from the time he spent in his homeland Spain, shouted breathlessly, instantly regretting not building up his stamina when he could.

"Stop being un-awesome and follow me!" Gilbert hollered over his shoulder. His friends wondered where he was taking them. They ran up an uphill slope and along a worn-off dirt path that cut through a dead, lifeless wood. Francis and Antonio looked at the grey trees. Their silver branches seemed to creep towards them. The few healthier-looking trees were quite bare and there was not an animal in sight. They kept on running until Francis and Antonio realised Gilbert had stopped.

"Here it is!" Gilbert announced proudly. His friends looked up.

Right in front of the (Bad Touch) trio, towered a mansion. It was huge. The windows had French shutters and there was a tall, wooden door with a brass knocker twisted in the shape of a vine. The paint was a little scraped from age, but aside from that the mansion look like it was recently built.

"Gilbert…What the hell do you want to do with this mansion?" Antonio asked nervously.

"Isn't it obvious? We're going to explore it!" Gilbert said.

"Yes," Francis began. "But…"

"Well, not now, of course," Gilbert interrupted. "Tomorrow we'll bring Eliza, Bruder, Feli, Lovi and Prissy along. Oh, and we'll be spending the night here, so don't forget to bring your sleeping bags!"

"But you know, it's haunted," Antonio whispered. "Even this place gives me the creeps."

"Come on! Those rumours are just so full of lies! That's why we're spending the night…s here!" Gilbert insisted, oblivious to the shocked looks of his friends. "It's just a mansion and nobody owns it, right? So what's the big deal?"

"Well…" Antonio shuffled his feet, pushing aside the news of the five males their age who had entered the mansion and never came back.

"Maybe it won't be so bad," Francis said slowly, his gaze shifting between Antonio and Gilbert. "We shouldn't let those rumours get to us. Right, Toni?"

Antonio managed a grin. "Okay. Maybe it's just the rumours."

Gilbert smirked. "Great! So bring your stuff and meet here 2pm sharp! Leave it to me to bring Liz, Bruder and Snob Guy!"

"That means I'm in charge of the Vargas brothers," said Antonio.

"No extra baggage for me, though!" Francis joked.

Gilbert gave him a look. "Bring Arthur and Alfred with you!"

"Ah, well, it can't be helped," Francis let out a mock sigh of defeat as his friends shoved him playfully.

A dreary mansion stands at the end of a lone wood

It is a container of hidden, never-ending suffering

Ignore the black dove's warning and the white raven's cries,

and tomorrow shall mark the first day of hell

A/N: [UPDATE] I decided to patch this up a little.

Inspired by HetaOni.